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All classes in the program remain interdisciplinary and may be selected from the following (note: others will appear soon, so check university programs, special topics seminars, or this site again soon):                      Fall 2007 offerings

 ART 4553 Early Christian through Gothic Art History--odd Springs

Mars and Milky Way as seen from MIRS *  BIOL 4373/5373 History of Biological Ideas --each year

Church Music:  a 2-hour course designed for music majors or non music majors, scheduled for the fall, 2007, offered through Music, Fine Arts

 * ENG 4463 American Indian Religions (Special Topics Seminar: fall semester 2007; TR 11:00-12:15)   

 ENG 3483 The Bible as Literature--odd Springs


*  ENG 4223/5223 Milton: The Poetry and Prose--Fall 2007, TR 9:30--even fall

ENG 4623 Mythology--odd Springs

HIST 3193 The Crusades--to be determined

HNRS 3913  (Seminar) Love and Death--periodically (this course may appear next in English)

HNRS 4213 (Seminar) The Western Religious Experience--periodically (this course may appear  next in English)

*  PHIL 3313 Philosophy of Religion--odd Falls

PHIL 3623 Eastern Philosophy--even Springs

*   PSY 3613 Cultural Psychology 2:00-3:15 TR

*  POSC 4003003 Religion and Politics (Special Topics Seminar; fall semester 2007;
     TR 12:30-1:45)

SOC 3363 Sociology of Religion--by demand

SW 4363 Religion and Spirituality in Social Work Practice--periodically

    M ore pages will follow, explaining the courses offered for this minor, with brief descriptions, and a breakdown that allows one to choose from historical/faith-explained courses, those that reflect and clarify psychological and sociological influences, and  classes that offer creative expressions of faith and belief. 

The spring 2007 semester represents the first the first offerings of the minor; please check back to see the courses offered as this program develops.