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Order of the entries is Name, Contact Information, Area(s) of Research, Date of Entry Update

Abler, Timothy G.  6801 N. Yates Rd., Milwaukee, Wisc. 53217. home phone: 414-410-4107, affiliation: Cardinal Stritch University, institutional address: 6801 N. Yates Rd Milwaukee Wisc. 53217. business phone: 414-410-4107, fax: 414-410-4239, web url: email:  20th century Documentary Lewis Hine-current  7/20/1998 


Abraham, Terry.  Special Collections, University of Idaho Library, Moscow ID 83844-2351. Phone:208-885-7951, Fax:208-885-6817, e-mail:  Idaho photography and photographers; Portraits of Nez Perce Chief Joseph  10/27/1995 


Agusta, Anna Anggadewi. home phone: +62 (021) 574 77 24 affiliation: NATA INDONESIA institutional address: Jln. Danau Toba A/47 A. Pejompongan, Jakarta -10210, INDONESIA, business phone: +62 (021) 574 77 24 web url:, email:  Nature Photography  6/30/2000 


Ahov, Yuri.  email:  old Russian cameras.  4/17/1999 


Alexander, Abel.  César Malnatti 1235, San Miguel, Buenos Aires, Argentina. voice: 54 11 46640180,, e-mail:  XIX Latin American photography historian. Looking for information on Adolf Alexander, German daguerrotypist active in Hamburg, Hammeln, Chile and Argentine. Also information about Robert H. Vance in Latin America and data about Abate Compte, onboard daguerrotipist at L\'Orientale, a french flag ship (in 1840). Member of the Iberoamerican Society of Photography History and member of the Board of Congress of History of Photography in Argentina. Any inquiries about the Congress is welcomed. My URL is  6/4/2004 


Alexander, Stuart.  333 Warren Street, #3-R, Brooklyn, NY 11201-6412, tel/fax: 718.797.0441, email  19th, 20th, and 21st century; photography and the book; photography and cinema. Areas of extensive research: Brassai; Robert Frank (including compiling a catalogue raisonne); Josef Koudelka; International photography, 1945-1960; photojournalism 1920s-1960s.  9/3/2001 


Alfan.  jl mentaok raya 5 yo. home phone: (0274)370719, email:  history of digital photography  12/31/2000 


Allen, William.  Department of Art, Arkansas State University, PO Box 1920, State University, AR 72467. e-mail: home page:  Photographs as evidence, Atget, digital manipulation of art images for clarification of composition (, maintenance of this directory  6/2/2002 


Allison, Jeffrey.  2800 Grove Avenue, Richmond, VA 23221. voice: 804/367-0880, fax: 804/367-9393, e-mail:  Photography Educator and Coordinator of Statewide Programs for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Interests in the history of photography: 19th and 20th century photography with special emphasis on Edward Weston, photography and the myth of the American wild west,and on the use of artifical light in photography.  7/20/1998 


Allison, Thomas G.  5612 Bonita Vista Way # 109, Tampa, FL 33617. voice: 813-868-0641, e-mail:  I began over 33 years ago collecting photographs as a hobby. I have visited most of the 50 states and several foreign countries. During m travels, I have had opportunities to collect a wide assortment of photographs at antique stores, flea markets, estate sales, yard sales, etc. My collection ranges from Daguerreotypes to today’s type photos. These photographs are of average families; farmers, common workers and people like you and me!  11/9/2000 


Alschuler, William R. (Prof.).  50 Delano Ave., San Francisco, Ca. 94112. voice: 415-337-6475, fax: 415-337-5250, e-mail:  I am the science faculty in the School of Critical Studies, California Institute of the Arts. My areas of interest are 19th century photography, with special interest and expertise in Lippmann photography and the birth of color photography. Also the practice and history of holography. Also image permanence. Looking for early color images for an exhibition I am curating. Also images of the Universal Paris Expo of 1900.  4/17/1999 


Altenburger, Alfred.  München, Germany, 81677. e-mail:  19th century orientalist photography, biographies, history of studios, photographic manufacturing, 19th century travel photography, early photography in the Near East (Sebah, Bonfils, Frith, Zangaki, Lekegian, Lehnert & Landrock...).  9/3/2001 


Alterman, Esteban.  22 YOSEF RIVLIN, JERUSALEM, 91017. voice: 972-2-6291005, fax: 972-2-6291050, e-mail:  Photography in the Holy Land since 1839  12/12/1997 


Alvarez, M.  Mexico City. e-mail:  I need information about Hugo Brehme, the German photographer who worked in Mexico. I am looking for facts about his life. I am also looking for information about three pictures he took in 1910. If anyone knows something about Breheme, I would send him the images by e-mail. I appreciate a lot any kind of help.  6/30/2000 


Anderson, Hilary.  New Hampshire Historical Society, 30 Park Street, Concord NH 03301. voice: (603) 226-3189 x 205, fax: (603) 228-6308, e-mail:  Researching photographer Henry P. Moore (bn. Goffstown, NH 1835-d. Buffalo, NY 1911)) for an upcoming exhibition at the New Hampshire Historical Society/Museum of New Hampshire History.  4/17/1999 


Andrade, Joaquim Marcal Ferreira de.  PROFOTO/Project Director, Fundacao Biblioteca Nacional, Av. Rio Branco, 219, 20.040-008 Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brazil. Phone: (55-21) 262-8255 ext. 223/313, Fax: (55-21) 220-4173, e-mail:  general history of photography, with stress in Brazil and Latin America, nineteenth century photographic technology  10/17/1995 


Andrés, Ismael. home phone: 626045408, affiliation: University of Malaga (Spain)  Theory, contemporary, aesthetics, Spanish photography  1/9/2001 


Annear, Judy.  The Art Gallery of NSW, Art Gallery Rd, Sydney NSW 2000. voice: 02-92251757, fax: 02-92216226, e-mail:  twentieth century Australian and international photography. Specifically Bauhaus, Surrealist, Japanese modernist photography and contemporary photography. Currently working on a major exhibition of 20th century international for the year 2000 which will deal with ideas to do with the experience of memory and time in relation to the photographic image. A nodal point for the exhibition be the masquerade and mortality.  3/7/1998 


Archi, Paolo.  Mameli 2, Florence. e-mail:  modern history and italian neorealism  6/2/2002 


Arcos, Santiago  Suarez Mujica 891 depto. 40, Santiago, Chile. voice: 239 6761, e-mail:  History and Conservation  6/2/2002 


Arellano, Victor.  Guayaquil. e-mail:;  history of photography de Guayaquil, Ecuador. I have a big archive on Guayaquil.  11/8/2000 


Arican, Melih.  Anadolu University, Iletisim Bil. Fak. 26470 Eskisehir/ TURKEY. home phone: +90-222-249-0920, affiliation: Lecturer, fax: +90-222-320-4520, email:  photojournalism  2/6/1999 


Arnold, Bruce W.  personal address: 94 Summer Street. home phone: 508 867 7765, affiliation: EverColor Fine Art. institutional address: North Brookfield, MA 01535. business phone: 508 867 7765, web url: email:  Studio, Commercial, Portrait, Landscape, Traditional and Digital Imaging  7/20/1998 


Aronson, Geoffrey.  P.O. Box 550644,Atlanta, GA 30355. phone: 404-851-2793, affiliation: Brenau & American Intercontinental Univs. email:  PhotoLeague, New Topographics and 70's photography. Primarily landscape, urban and natural  2/6/1999 


Arpadi, Allen G.  SLCC @ FP, 5600 Oakland Av, St.Louis, MO 63110. url: email:  portraiture, Halsman, Photo education  7/24/1999 


Artigas, David. Benjamin de Tudela ,  30 3B Pamplona 31008 Spain. home phone: 948-277928, affiliation: School of Arts, Amaya 27 31004 Pamplona Spain. email:  Photojournalism  2/6/1999 


Asquini Claudio.  Via Serenelle, 12, 20033 Desio, Milan, Italy. voice: +39 347 2775411, e-mail:  Russian & Soviet cameras collector. Working for catalogation of FED 1 models (pre- & post-war); ZORKI 1; KIEV II, III, IV. Interested in exchanging every kind of information, details, etc. with other collectors. Interested in other rare models, too (TSVVS, Sport, Voomp, Fag, etc.). My URL is  3/7/1998 


A-Wing Mail Art Wall.  P.O. 756, Northport, NY 11768, e-mail:  Pinhole/ mural prints/ hand colored photographs  7/20/1998 


B. Márquez, Miguel  Mar Caspio, 4 - 7º B, 41009 - Sevilla. voice: +34 609 013 015, e-mail:  Graduated in Sciences Information and PhD in Journalism. General Supervisor and Lecturer in the "Photographics Archives Expert Course" for Graduates students, at Seville University. Co-founder and Secretary of the "Society for the History of Spanish photography". I am interested in the 19th century History of Photography and the Old Process, their Preservation, Conservation and Restoration. In the same way, I am working on the Analyse of Photographic Message Manipulation.  5/3/2003 


