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Arkansas Archeological Survey


Arkansas State University

 AAS-ASU Mission Statement

The Archeological Survey is part of the University of Arkansas System.  Our mission is to discover, protect, and study archeological sites, to learn about the people who lived here in the past, and to share that knowledge with all Arkansans.

Survey Archeologists divide their time between research, university teaching, and service to individuals and organizations who want information about archeological sites.  The station at ASU is one of ten Research Stations located across the state.

People have lived in Arkansas since the end of the last Ice Age circa 13,000 years ago.  Today, traces of their camps, villages, and religious centers can be found from the Delta to the Ozark and Ouachita highlands.  These archeological sites contain the discarded tools, ruined buildings, family graveyards and other reminders of past communities and cultures. Such sites can be especially important in telling us about the lives of people who may never be mentioned in history books, but who are part of Arkansasís historic heritage. 

The AAS station at ASU is now recording all cemeteries in our 15 county area.  Some of these have totally disappeared due to farming, commercial and industrial practices.  Many others are seriously endangered.  We are working closely with area genealogical and historical societies to locate and record every cemetery possible in order to preserve a permanent record of their locations and contents. 


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