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This site intends to promote the search for knowledge for both my students and for me, in the hopes that all of us will commit ourselves to that search as a continuous journey, even when we disagree.  What we know does not measure wisdom; rather, wisdom remains the desire to find the answers and the knowledge where to look.

"Believe those who seek the truth; Doubt those who find it."  André Gide

The following courses are part of my on-going schedule at Arkansas State University.  While the syllabi may alter somewhat,  the courses are for the most part composed of standard works I use in my classes. 


"The Abundance of the Arts"

   For further information as to the university's schedule for these classes, whether offered through the
    Department of English and  Philosophy or the Honors Program, please consult the Undergraduate Bulletin
   (Arkansas State University "search": scroll down to "Bulletin").  For instance, Honors seminars are often
   not repeated for at least two years, while courses such as "Shakespeare Survey"  appear most
   semesters; in addition, Special Topics seminars, which change with each class, also occur each semester. 

  For more specific information on a particular course, contact me at or call the
  Department of English & Philosophy, at 870-972-3043.



The Bible as Literature

British Drama to 1800


Genre Studies

Honors Seminars

Introduction to Literature of the Western World I

Introduction to Literature of the Western World II

Poetry and Drama

Renaissance Drama Excluding Shakespeare


Religious Studies Program   

Shakespeare Survey

       Sample papers for several classes/eras        

                         And a bit more ...


 For specific questions, you may email me at, or phone (870) 972-2625; fax (870) 972-3045 (CST).  Address: Department of English & Philosophy, Wilson Hall, 313-D, Box 1890, Arkansas State University, State University, AR 72467.



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