Badia-Villaseca, Sara  Calle Aquitania, 25C, ático B, 28032 Madrid. Tel: 91 760 10 63 , E-mail address:  Nineteenth-century photography in China (particularly Hong Kong and Shanghai); Rafael Castro´s work and the "Comisión del Pacífico" Expedition (1862-1865) photographs; Jean Laurent; ninteenth-century photography and science  12/27/2003 


Bagley, Harry E.  Harry E. Bagley Books, Ltd. Phone:506-459-3034, Fax:617-531 2094, Web address E-Mail  Stereos, cabinet cards, carte de visite, topographical photographs, books on photography, especially interested in photographs of Japan, Central Asia, SE Asia, 19 C Canada, America  11/6/2006 


Bailey,Gareth.  4 trewyddfa common, neath Rd, morriston Swansea. e-mail:  welsh photographers 19th century pioneers of photography  3/4/2000 


Baker Gail.  7670 B Douglas Hwy., Juneau, voice: 907-586-4125, e-mail:  I am intersted in photograghs taken by a Herman a Darms .Locations Yukon,San Francisco,Napa Calif,Coalville Navada. Dates between 1898 to 1945.  3/10/2004 


Baker, Chuck.  Voorstadslaan 69, 6541 SJ Nijmegen. e-mail:  Kodak Brownie cameras. I operate The Brownie Camera Page at:  3/4/2000 


Baker, James, E.  Rochester, NY  Pre-electronic cameras  8/31/2003 


Baldvinsdóttir, Inga Lára.  National Museum of Iceland, Department og Photography and Prints, Lyngási 7 210 Garðabæ, Iceland. voice: 00-353-5302280, fax: 00-354-530-2281, e-mail:  Photography in Iceland from 1846-1946. Conservation of Icelandic photography.  4/17/1999 


Baldwin, Gordon.  1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 1000, Los Angeles, CA 90049-1687, voice: 310 440 6589, fax: 310 440 7743, e-mail: GBaldwin@GETTY.EDU  Nineteenth century photography in Britain, France, and North America. More specifically Gustave Le Gray and Roger Fenton.  3/26/1997 


Ball, David.  1123 Wembley Rd., Greenville, SC 29607. Phone: 803- 458-9395, Fax: 803-235-2866, e-mail:  Eclectic. Continuing areas of interest include large format landscape, Siskind and Callahan, Penn, pictorial (esp. photo secession), Latin American (esp. Flor Garduno), 19th and 20th Western and Southwestern (e.g. O'Sullivan, Curtis, Gilpin), dance (esp. Lois Greenfield).  1/17/1996 


Ballerini, Julia .  467 Central Park West, Apt. 10A, New York, NY 10025-3886. Phone: (212) 316-9175, Fax: (212) 316-0001, e-mail:  19th-century traval photography, contemporary social documentary.  9/3/2001 


Ballou, Art.  153 e palmetto park rd # 132, Boca Raton, Fl, 33432, voice: 15612722991, fax: 15613916610, e-mail:  "camera work" publication( early 1900's) and it's contributors  12/15/1996 


Barker, F. L.  24 Driebergseweg, 3708 JC ZEIST 15 Lucas Bolwerk, Utrecht 3512 EH, the Netherlands. Voice: 0031 306914375, e-mail:  Looking after a private collection, mainly of Dutch photographs of topographical interest (1860 - 1920), but also cdv's of Dutch (and Belgian) photographers. Try to find more material of Dutch (or Belgian) origin all over the world, also larger formats and stereoviews. Anybody who has material or want to exchange information about photography in the latter part of the 19th century is welcome to phone, write or e-mail! .  2/25/2000 


Barker, Geoff.  Macleay Building A12 University of Sydney, Sydney New South Wales 2006. voice: 9351 4200, fax: 9351 5646, e-mail:  South Pacific Colonial photography, Australian/New South Wales cultural history  11/8/2000 


Barone, Paul T.  Culver City, CA. affiliation: UCLA External Affairs, business phone: (310) 794-2915, fax: (310) 209-4221, web url: email:  I actively collect & research box and detective-style cameras from the late 1800s, with a recent leaning toward exposed wood models, or any of the following manufacturers: Scovill, E. & H.T. Anthony, Simon Wing, Blair Camera Co. I also collect early darkroom items and am currently compiling an image database of early photo advertising. From a historical standpoint, I am more interested in the science of how an image came to fruition than the subject of the image itself.  11/10/2000 


Barr, Peter.  1247 E. Siena Heights Drive, Adrian, MI 49221. voice: 517 264-7863, fax: 517 264-7739, e-mail:  Berenice Abbott's Paris portraits and views of New York City and Abbott's relationship with Eugene Atget.  4/25/2002 


Barrar, Wayne.  School of Design, Wellington Polytechnic, Wellington. voice: 64 4 801 2794 extn.8666, e-mail:  Photography in New Zealand and Pacific esp. c19 landscape. Work of Daniel Louis Mundy ca.1860/70. Early photographically illustrated books.  7/20/1998 


Barrie, Sandy.  55 Creek St, Bundamba, Qld, Australia, 4304. home phone: 38160341. institutional address: 55 Creek St, business phone: 38160341, email:  Australian, English, Scottish & Welsh Photographers  7/20/2003 


Barrionuevo, Isabel  plaza de las cortes, 9, leon, españa. e-mail:  history of photography in spain  9/14/2003 


Barroso,Carlos, Mr.  personal address: Av. Atlbntica 434 apt:202 CEP 22010-000 Rio de Janeiro Brazil. home phone: 00550212777101, affiliation: ABAF-Art Photography Brazilian Association, institutional address: Rua Assis Bueno 30 CEP 22280-080 Rio de Janeiro Brazil, business phone: 00550215416949 web url: email:  Daguerreotype,19th. century photography, Nadar, Man Ray, Latin American Photography.  4/17/1999 


Barry, Glen.  PO Box 165, Somers, NY 10589. email:  History of photographic technology, such as films, film speeds, chemical formulations, developers, grain structures, color processes  11/10/2000 


Bartholomew, Ed  Curator & Kumar, Amba, Assistant Curator, National Railway Museum, Leeman Road, York, Y02 4XJ ENGLAND. Phone:01904 621261 EXT.244, Fax: 01904 611112, e-mail:  The NRM photographic archive comprises over one million images, combining both official and private material to give a comprehensive coverage of the operation of Britain's railways from the 1860s to the present day. The official collections, whic  1/31/1996 


Baryla, Bruce.  e-mail:  I am interested in the use of tax stamps on photographs during the American Civil War. My online exhibit on the subject:  4/17/2001 


Bassett, DJ.  880 Clark Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110. fax: 805-569-1634, e-mail:  Interested in the photographic studies of rural life and culture in Illinois, Livingston County and Saunemin Township from mid-ninteenth century to mid-twentieth century. Also, anthropological & archaeological studies of the Canaliño/Chumash Native Americans of the Central Coast of California, and their rock paintings. San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Also have been studying the rock art of the Torrey Lakes and Dinwoody Canyon areas of central Wyoming.  4/17/1999 


Basso, Catarina.  rua Formosa, 24 2, 4000 Porto. voice: 02.577900,  links between photography and painting  7/20/1998 


Batchen, Geoffrey.  Dept of Art and Art History, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM 87131-1401. voice: 505 - 277 2031, fax: 505- 277 5955, e-mail:  Interests: the invention of photography, early nineteenth-century photographs, contemporary photography, cyberculture, vernacular photographies, critical theory. Publications: Burning with Desire: The Conception of Photography (MIT Press, 1997).Occupation: Associate Professor in History of Photography, UNM  8/13/1997 


Baty, Laurie A.  4425 Underwood Street, University Park, MD. voice: 301 779-4326, e-mail:  19th century Washington, DC, photographic studios; Philadelphia Daguerreians (to 1850); turn-of- the-century Baltimore pictorialists. I am the editor of Views, the Newsletter of the Visual Materials Section of the Society of American Archivists and a former editor of The Daguerreian Annual. The latter is indexed/abstracted by the Getty's Bibliography on the History of Art and by ARTbibliographies Modern.  9/4/2003 


Baxter, Joe.  508 Rogers DR., Macon,GA.31204. voice: 912-741-7722, e-mail:  civil war-in the south  1/10/1997 


BAYHAN, Mehmet.  PK-39 . Besiktas .. 80692 - Istanbul .. Turkiye. home phone: 212 - 261 03 86. affiliation: Yildiz Technical University, institutional address: Yildiz Teknik Univ. 80750 - Besiktas .. Istanbul. business phone: 212 - 261 03 86, fax: 212 - 236 41 80, web URL: email:  General. Turkish Republic..  9/14/2003 


