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Monthly Meeting







The Central Mississippi Valley Archaeological Society Welcomes you to attend a special slide lecture


Reconstructing Past Cultural Landscapes Using

Geographic Information Systems



Jami J. Lockhart
Arkansas Archeological Survey

In this lecture Jami will present how GIS can be used to reconstruct elements of prehistoric cultural landscapes at many different scales.  He will describe how he defines and analyzes natural and cultural components of the landscape using digital tools and data generated from many sources, including Arkansas’ database of archeological sites and projects, a statewide geographic information system (GIS), geophysical remote sensing, precision surveying and mapping, ethnographic and archeological research.



MONDAY    APRIL 25, 2005

7 to 9 PM


The lecture is free and open to the public.


For more information please call Dr. Julie Morrow at 870-972-2071.





The Central Mississippi Valley Archeological Society Welcomes You to Attend a Special Slide Lecture


Effigy Pottery in the

Edwin Curtiss Collection, 1879-80



Dr. John H. House

Station Archeologist,
Arkansas Archeological Survey-UAPB

       During the winter of 1879-80, Edwin Curtiss embarked on a journey to collect antiquities for Harvard’s Peabody Museum. He spent a total of 86 days along the St. Francis River in northeast Arkansas excavating at the Parkin, Neeley’s Ferry, Fortune, and Rose sites, among others.  The Curtiss collection at the Peabody Museum includes more than 60 Native American Mississippian period ceramic effigy vessels. Effigy vessels were fashioned in the shape of life forms including complete fish, frogs and humans as well as the heads of opossums, birds,  mythological creatures, and humans. Since completing his research on these ceramic vessels, this presentation marks the first lecture during which Dr. John House will tell the story of Curtiss’s pioneering archaeological investigation and show slides of the effigy pots that Curtiss excavated in Arkansas more than a century ago.


MONDAY  MAY 2, 2005



For more information please call Dr. Julie Morrow at 870-972-2071







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