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Under the heading of, "Wow, I wish these weren't necessary ...."

The following represents information you'll need for the courses I teach and the "rules" I expect all students to follow.  Would that follows were not necessary; however, in the past few semesters I've noted some problems that require reminders as to basic classroom behavior.  For most students, these will seem too obvious, requiring no explanation.  Unfortunately, a few students have made it necessary to remind all that "proper" course behavior becomes worth restating.  My hope remains that the following will seem commonsense to most.

1.  No cell phones allowed in class: this doesn't simply mean turning them off--I don't allow them in class because too many student forget to turn them off; or, I have found that students will await a call and then leave class when the call arrives.  This isn't acceptable behavior.  If you anticipate a call during class, don't come.  Few things today irritate a professor more than a cell phone ring during class.  Expect no mercy.

2.  If you sleep, close your eyes, rest your head on the desk, on the wall, or in anyway appear inattentive, you'll be asked to withdraw.

3.  If you have a conversation with someone while I'm lecturing, or when another student asks a question or makes a comment, you'll be asked to withdraw.  I don't allow notes passed to students, work done for another class, or any other contact between students that goes beyond the bounds of classroom etiquette.  That's juvenile stuff and not acceptable in a college course.  No exceptions.

4.  Consistent lateness will result in your being dropped from the class.  If you arrive late, please DO NOT go to a seat you normally occupy: sit as close to the door as possible without disturbing the class.  As well, when you arrive in class, STAY in class.  Bathroom visits, etc., are not tolerated during the class time.  It has been my experience that unless I make this request, too many students leave, return, or interrupt the class.

5.  No student may miss more than two-weeks worth of class.  That means on a MWF schedule, you can miss no more than 6 classes and pass the course.  Be advised that no exceptions apply: if, due to health or personal reasons, it becomes necessary for you to miss more than 6 courses, you should drop the class and take it again when health or other reasons aren't a problem.  This isn't a correspondence course; you can't fairly say, nor will I, that you've taken the class if you miss more than two weeks of class.  No exceptions apply, no matter the excuse--you MUST be in attendance for the most of this class to get a grade.

If you're an athlete or take part in university-sponsored events, I'll allow you to make-up any work you miss; however, you don't get extra absences.  You'll need to check early to see what number of classes you'll need to miss and then realize you'll have fewer absences for "emergencies" or illness.  Again, it's a matter of fairly saying you've "taken the class," and missing more than two weeks of classes doesn't qualify--no exceptions.

Moreover, no make-ups of class time apply: I teach each course for 50 minutes and cannot re-teach the class for a student who misses course time.  Nor can I answer questions such as "I wasn't here on Monday; did we do anything?" (or, worse, " ... anything important?"): the answer is "YES": YOU NEED TO GET THE NOTES FROM ANOTHER STUDENT."  And, in addition, if you wish to apply for an "Incomplete" for this class, it must be requested and filed prior to the last day of class, and will only be granted in the most of exceptional cases.

6.  You may not leave class early (or arrive late) due to other responsibilities.  If you can't adhere to the course times, do NOT take the class.

7.  If you miss an examination, quiz, or assignment due-date, it cannot be made up (unless a pre-arranged university-sponsored event, as mentioned above).  If, under extreme circumstances, you have spoken to me about the problem well in advance, that will be taken into consideration.  Otherwise, no exceptions. 

8.  Any question as to my course requirements, regulations, etc., must be addressed to the Chair of the English & Philosophy Department, Dr. Charles Carr.  You can't begin anywhere else, and that presupposes that you've already spoken with me.

9.  All assignments--tests, quizzes, and especially papers--are due when assigned  (as for papers, you may choose to do two short papers--3 to 5 pages; the first due at the midterm examination, the second at the last day of class--or one paper, 6 to 8 pages, due the last day of class; if you wish help with your writing, do the two papers; if you want more time, and wish to check with me in order periodically to go over your work, that's fine too--do the one paper).

10. All commonsense, classroom consideration and proper manners apply and remain appreciated.

Again, I apologize if the seemingly stern rules here chafe; however, for most of you, all the above will seem commonsense.  You can probably imagine the problems I've had with only a few students in the past that make these statements necessary.  It only takes one or two students over a semester or two to cause one to post the most severe of statements.  For the majority of students, all of this remains unnecessary; for the one or two in the current semester, it represents my "contract."  So, thanks for your understanding.

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