Beale, Amen.  3450 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94118. voice: 415-252-1489, e-mail:  19c Japan & Europe.  11/10/2000 


Beam, Jason C.  home phone: 406-590-4684, affiliation: Jason Beam Studios. web URL: email:  1950-1960 Press/Wire Photography (All North American News Services)  9/14/2003 


Beasley, Joe H.  102 S Spring St., McMinnville, TN 37110. voice: 931-473-8226, e-mail: web url:  Preservation of photographs make by the early Tennesse women photographers Anthia Brady Hughes and Willie Hughes Ref. Tennessee Historical Marker 2E68  3/5/2005 


Becker, Wm. B.  voice: (248) 543-7777, fax: (248) 543-7711, e-mail:  Collector, Lecturer, Writer, Curator, Consultant. Website, The American Museum of Photography ( ) Images for exhibition, broadcast and publication provided from collection of approximately 5000 original photographs from first 75 years of the medium, daguerreotypes to autochromes. Co-author (with John B. Cameron), "Photography's Beginnings: A Visual History" (U. of New Mexico Press, 1990), which features nearly 200 images from the collection. Author, "Brady of Broadway"  2/6/1999 


Behr, Gary L.  CPC. Expressive Images Studio, 6717 Odana Road, Madison, WI 53719. Phone: (608) 833-4994, Fax: (608) 833-6728, e-mail:  Museum / Archivally certified copy and restoration of heirloom images  7/1/1997 


Beier, Warren.  6900 Sandusky Blvd., Harrisburg,NC,28075. e-mail:  19th and early 20th century types of photography and photographers  3/7/1998 


Belal, Ahmed.  4 nagaty st, Tanta, Gaharb, 31111. voice: 010-1481161, e-mail:  Assistant lecturer in the Faculty of Applied Art, Branch of Photography. I'm preparing a masters degree on the photography art movement and its relation to modern art movements  12/31/2000 


Bell, Lesley.  Brock University, Department of Film Studies, Dramatic and Visual Arts, St. Catharines, Ontario CANADA L2S 3A1. Phone:(905) 688-5550 x 4033, Fax:(905) 688-2789, e-mail:  alternate processes, antique photographic processes  10/25/1995 


Bell, Robert W.  P.O. Box 1701, Ballarat Mail Centre, Ballarat. Victoria 3354, Australia. e-mail:  Photographs of early Victoria, Australia. Particularly those associated with gold and the finding of gold.  2/6/1999 


Belleau, Bernard.  105 rue des Érables #7, Sherbrooke (Qc), Canada, J1L 1E7. voice: 1-819-565-1430, e-mail:  PhD candidate in the Département d'histoire à l'Université du Québec à Montréal. I work on the history of commercial photography from 1839 to 1914 in the province of Québec.  3/26/1997 


Bellows, Joseph.  4730 Vista de la Tierra, Del Mar, CA 92014. voice: (619)259-8129, fax: (619)350-9546, e-mail:  Serious collector interested in all areas of photography. With a particular interest in Pictorialism, commercial and fine art photography done in California, including large format 19th century albumen prints. Always interested in purchasing vintage material. Also a special interest in early photographic books, periodicals, and ephemera, including pre-1940 exhibition (salon) catalogues.  2/28/1997 


Belton, George.  fax: 609-939-4226, e-mail:  Microphotography, Concentration on Thomas Eakins' Works.  7/20/1998 


Benediktsson, Gudbrandur.  Tryggvagata 15, Reykjavik, 101. voice: 00354 5631790, fax: 00354 5631799, e-mail:  History of photography in Iceland. Photographs as historical evidence.  2/23/2001 


Benitez Abelardo  calle 100 nº6279 Ch 245, Posadas.Misiones, Argentina. voice: 03752-490074, e-mail:  Historia de la fotografia, filosofia de imagenes y ò encuadres. Edicion electrònica de fotos.  6/2/2002 


Bennekom van, Josephine.  2e Schuytstraat 135, The Hague, The Netherlands. voice: 070-3647972, fax: 070-3455969, e-mail:  Family photography, Photographic Collections, Photojournalism, Photoconservation.  2/7/1999 


Bennett, Terry.  PO Box 1044, Purley, Surrey, CR8 3ZY, UK; Telephone: +44 (0) 797 0891003 or +44 (0) 20 8660, 8996; e-mail: , web:  19th c photographers of Japan, China & Korea; Author of ‘Early Japanese Images’ (Tuttle, 1996), ‘Korea-Caught in Time’ (Garnet 1997). I’m particularly interested in the earliest photography in these countries, and the following photographers: P.Rossier, F. Beato, W.Saunders, J.Thomson, T.Child, E.Brown, Jr., C.Parker, Ueno Hikoma, Shimooka Renjo, Uchida Kuichi and early Dutch & French photographers in the region.  3/5/2005 


Beretta, Lia.  1-6-10 Ogiyayatsu, Kamakura 248, Japan. voice: +813- 467-22-1829, fax: +813-467-22-1829, e-mail:  Felice Antonio Beato & Adolfo Farsari in Japan.  7/21/1997 


Berg, Paul.  PO Box 8895, Newport Beach CA, 92660. voice: 714-759-3069, e-mail:  19th Century photographic cases, wall frames and collar boxes. I am interested in the photographic cases which were used to store and protect daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, or tintypes. Conducting ongoing research regarding these items, and published "Nineteenth Century Photographic Cases and Wall Frames" in 1995. Now seeking additional information for a second edition.  11/9/1997 


Berger, Charles Michael.  500 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062. Phone: 4084273000, e-mail:  Carbon, Non- Silver, Permanence  7/7/1996 


Beringer, Michael D.  3196 Chemin de Fer Way, Costa Mesa, Ca 92626. voice: (714) 850-9538, e-mail:  Art History instructor and Black and White Fine Art Photographer. Areas of special interest are Photo-Secession, Atget, California photographers, and early photo processes. Also very interested in how art and photography have influenced each other since photography's inception.  2/6/1999 


Bernat.  2950 Seymour Drive, Dallas, Texas 75229, voice: 214-956- 7456, fax: 214-902-9258 e-mail:  Computer restoration of old photographs. Collector, woman and children pre 1900  9/18/1996 


Besse, Joseph.  3389 Tanner Road (P.O.Box 548), Scott, LA 70583-0548. voice: 318-873-8758, fax: 318-873-8758, e-mail:  I am a professional photographer holding the degree of Photographic Craftsman from the Prof. Photographers of America and I am also a registered Certified Professional Photographer with this group. I am engaged in Portrait and Wedding Photography. For the past 4 years I have been a student of the Bromoil and Bromoil Transfer process and I am interested in corresponding and working with anyone pursuing this alternative photography process. I have studied under the tutelage of Gene Laughter of Richmond, VA and I have read most of the scholarly journals regarding this process. Several Bromoilists in the USA are interested in forming a Bromoil Society in the USA, similar to the one now operating in the United Kingdom. URL:  12/12/1997 


Bester, Rory McLachlan.  Department of Art History, University of the Witwatersrand, P.O. WITS, 2050, South Africa. Phone: +27-11- 7163595. Fax: +27-11-3396039. e-mail: 023BEST@MUSE.ARTS.WITS.AC.ZA  African Photography, Colonial Photography  10/16/1995 


Bezner, L. Corbus.  Art Dept., University of N.C., Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223, 704-547-2473 e-mail:  Cultural history of photography in 1940s & 1950s; the Photo League; issues of gender; North Carolina ph'r Bayard Wootten; documentary's history and criticism.  7/24/1996 


Bianchi, Roberta.  e-mail:  Economical history of the industry of photography in Italy and France, from the beginnig to today  12/31/2000 


Bishop, David.  Birmingham City Archive, Central Library, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK. voice: 0121 303 4217, fax: 0121 464 1176, e-mail:  Archivist currently working to develop Birmingham's photographic collections, and make them more readily available to the public.  9/3/2001 


Bjelkhagen, Hans.  Centre for Modern Optics, OpTIC Technium, Ffordd William Morgan, St Asaph Business Park, St Asaph LL17 0JD, North Wales (UK) Tel: +44 (0)1745 535530 Fax: +44 (0)1745 535101 E-mail:  I am working on color holography and Lippmann photography. In particular, I have been investigating the old color photography technique invented by Gabriel Lippmann in 1891. There are many similarities between his work and my current work on color (Lippmann) holography. I have been able to record Lippmann photographs according to the old described technique as well as recorded Lippmann photographs on modern materials, such as, SLAVICH silver halide emulsions from Russia and panchromatic photopolymer materials from DUPONT. I have also recorded Lippmann photographs without using the mercury reflector. Copies of almost every old book or paper on Lippmann photography is in my collection as well as current publications on Lippmann photography.  10/22/2006 


