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The images below were taken between 1968-71 in the Kabul Museum. They were shot with a half-frame 35mm camera. ID information is taken from Art in Afghanistan: Objects from the Kabul Museum by Frances Mortimer Rice and Benjamin Rowland (Coral Gables, University of Miami Press, 1971). Click on an image for a larger view.

wpe4E.jpg (98750 bytes)

Glazed pottery of Hellenistic technique and Indian design from Begram.

kabul.2.jpg (99557 bytes)

Same, view from front.

kabul.3.jpg (119382 bytes)

wall painting of Bodhisattva Maitreya from Fondukistan

wpe21.jpg (106073 bytes)

Naga king of clay with traces of polychromy from Fondukistan.

wpe1.jpg (113476 bytes)

Mother of Jyotishka in clay from Frondukistan.

wpe1D.jpg (150998 bytes)

Painted clay Bodhisattva from Fondukistan.

wpe1F.jpg (115651 bytes)

Detail, upper.

wpe21.jpg (112768 bytes)

Detail, middle.

wpe27.jpg (152676 bytes)

Ivory panel from Begram.

wpe29.jpg (222525 bytes)

Detail, figures.

wpe2D.jpg (180526 bytes)

Detail, left side

wpe2F.jpg (164575 bytes)

Ivory panel from Begram. Detail.

wpe33.jpg (148278 bytes)

Ivory panel from Begram. Detail.

wpe35.jpg (164575 bytes)

Ivory panel from Begram. Detail.

wpe37.jpg (94130 bytes)

Ivory yakshi or river goddess from Begram.

wpe39.jpg (91980 bytes)

Harpocrates in bronze from Begram.

wpe3B.jpg (104269 bytes)

Bronze from Begram.

wpe3D.jpg (82229 bytes)

Side view.

wpe3F.jpg (97770 bytes)

Nuristan sculpture.

wpe41.jpg (102403 bytes)

Nuristan sculpture.

wpe43.jpg (149275 bytes)

Nuristan sculpture.

wpe45.jpg (122996 bytes)

Nuristan sculpture.

wpe47.jpg (142296 bytes)

Nuristan sculpture.

wpe49.jpg (112548 bytes)

Nuristan sculpture.

wpe4B.jpg (108738 bytes)

Nuristan sculpture.

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Some Printed Titles on the Kabul Museum


Gullini, Giorgio., et al. L'Afghanistan Dalla Preistoria All'Islam Capolavori del Museo Di Kabul. Torino: Galleria civica d'arte moderna, 1961.

Muzah-'i Kabul. A Guide to the Kabul Museum. Kabul. 1968.

Rice, Frances Mortimer., Benjamin Rowland, and Muzah-i Kabul. Art in Afghanistan: Objects from the Kabul Museum. London: Allen Lane, the Penguin P., 1971.

Rowland, Benjamin, et al. Ancient Art from Afghanistan Treasures of the Kabul Museum. [New York]: Asia Society; distributed by H. N. Abrams, 1966.

Sarianidi, V. I., Institut arkheologii (Akademiia nauk SSSR), and Muzah- i Kabul. The Golden Hoard of Bactria from the Tillya-Tepe Excavations in Northern Afghanistan. New York Leningrad: H.N. Abrams Aurora Art Publishers, 1985.




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