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Need Help With The Writing Process?

Throughout my website you'll find example papers for various classes, as well as helpful information with regard to developing a paper.  To facilitate the location of these papers and the classes for which they are prepared, I offer them here.

The essays listed and linked below offer students a variety of examples by which to learn the writing process; in addition, I trust that the material in these essays will be of benefit to students, whether sophomores in the Introduction to Western Literature classes, upper-level Shakespeare classes, or graduate seminars.

In some instances, you'll find extensive notes on the editing process, stylistic suggestions, or basic essay organization.  The papers range from Greek tragedy, Shakespeare, the modern British novel, to a poetry explication.

Suggested writing topics and a guide to form for an Introduction to Literature 1 paper

The Head/Heel Trope of the J Writer: "God's" Favorite Metaphor  (a sample essay with extensive editing notes, examples of the free-writing process, the form a paper should take, and writing topics--good for a basic  understanding of   what an essay is, how to begin, how to organize, and how to revise)

The Oedipus and Tiresias Scene: "Everyman" and the Limits of Human Knowledge  (a paper for Introduction to the Literature of the Western World I, Introduction to Poetry and Drama, or Tragedy)

The Metaphor of Industrial Corruption in D. H. Lawrence's "Odor of Chrysanthemums"  (with extensive editing suggestions; for Introduction to Fiction, Modern British Literature, or Introduction to Literature of the Western World II)

Suggested writing topics and a guide to form for an Introduction to Literature 2 paper

Hamlet's Dilemma With Women  (extensive editing suggestions: two papers, one acceptable and the other an  example of what not to do)

Inarticulate Passion: Love's Dysfunction in Othello (a paper for Shakespeare Survey, Tragedy, or Literature of the Western World I)

Suggested writing topics and a guide to form  (for a Shakespeare Survey paper)

Incest: a Metaphor for the Absence of God in the Revenger's Tragedy  (for Renaissance Drama)

Suggested writing topics and a guide to form  (for a Renaissance Drama paper)

Piggy: A Pathetic "Everyman" in William Golding's Lord of the Flies  (for Modern British Literature)

Eugene O'Neill's Attic Spirit in Desire Under the Elms  (for Poetry and Dram, Tragedy, or Modern Drama)

The Negative Tone of Robert Graves' "Counting the Beats"  (an essay, with suggestions for explicating poetry)

Cultural Transmissions: The Exorcist, From Book to Film (for the Honors Horror Seminar, Film and the  Novel, or how to do a film exposition/review)

Coppola's "Bram Stoker's Dracula": The Concise Ending of Thematic Designs (an essay that demonstrates a film review)

A Defining Description in Dickens's "Hard Times"  (an argument essay with extensive notations; for The British Novel)


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