Blank, Peter P.  Art Institute of Chicago 111 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60603. voice: (773) 443-3665, fax: (773) 443-0964, e-mail:  Historiography of the history of photography. 20th century literature on photography. American "Subjective" photography: Clarence John Laughlin, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Henry Holmes Smith, Frederick Sommer. Cameraless photography.  6/30/2000 


Blinder, Caroline  2 Westmont Ct.Monmouth Rd., London, W2 4UU. voice: 44-2072215854, e-mail:  20th. Century American Photography; in particular the photographic book, photo-texts, and the interaction between writing and photography. Collaborations between fiction writers and photographers roughly between 1910-1970  10/21/2002 


Bloom, Elizabeth A.  2037 W. Iowa St., Chicago, IL 60622. phone: 773-227-4365, affiliation: University of Chicago, email:  Documentary, architectural photography  3/4/2000 


Blosser, Amanda Leigh.  Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, Conservation Department. Phone:(512) 471-9117, e-mail:     12/5/1995 


Boatman , Sheila K.  rt. 1 box 126-1, morrisville, mo 65710. voice: 417-833-9780  American frontiers  1/22/1997 


Bogdan, Robert.  1050 Ackerman Ave., Syracuse, NY, I3210. voice: 315-479-7618, fax: same, e-mail:  My interests include large format panoramic photographs and photographers, real photo postcards and photographers, Adirondacks, Vermont, and photographs related to disability. I write a column on real photo postcards for the Postcard Collector and have written two books on real photo postcards photographers (Exposing the Wilderness, and Adirondack Vernacular).  5/21/2003 


Bohrer, Frederick.  5435 Connecticut Ave., Washington, DC 20015. voice: 202-364-4926, e-mail:  19th century photography of the Middle East, including Egypt, Turkey, and Iran (Persia). Photography and post-colonial theory.  11/12/1996 


Boles, Jan.  2112 Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell, ID 83605. voice: 208-459-5230, e-mail:  Archivist, The Robert E. Smylie Archives, Albertson College of Idaho. Curator of the Boone Photographic Collection, including the photography of Dr. William Judson Boone (1864-1936), founder of The College of Idaho (1891), renamed Albertson College in 1991. Dr. Boone began his photographic career with a dry plate 5\" x 7\" view camera about 1891. He acquired a Cirkut (kit) attachment in 1913. His work with the panorama constitutes the most important component in the collection. Our collection also includes a number of 5\" x 7\" glass plate negatives made on the Museum-Gates Expedition in Arizona and New Mexico in the early 1900s.  2/15/2004 


Bolt, Richard.  13109 Forest Drive; Bowie, Md 20715/ tel. Hm 301- 8054274 & WK 301-2863784 e-mail: Web Page on Photo History at:  My interests are primarily in the 1840-1870 period of early photography. I am interested in the process & equipment of the period. I specialize in Salt Prints or Calotypes. I have been a collector of cameras & images since 1964. I was one of the three founders of PHSNE, Photographic Historical Soc. of New England. It is now the largest such group in the world. I have written one article on Anson Clark for the Daguerreian Journal. I plan to convert most of my camera collection into images in the next few years. I also have an interest in: three plate color cameras, 35 mm wooden hand crank movie cameras, and professional equipment up into 1940 period. This interest includes Graflex cameras. I started an FTP site in 93 that was for matching old identified portraits with people searching ancestors (genealogists). I am much interested in how towns grew to cities via the photograph records.  1/19/2004 


Bonnin, Robert.  6 ch de l'oree de Soisy, 91450 Soisy sur Seine. voice: 0160750145, fax: 0160750145, e-mail:  photos on glass, appareils, stereo etc., my site on WORLD FAIR PARIS 1889 on image photos to day from 1889, 4 new each week  7/20/1998 


Boone, Izaak.  Westerlookade 1, 2271 GA, Voorburg, netherlands, voice: 0031703877721, fax: 0031703877721, e-mail:  Information Security Officer. As a hobby interested in: stereo photography, invention of photography, microphotography. Wrote article about links between security printing, cryptography, astronomy and invention of photography. Co-wrote biography of German/Dutch photographer Robert Severin, who worked with Nadar (France) and Ghemar (Belgium). Actual research: Dutch woman traveller and photographer Alexine Tinne.  2/23/2001 


BORDES François.  5 rue Cazals, TOULOUSE (FRANCE). e-mail:  Ancient photography of South-West of France, and particularly of Toulouse  7/20/1998 


Borges de Araújo, Nuno.  Alameda da Fonte, 56-1ºE, 4700-428 BRAGA. voice: 919661905, e-mail:  XIXth century photography in Portugal, particularly in the Entre-Douro-e-Minho region (Braga, Porto, Viana do Castelo districts)  11/13/2000 


Boros, Viktoria.  Hauszman A. 2., Budapest. voice: 4811484, e-mail:  Stereoscope, raree show, fenakistoscope, caleidoscope, thaumatrop etc.  7/24/2001 


Boudet, Frederic.  e-mail:  Norway circa 1900 (example : Axel Lindahl  9/13/2003 


Boudouri, Irene.  Affiliation: Benaki Museum. institutional address: Filikis Etairias 15 Athens 10674 Greece. business phone: 2107211033, fax: 2107228465  Inter-war Photography in Greece  5/21/2003 


Bowditch, Lucy L.  Art Department, The College of Saint Rose, 432 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12210. Phone: (518) 462-5293 or (212) 473- 3729. Fax: (518) 462-5293. e-mail: or e-mail:  All, particular interest in American portrait daguerreotypes, W.H. Jackson, Edward Steichen, issues in contemporary photography.  8/25/1996 


Boyd, Jane E.  Art History Department, University of Delaware. e-mail:  19th C French & British photography, 19th C photographic periodicals, 19th & 20th C landscape photography, 19th C images of engineering & technology. M.A. thesis (Udel, 1996): "Art-Science and Practical Gentlemen: Photographic Societies and Journals in Mid-Victorian Britain." Dissertation (in progress): "The Mapping of Modernity: Technology and the French Landscape, 1850-1900."  6/2/2000 


Brace, Brad.  no-present institutional affiliation, e-mail: WWW:  hypermodern photo-art; digital photo, prepress and printing processes; advanced poetics; cultural education and theory.  3/15/1996 


Bracher, Andrea.  e-mail:  Old Processes, Alternative Processes, Non-silver Processes, Anthotype  3/5/2005 


Bradley John.  The Mede, Moor Road, Ashover Derbys S45 OAQ UK. voice: 01246 590352, e-mail:  I am interested in 19th Century stereoscopic photography, especially in England. I am undertaking detailed work on stereoscopic photography in Derbyshire , England. I am also completing work on on Victorian photographers (of all types) in the town of Matlock in Derbyshire. Key photographers include John Clark, John Latham, and Alfred Seaman. I am also an active stereographer using 1950's and modern stereocameras.  2/7/1999 


Bradley, Betty.  555 lem lanier rd, Pembroke. voice: 912 839-3949, fax: 912 839-3387, e-mail:  A Aubrey Bodine photographs.  3/4/2000 


Bradley, Eymard.  Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Buckle Street, PO Box 467, Wellington, New Zealand. Phone: 64-4-385 9609, Fax: 64-4-385 7157, e-mail:  19th and 20th century New Zealand photography. Thoman Andrew. Images of industrial history especially people at work. The family album.  3/13/1995 


Brauen, Martin.  Pelikanstrasse 40, Zuerich ZH 8001. voice: +41 1 634 90 27, fax: +41 1 634 90 50, e-mail:  old photographs of Japan, showing people using or producing objects made out of bamboo (baskets, umbrellas, shoes, lanterns, music instruments, fans, etc etc). I need addreses where I could get copies/repros from such photographs.  9/3/2001 


Braun, Marta.  Ryerson Polytechnic University. Phone:416-979-5167, Fax:416-979-5139, e-mail:  all  7/15/1996 


Brazill, Frank.  2415 N. Washington Avenue, Scranton Pennsylvania 18509. voice: (717) 342-9967  Documentary Photography, Food Photography, and Travel Photography  3/26/1997 


Brewis, Steve.  14A Twelfth Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Y1A 4J4, Canada. voice: 867-667-4859, e-mail:  Interested in the history of rock climbing and mountaineering photography, including techniques and equipment used. Especially interested in the history of the Yukon and Northern Canada.  2/6/1999 


Brines, Earl.  534 Ribier Avenue, Lodi, CA 95240. voice: 209-368-8040, e-mail:  Photographers: John R. Putnam; Arion Putnam; Carlton O. Valentine; Studios Of: Putnam Commercial Photographers: Putnam & Valentine: Putnam Studios  11/10/2000 


Broersma, Regina.  Groningen, the Netherlands. fax: 050-3133027, e-mail:  illustration photography, cd-design, polaroids, everything that should illustrate a story, poem, lyrics etc., especially colour photography.  10/30/1996 


Bromberg, Nicolette.  Visual Materials Curator, Special Collections -- University of Washington Libraries. Box 352900, Seattle, WA 98195. Email: phone 206/543-1929 fax 206543-1931  Midwestern photography, Alaskan and Pacific Northwest photography  2/23/2001 


Bronstein, Alexander.  Kappakuja 1, 20540 Turku. voice: +358 2 2370079, fax: +358 2 2376667, e-mail:  Russian and Soviet cameras, Russian photo literature and history, Leica-cameras  2/8/2001 


Brotherton, Richard.  36 Caynham Close, Redditch, Worcs. B98 0JF. voice: 01527 501667, e-mail:  Amateur photography between the years 1914 and 1918, preferably by serving soldiers. Also I am interested in the 'home front' photography by true amateurs and by non-enlisted professionals.  1/9/2001 


Brown, Laura F.  6 West Street, Lacock, Wilts SN15 2LH. voice: (0)1249 730 731, e-mail:  Museum Education relating to photography.  7/3/2003 


Brown, Laura.  Chromagen Digital Imaging, 1100 University Ave., Rochester, NY 14607. voice: 716 256-6218, e-mail:     4/22/1997 


Brown, Leslie K.  602 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215. voice: (617) 353-0700, fax: (617) 353-1662, e-mail:  Photo-Secessionist Anne Brigman and other pictorialists; the Stieglitz circle and mysticism; science and photography; Duchamp and photography, vernacular photography. PUBLICATIONS: exhibition catalogue, Re-Collecting: Photographs from the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (UT-Austin, 1997); catalogue entries for Frist Center on Anne Brigman and Clarence John Laughlin; encyclopedia entries for Fitzroy Dearborn on Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Francis Bruguière, Alvin Langdon Coburn, botanical, and x-ray photography. Essays for PRC’s publication, In the Loupe, available at  4/25/2002 


Brueckle, Irene.  Buffalo, NY. e-mail:  Twentieth-century European photography. Theory. Conservation.  11/12/1996 


Bruening, Jan.  Donaustr. 116 VH, 12043 Berlin. e-mail: , URL  Snapshot and amateur photography from 1929 to 1990 from a sociological point of view. I am also working on a methodology to utilize photographs as a source in sociological research.  12/10/2003 


Brynjolfsson, Ivar.  National Museum of Iceland, Department of Photographs and Prints, Hringbraut, v/ Sudurgotu, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland. Tel: +354-552-8888. Fax: +354-552-8967, e-mail:  19.Century Photography, Icelandic Photographic History, Contemporary Fine Art Photography.  3/5/1996 


Buck, Daniel.  100 Tenth St. SE, Washington, DC 20003-3909. Voice: 202-544-6541. Fax: (202) 543-7749. E-mail:  Research and collect vintage South American photography and postcards, especially Bolivia, Peru, and the Patagonian regions of Argentina and Chile. Author: Directory of early photographers in Bolivia  2/23/2000 


Burgess, Rebekah.  300 West 108th Street, Apt. 4D, New York, NY 10025. voice: 212-665-6736, e-mail:  I am currently setting up an exhibit at The Lower East Side Tenement Museum, a replica of cabinet card studio from the 1890's based on the story of one family's business, The Hagelstein Brothers. I am looking for cabinet cards from the Lower East Side and any info regarding the Hagelstein Brother's business.  3/7/1998 


Burgevin, David.  Museum Specialist, Office of Imaging, Printing and Photographic Services, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, CB-033, 14th & Constitution, NW, Washington, DC, 20560. phone: 202-357-1933. e-mail:  history of self-portrait photography, fine art photographic portraiture of children, 19th & 20th century art history theory and criticism, electronic imaging, legal rights and reproduction issues. (96/08/14)  8/14/1996 


Burke, Margaret.  459 W. 49th St., #5W, New York, NY 10019. voice: (212) 397-7110, fax: (212) 397-4770, e-mail:  I am a professional film & photo researcher, mostly for television productions  10/23/1996 


Burns, Paul.  Toronto. (905) 751-5000, e-mail:  Historian and author of: The Complete History of the Discovery of Cinematography / An Illustrated Chronological History of the Development of Motion Pictures Covering 2,500 Years Leading to Cinematography in the 1800's (Pre Cinema)  5/1/2005 


Cabo, José Luis.  Gómez Ulla 1, Santiago de Compostela- Spain. voice: 908581742, fax: 981204054, e-mail:  Photography in Spain  2/6/1999 


Cahan, Andrew.  Andrew Cahan: Bookseller, Ltd. 3000 Blueberry Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. voice: 919-968-0538, fax: 919-968-3517, e-mail:  My interest in photography is extremely broad and eclectic. Possibly because I started off as a "fine art photographer" with a Master's Degree in Studio Photography and a year residency with Minor White. I worked professionally as a darkroom technician, photographed performance artists, taught at various universities and art institutes, and worked as a printer utilizing letterpress and photo-mechanical methods of reproduction for a small fine press. As a bookseller specializing in photographic literature, my interests and inventory are as varied as my background, ie. contemporary fine art photography, historical photographic and photo-mechanical methods, and everything in between. My stock of out- of-print photographic literature exceeds 2500 volumes with the majority of titles available for viewing at my website at  4/22/1997 


Calache, L. M. D.  1028 N. Wabash Avenue. phone: 765-664-0209, fax: 765-664-7646, email:  I am particularly interested in any information or works both studio and hand colored scenics done by the Canadian/American photographer William Henry Gardiner and his son H. Marshall Gardiner. Their work has been located in Canada, Detroit, MI, Mackinac Island, MI, Daytona, FL, Nantucket, MA, and Bermuda.  2/6/1999 


Callanan, Martin  e-mail:,  new topographics  3/5/2005 


Campagna, Fred.  P.O. Box 2204, Idaho Falls, ID voice: 208-522-1552, fax: 208-522-1552, e-mail:  All aspects of photographica. I am a somewhat collector of vintage photographs. I am also a private archivist and publisher of family and regional histories for the past thirty years.  11/13/2000 


Campbell, Andrew.  History of Art Department, Tappan Hall, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1357. Phone:(313) 764- 6930, e-mail:  American photography, and in particular landscape; stereography; photography and nationalism  10/27/1995 


Canepa-Ekdahl, Sofia.  P.O. BOX 21333, SAN JUAN, P.R. voice: (787) 299-2683, e-mail:  press photography, photography & cinema, great photographers, nudes, urban photography  6/2/2002 


Canguilhem, Denis.  20, rue Gerando, 75009 Paris. voice: +33(0)1 49 70 13 39, e-mail:  History of French landscape photography during the 19th century, especially under the Second Empire.  6/30/2000 


Caplan, Yudit.  e-mail: phone: 972-2-6708843, affiliation: Israel Museum, Jerusalem, institutional address: P.O.B. 71117, Jerusalem, Israel, 91710     6/10/1999 


Carbone, Marie.  19 Saratoga Road, Auburn, MA 01501. e-mail:  The photographs taken by Toni Frissell. I am particularly interested in the ones taken circa 1940 in Sun Valley, Idaho. I own some signed reproductions of these and have been unable to get any information about originals and the purpose for which they were taken.  2/23/2001 


Cardwell, Donald Francis.  22725 Columbia Street, Dearborn, Michigan, 48124. e-mail:  Generally, the process of making photographs (or to be a little less snotty, taking pictures) from the historical photographers' point of view - how problems were solved, why choices were made, etc. Slightly more psychological, I guess, than 'technological'. In particular, I'm interested in methods which have value today, Standing Development, for example.  6/17/1997 


Carella, Elizabeth.  3 Seal Harbor Rd. #741,Winthrop, MA 02152. voice: (617)846-3578, e-mail:  I am interested in historic photographs of Middle Eastern sites.  8/13/1997 


Carey, Michael.  3055 Acres Trail, Chipley, Fl 32428. voice: 850-638-5200, e-mail:  Civil War (particulary Vivandiere's and Women on Battlefield), Execution photo's (Ruth Snyder, etc.),Execution of Lincoln "conspirators", WPA photos.  3/4/2000 


Carlebach, Michael.  e-mail: p.o. box 248127 University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL 33124, 305 284 2726, 305 284 3648  history of photojournalism  5/13/1996 


Carlevaris, Anna.  Fine Arts Faculty, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. voice: 450-653-2027, fax: 450-653-2027, e-mail:  19thc Italian photographer named Prospero Carlevaris; Sicily (all periods); contemporary art by Italian immigrants (first & second generations)).  2/6/1999 


Carrera, Angel.  San Pablo 23, Zaragoza. voice: 976280429, fax: 976280429, e-mail:  history of photographic technology nineteen century, Spanish photography  3/4/2000 


Carroll, David.  7437 West 162nd Street. Tinley Park, IL 60477. voice: (708)-532-1589, fax: (708)-532-7383, e-mail:  Professor of Photography at Moraine Valley College, IL. Author of the forthcoming book, "The Complete Photographic History of Geronimo : An Album of Every Known Pose", which shall be the definitive text on Geronimo in photographs and the photographers who created the images. Collaborated with author Gerard Petrone on his book, "The Trial of Frank James, Judgement At Gallatin", 1998. Collector of many original photographic prints of the James Gang, Geronimo and President Lincoln. I work with authors by researching and supplying them with images for their texts. Education: Columbia College Chicago (BFA) Photography. California Institute of the Arts (CALARTS), (MFA). School of The Art Institute of Chicago (Post Graduate Degree). I would be happy to assist and work with photographic historians on photographic research projects related to the 19th century.  4/17/1999 


Carter, Rodger L.  2292 Walnut Ct., Xenia, Ohio 45385. voice: 937-257-8365, fax: 937-257-5875, e-mail:  Digital photography and digital cameras, especially as related to 1998 and before. Site operator for DigiCamHistory.Com. Assistance requested in obtaining photos and specifications for electronic cameras, digital cameras, and prototypes of same developed prior to 1999.  10/21/2002 


Carville, Justin.  33 The Paddocks, Naas, Co. Kildare. voice: 01+4544661, e-mail:  Lecturer in Historical & Theoretical phy, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology. Research interests; photography & national indentity in Ireland, critical theory & represenatation, 19th century British & Irish photography, representations of Ireland, contemporay documentary in Britain & Ireland, historicism & photography, contemporay art & photography. Phd candidate at DCU 'Photography, History & natioanl Identity.  6/30/2000 


Casaballe, Amado Becquer.  Maipu 671, P5 (1006-Buenos Aires, Argentina). Phone: (541) 322 2171, Fax: (541) 322 2006, e-mail:  Documental Photography s. XIX & XX, Photojournalims. Editor de Fotomundo, critico, investigador, fotografo.  5/18/1997  


Cassanelli, Roberto.  viale Brianza, 2, Monza (Milano) - Italia. voice: 039.322086, e-mail:  Italian photography of XIX century  3/4/2000 


Castro, Alfonso.  4 de Agosto 2, 50003 - Zaragoza SPAIN. home phone: 34 976290654, affiliation: University of Barcelona, business phone: 34 933333466, web url: email:  AREA(S):Avantgarde photography, Prehistory of Photography, Spanish Photography, History of Technology of Photography.  6/10/1999 


Cavanna, Pierangelo. +390114364539, affiliation: Facoltà di Beni Culturali - Università di Lecce, institutional address: Via Bellezia, 15 10122 TORINO.  Art and Architecture Photography; Landscape Photography  6/2/2002 


Chakalis, Art.  494 Theori Ave., Gahanna, Ohio 43230. PHONE: 614- 855-9800, e-mail:  Gum Printing, Artique Printing, Fresson Printing, and Carbon Printing  11/15/1995 


Chalifour, Bruno.  92 Brandywine Lane, Rochester, NY 14618. voice: (716) 820 9004, e-mail:  History of photography, specifically landscape photography and photogra[phy education. In progress: MFA thesis on the development of inner cities and urban sprawl (SUNY Buffalo, NY, USA), Ph.D. dissertation on "The Evolution of US Landscape Photography, 1960-90" (université de Savoie (F)) Done: DEA thesis (Diploma of Advanced Studies= French pre-doctoral degree, 1 to 2 years after Masters) on the British photographer, Bill BRANDT, 1996, Université Limoges, France.  2/23/2000 


Chaloner, Clinton, John.  151A, Northview Road, Crouch End, London N8 7ND U.K. home phone: 018 1341 6778. affiliation: Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, Imperial College London. nstitutional address: CHOSTM, Sherfield Building, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London SW7 1AZ U.K. business phone: 020 7594 9357. web url: email:  Photography and science - 1900 onwards. In particular the early organisation of scientific photography - training of technicians and photographers and the setting up of photographic departments in scientific establishments.  11/9/2000 


Chan, Claudia.  5236 W. Windsor Ave., Chicago, Il 60630. voice: 773-282-4084, e-mail:  f64 group  9/3/2001 


Chandler, John.  12 Knox Street, Thomaston, Maine 04861. voice: (207)354-8562, e-mail:  1880-1950 American photography. Currently writing a book on Maine's role in the history of American photography. Special interests: F. Holand Day; Clarence White's school of photography in Five Islands, Maine. Gertrude Kasebeir and others who taught there and studied there; early amateur photographers, especially women photographers in Maine.  4/17/1999 


Chaplo, Paul, V., M.F.A., B.F.A., B.A.  Box T-1470 Tarleton Station. (254) 918-7467, affiliation: MFA Photography - RIT. institutional address: Box T-1470 Stephenville, TX 76402, business phone: (254) 918-7467. fax: email for fax # if needed. web url: email:  History of architectural photography, especially seeking information regarding the work of Frederick Evans. I am working on an on-line resource page with bibiography and list of works in collections. If you have suggestions, please email to  6/2/2002 


Chapp, Belena.  University Gallery/ University of Delaware 114 Old College, Newark, DE, 19716. voice: 302-831-8242, fax: 302-831-8251, e-mail:  As director of the University Gallery, I oversee the organization of numerous photographic exhibitions, including our current project observing the centennial of the birth of African-American photographer P.H. Polk, which opens in Jan. 1998 and will travel nationally. The University Gallery is also the repository of the largest collegiate collection Gertrude Kasebier photographs. We welcome inquiries.  2/28/1997 


Chen, Li-Min.  123 University Rd. Sec,3, Touliu, Yunlin 640, Taiwan, voice: 886-5-5342246, fax: 886-5-5312083, e-mail:  Am interested general history of photography,especially the pre-history and the 19th century photography.  9/12/1996 


Chiarenza, Carl.  Morey 424, University of Rochester, 716-275-4433, 275-0437, 275-9249, FAX 716-442-1692. Home: 5 Edgemere Dr., Rochester, NY 14618; 716-442-1751; e-mail:     9/30/1996 


Chow, David.  PO Box 9462, Providence, RI 02940. voice: 401-438-1828, e-mail:  Interested in Chinese in America related photography and ephemera. Interested also in the history of post-mortem photography, American or foreign. Interested not only in researching images but also ephemera related to the practice of photographing the dead. Editor for the American Photographic Historical Society since April 2002.  1/22/2004 


Christen, Bill and Glenna Jo.  27387 Parkview #8304, Warren, MI 48092, voice: (810) 558-5285, fax: (810) 558-3522 or 492-1818, e-mail:  19th century photography: CDV's 1860- 1870 in particular, but interested in all periods. of CDV popularity. Working on photographic survey of men's clothing 1860-1865. collect daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes (interested in images of pairs of women) cataloging all known images of Pauline Cushman Fryer (19th c. actress and spy), 20th century photography; 1900-1920 images of people on front porches, group shots with windows showing reflections in the background.  11/22/1996 


Cichowlas, Gery.  Paris. email:  XXth century Photography with an emphasis on between the WW II period.  11/6/2006 


Claes, Marie-Christine.  Rue Mintens, 7, 1470 Genappe Belgium. voice: +32 67 78 07 08, e-mail:  Attaché in the Royal Institute for cultural heritage ( Current research : Around the scientist, photographer and lithographer Jean-Baptiste-Ambroise-Marcellin Jobard (Baissey [F], 1792 - Bruxelles, 1861), first belgian photographer : contexts of emergence of lithography and photography in Belgium.  9/1/2006 


Clark, Philip.  4004 Governor's Square #5, Williamsburg, VA 23188. voice: 757-564-3039, e-mail:  F. Holland Day, history of homoerotic photography, pictorial photography.  12/27/2003 


Clark, Robin.  Phone: 212-921-5553. e-mail: [Ph.D. candidate, art history, CUNY graduate center].  photographs as contemporary relics (in bodies of work as diverse as those of Cristina Garcia Rodero, Christian Boltanski and Rosamund Purcell); mid-to- late19th-century documentary photography of public works projects in France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain and the US as tools of colonization and as nationalist propaganda.  3/25/1996 


Clemente, P.F.  Imagepoint Photography, 72-760 Berkshire Drive, London, Ontario, Canada N6J 4A5, (519) 641-8972, e-mail:  Sports photography, Documentary photography, Advertising  11/15/1995 


Clendaniel, Nancy.  11545 SE 175th St., Renton, WA 98055-5603. voice: 425 277-6507, fax: 425 204-8949, e-mail:  As the Director of Women in Photography International, I am always interested in learning about work that has been done by women photographers from around the world. If anyone has uncovered a particular woman's work, please contact me. We are in the process of compiling an online edition of our quarterly publication: "F2", and would love to incorporate historical aspects of women in the field. See  7/29/2001 


Clifton, Lee.  e-mail:  Restoration of antique photographs: There is a beauty and a depth to antique photographs that is difficult to explain but very obvious. My interest is in restoring that beauty, as close as possible, to its original status. Having done retouching and restoration in lab and studio settings, it would be my pleasure to serve as your restoration artisan.  7/29/2001 


Clumpner, David.  12059 12 NE, SEATTLE, WA 98125. voice: 206 440 3237, fax: 206 440 3237, e-mail:  CLUMPNER PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVES and CLUMPNER ARCHIVES are collectors and marketers of fine, important and candid early 1900s photographic works as well as other ephemera. Our focus is Indian/Native American, Curtis, Western, occupational, military and candid character study. CLUMPNER ARCHIVES purchases, sells and leases the physical as well as the digital images. CORBIS CORP is one of our clients. Our web page is:  4/17/1999 


Cobby S.  10 west street, rottingdean Brighton, e, sussex. home phone: o7977 732880, affiliation: Blackpool and the Fyle collage, institutional address: Palatine road blackpool, email:  Photography as Information. Ways of interpreting information, different practices, the popularity of information, Photo info overload  2/6/1999 


Cole, Cynthia D.  P.O. Box 739 Columbus NC 28722-0739. affiliation: Johnson C. Smith University, McCrorey Hall, 100 Beatties Ford Rd., Charlotte, NC 28216, business phone: 704/378-1179, email:  Women, African-Americans, narrative, surrealistic  3/6/2005 


Coleman, David.  Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin, P.O. Box 7219, Austin, TX 78713-7219, voice: (512) 471-9124, fax: (512) 471-2899, e-mail:  19th century photography  12/27/1996 


Colucci, Dan.  82 Bick Kiln Rd. Apt # 5306, Chelmsford, MA 01824. Phone: 617-790-4915, e-mail:  I am a serious amd knowledgable collector of ANTIQUE CAMERAS and early photographica. I maintain a very large web site devoted to Antique & Classic Cameras at My speciality is pre 1900, American made, wood & brass cameras  7/1/1997 


Conger, Amy.  1040 Central #11, Riverside, CA 92507. home phone: 909.686.8215. institutional address: P.O. 3230, Telluride, CO 81435, business phone: 970.728.4358. fax: same as phone #s, email:  Edward Weston, Tina Modotti, California, Latin America, FSA, stereos.  4/27/2003 


Conway, James M.  618 Main Street, Oregon City, OR 97045. voice: (503) 227-1164, e-mail:  Photo conservator with 50 years in photography. In private practice working for the public in all phases of conservation with the emphasis on disaster recovery.  2/1/1999 


Corcy, Marie-Sophie.  Musée des arts et métiers 292 rue St-Martin, France. voice: 0153018271, fax: 0153018235, e-mail:  Techniques photographiques, applications de la photographie  8/19/2003 


Cordova, Carlos.  San Francisco 45, Coyoacan, Mexico City, 04000. voice: (525) 549 2949, fax: (525) 574 2415, e-mail:  Mexican image historian & curator. Recently published "Arqueologia de la imagen. Mexico en las vistas estereoscopicas", a small contribution to understand visual experience in the XIX century. Now working on a large research project about the Mexican carte de visite, beautiful small worlds, preparing to exhibit in historial museums.  4/17/2001 


Cotner, J. Charles.  4800 West Lovers Lane #314, Dallas, Texas 75209. e-mail:  Interests are primarily 20th century photography from the 1920's-present as well as aesthetic and critical theory. Special concentration is European photography of the 1930's and 1940's.  2/6/1999 


Cotten, Jerry W.  North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, CB 3934 Wilson Library, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514-8890. voice: 919-962-7992, e-mail:  Bayard Wootten, North Carolina photography, women photographers, and pictorial photography through 1945.  8/20/1997 


Cox, Robert.  William L. Clements Library, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48109- 1190. voice: 313-764-2347, fax: 313-647-0716, e-mail:  19th century photography, cultural implications of spirit photography; photography, technology and emotion; Eadweard Muybridge  3/26/1997 


Craig, John S.  P.O. Box 1637, Torrington, CT 06790. home phone: 860-496-9791, Web URL:  U.S. Photographers and allied professions 1839-1860; and Connecticut photographers and images, 18390-1900. Compiler, publisher of CRAIG'S DAGUERREIAN REGISTRY (Revised Edition, 2003), a directory of more than 9,400 participants in U.S. photography during the daguerreian period, 1839-1860. Includes biogaphical information, active dates, as well as cross-reference by state and city, including employes, partnerships.  12/10/2003 


Creswell Library Services.  Euston Hse, 21 Soulbury Road, Linslade, Bedfordshire, GB. voice: +44 1525 852242, fax: +44 1525 851002, e-mail:  Principally we are a library of motion picture, video and photographic materials with collections represented from the former Soviet Union. These include still photographs from the 1850's to the late 1980's.  11/12/1996 


Crist, Paul LeRoy.  Post Office Box 980122, Houston, TX 77098-0122. voice: 713-460-9800, fax: 713-460-9801, e-mail:  Photography and the Geographical Imagination with a specifc concentration in mass-circulation of immagery to spur travel and exploration; the exploration of race and gender in the production and consumption of photographic imagery; the use of photographs or other images as primary sources for historical research on issues of race, ethnicity, and anthropolgy and the urge to discover and explore; history of photography by the American Geographical Societ, National Geographic Society and similar national entities in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; circum-Pacific gold-rush photography; management and indexing of photographic archives for historical research; photographic meaning in functional and documentary context; collection and organization for future academic research by full-time or freelance National Geographic Photographers; as a side-line to the general photographic interest, I am an intense collector of all National Geographic publications, videos, filmstrips and related ephemera  2/14/2004 


Cruz, Ismael  Ave. España # 120, San Salvador. voice: (503) 235-5063, e-mail:  Me gustaria conocer las fotografias historicas de la revolucion sandinista en nicaragua.  6/4/2004 


Csillag, Ilonka  Casilla 14 Correo Lampa, Santiago. voice: 562 8421380, fax: 562 8421317, e-mail:  XIX century photography from Chile and Latinoamerica. Looking for the early Valparaíso Daguerrotypes  6/2/2002 


Cuarterolo, Mirta & Miguel.  Diaz Velez 5268 1ero 3, Buenos Aires, Argentina. voice: (5411) 4982-9221, e-mail:  Photohistorian. Especially history of photography in Latin America in the 19th century. We have records of many European and American photographers and daguerreotipists active in Latin America 1840-1890. Co-author of "Los Años del Daguerrotipo, primeras fotografias argentinas 1840-1870" and author of "Soldados de la Memoria. Hombres e imágenes de la Guerra del Paraguay" Member of the board of the Congress of History of Photography in Argentina. See our web page  9/3/2001 


Cubby, David.  27 Eltham Street, Gladesville, NSW, 2111. voice: +61 2 9772 6245, fax: +61 2 9772 3244, e-mail:  Senior Lecturer in Photography at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. Doctoral Thesis titled "Photography: The Dominant Aesthetic". For example, how photography intersects Notions of Beauty/Desirability. Interested in critical histories of photography, prior to but particularly through the twentieth century also Photography and Modernism.  6/30/2000 


Culme, John.  Scottsdale, Arizona. fax: 602-481-9454, e-mail:  Any aspect of photography as it relates to the theatre and popular entertainment, 1840s to 1920s. Portraits, play scenes, MSS and printed references, &c., &c. Please visit my Web site ("Footlight Notes"),  2/5/1999 


Curr, Lyle.  12 Tucker St Breakwater ic Vic. 3219. fax: 61 3 52213445, e-mail:  I have been a collector of Kodak cameras and ephemera for over over 30 years.So naturally my speciality is the Kodak organization,particularly here in Australia. But I am particularly interested in the hardware associated with snapshot photograph from other manufacturers as well.  3/4/2000 


Curran, Thomas E.  736 Myra Way, San Francisco, CA 94127. voice: 415-333-7615, fax: 415-333-7715, e-mail:  19th Century photography and photographers of the American West; Group f64; Current California and Western American photography and photographers.  1/1/2001 


D'Addario, John.  e-mail:  19th century chronophotography (Muybridge in the United States, Marey in France) and its relationship to 19th century visual culture (painting, advertising, etc.)  5/13/1996 


Dafis, Lyn.  Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru : National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, SY23 3BU, WALES. voice: +44 1970 623816, fax: +44 1970 615709, e-mail:  Studio photography in Wales, ca.1860-ca.1900, Work of Welsh photographer John Thomas (1838-1905), Work of Wales-based photographer C S Allen (1831- 97), Commerical photographers' representation of Wales, ca.1860- ca.1900, Photography and national consciousness in Wales, ca.1860- ca.1900  9/9/1996 


Dahlberg, Laurie.  Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504. e-mail:  dissertation: Victor Regnault, Louis Robert, and Photography at the Manufacture Imperiale de Ceramique de Sevres, 1850-1860. Expect to defend spring, 1998, Princeton University.  3/7/1998 


Daneman, Andrew.  Aakandevej 5, DK-2700 Bronshoj Denmark. voice: (+45) 3860 5942, fax: (+45) 3881 5941, e-mail:  I research and collect Danish 19th & 20th century photography. Discovered Mary Willumsen (1884-1961) who specialized in female nudes in the period 1915-1922. Visit: and pick a free sample of her work. I research and collect American Tintypes and buy, sell and trade other types of photographic images  12/15/1996 


Daniel, Malcolm.  Metropolitan Museum of Art - Dept. of Photographs, New York, NY 10028-0198. voice: (212) 570-3889, fax: (212) 570-3971, e-mail:  Nineteenth-century French and British photography including Edouard Baldus, Eugene Cuvelier, Edgar Degas, Henry Talbot, Hill and Adamson, B. B. Turner, Roger Fenton, Julia Margaret Cameron.  6/4/2004 


Daniels, Elizabeth L.  Brown University, PO Box 6299, Providence, RI, 02912. Phone:(401) 454-3554, e-mail:  documentary-art photography and its place in the history of art, role of artist as a curator of photographs  1/31/1996 


Danilowitz, Brenda.  435 Oakview Drive, Orange, CT 06477 voice: (home) (203) 799 3979, (work) (203) 795 5525, fax: (203) 7998389, e-mail:  Photography in Southern Africa 1900- 1950, Bauhaus (and related) Photography, Women Photographers 1900-1950  12/27/1996 


Davey, Gerald J.  3223 Howard, apt. 37, San Antonio, TX 78212. voice: 210-736-8153, fax: 210-736-8355, e-mail:  Documentary photography, still, video and film; FSA photography, particularly the work of Russell Lee; photographic theory; aesthetics; philosophy, ontology and interpretation (hermeneutics), visual communication  2/5/1997 


Davidhazy, Andrew.  Rochester Institute of Technology, 70 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY 14623. Phone:(716) 475-2592. Fax:(716) 475-5804. e-mail:  Panoramic photography and related applications such as peripheral, photofinish and aerial.  10/16/1995 


Davies, John.  PO Box 133, Evans Head. NSW, 2473, Australia. Phone +61 (0)2 66825523 email:  Nineteenth century photography and its importance to colonisation. The influence of the early photographic processes on the content of the photograph  10/22/2006 


Davies, Stephen.  Department of History, Malaspina College, 900 Fifth St., Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 5S5. voice: (250)753-3245 x2131, fax: (250) 741-2667, e-mail:  The tourist as photographer in the late 19th/early 20th century; mass marketing of photography in the late 19th/early 20th century; photography and the late 19th/early 20th century cityscape; the photograph as a source for historians  12/15/1996 


Davis, Anthony.  P.O.Box 8935, Universal City, CA 91618. voice: (818) 762 3540, fax: (818) 762 2503, e-mail:  My interest is mainly 19th century images, especially daguerreotypes. I produce Antiq-photo a fully illustrated bi-annual catalog of daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and 19th century images for sale (not an auction). I collect fine quality dags, all subjects and Autochromes of anything interesting other than flowers. On May 31st and June 1st, 1997, I am producing a Photographic Symposium at the Burbank Airport Hilton, Burbank, California. This weekend event will start with presentations by well known guest speakers and collectors in all areas of Photographic Collectibles. This will be followed by an auction organized by Pacific Book Auction Galleries. On sunday we will have a Trade Show and Sale. Please contact for further information.  3/26/1997 


Davis, C.C.  3881 NW Chinquapin Pl., Corvallis, OR 97330, e-mail:  I am interested in wetplate methods and formulas of 19th century photographers, especially those who produced mammoth plate images.  11/22/1996 


Davis, Lynn Ann.  Preservation Department, Hamilton Library, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2550 The Mall, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822. voice: (808) 956-8539, fax: (808) 956-5968, e-mail:  Social history of photography in Hawaii and the Pacific prior to 1945; compiling a directory of photographers who worked in Hawaii 1845-1945.  2/5/1997 


Davis, Melody D.  24 Childsworth Avenue, Bernardsville, NJ 07924. voice: 908-630-0572, fax: 908-630-0579, e-mail:  Gender studies and history of photography, the male nude, feminist studies, historical stereography. Currently working on a dissertation on women in narrative stereography. Past projects include the male nude, Lee Miller, Florence Henri, Charles Sheeler, and George Platt Lynes.  4/17/1999 


Davison, David H.  69b Heather Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, voice: 353 1 2950799, e-mail:  photography pre 1860, J. H. Lartigue  1/22/1997 


Dawson, Michael.  Dawson's Book Shop 535 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90004, Phone:(213) 469-2186, Fax:(213) 469-9553, e-mail:  California Photography: 1840 to the Present, with particular emphasis on Southern California. Interests include both commercial and fine art photography. Also interested in photographically illustrated books of the 19th century with particular interest in those books dealing with the American West.  1/9/1996 


Dayton, Nathan.  13603 Barnet La. #12, Laurel, MD 20708. voice: 301-776-9906, e-mail:  Soviet Cameras (production models only) see Praktisix and Pentacon Six cameras and accessories  12/31/2000 


Dbeerst, Xavier.  Doorniksesteenweg 190, B-8500 Kortrijk -BELGIUM. voice: 0032 56 21 54 16, , e-mail:,  Virtual Photographic Gallery, Pictorialism, gumprinting, historical processes, history 1880-1914  12/23/1998 


de Abreu Gomes, Ana Lucia.  Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Rua Domingues de Sa 455/201, Icarai, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Phone: +55(021)714-99-08 Phone: +55(021)611-15-94 e-mail:  XIX century, foreign photographers in Brazil, especially Benjamin Mulock e G. Gaensly.  11/9/1997 


de Castro, Alfonso  4 de Agosto 2, Zaragoza. voice: 34 976290654, fax: 34 976290654, e-mail:  General history of photography with stress in Avantgarde photography, History of Technology of Photography and Documental Photography; but I'm interested too in Spanish Photography, Prehistory and origins of photography, contemporary art photography, History of Photography in Spain and Theory and criticism.  6/2/2002 


de Groot, Adri.  8825 First Ave., Silver Spring e-mail:  Panoramic and wide field cameras, old and new, panoramic photography. Home made and rare cameras.  2/27/1997 


De Polo, Andrea.  Largo Alinari 15, Firenze, Italy, 50123. voice: +39-055-2395201, fax: +39-055-2382857, e-mail: ANDREA@ALINARI.IT  Alinari Photo Archives is the oldest photo archive in activity today. The Italian archive holds over 3 million vintage images from all over the world. Alinari includes a Picture Library, a Conservation lab, a Digital lab, a Fine-Art Printing Dept, an Exhibition space and a Museum about the History of Photography. My area of interest includes 19th and 20 century fine-art photography, digital watermarking, photographic conservation. Please visit our site  2/6/1999 


Debeerst, Xavier.  Houtmarkt, 21, Kortrijk, Belgium. voice: + 32 56 20 45 25, fax: + 32 56 20 44 25, e-mail:  Photography Gallery. 19th & 20th century, vintage prints, books & magazines. Travel photographs (Sebah, Bonfils...) & 20th century pictorialism & modernism (Misonne, Marissiaux, Kessels,..). The Gallery is open on Fridays from 16h to 20h and on Saturdays from 9h to 13h.  11/8/2000 


Degen, Frank.  69 Van Doren Ave., Somerset, NJ 08873. e-mail:  A collector dealer in the field of antique photography on all countries, states and subjects.My web page is  4/17/1999 


DeGenaro, Steve.  PO Box 5335, Poland, OH, 44514, voice: 330-757-7735 fax: 330-757-7838, e-mail:  Interested in any references to postmortem photography, including advertising by photographers, guides to taking postmortem photos, letters mentioning the practice, etc. Also, looking for nicer examples of the genre, POSTMORTEM PHOTOGRAPHY, MOURNING PHOTOS, MEMORIAL TRIBUTES, etc. Feel free to email or call anytime.  12/31/2000 


Dejardin, Fiona.  105 Main, Schenevus, NY 12155. voice: 607-638- 9211, e-mail:  Documentary photography especially American photography of the 1930s and 1940s. Specialty includes: The Photo League; women photographers and critics including Barbara Morgan, Elizabeth McCausland and Berenice Abbott  12/15/1996 


Delaney, Michelle Anne.  Museum Specialist/Collections Manager, Photographic History Collection, MRC 635, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC 20560. Tel. 202/357-2059, FAX 202/357-4256, e-mail:  19th century photography, pictorialism, early color photography, Washingtoniana and Washington, DC photographers  3/7/1998 


Delany, Paul.  3478 West 35th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6N 2N2. voice: 604 264 9980, fax: 604 264 9904, e-mail:  I am writing a biography of Bill Brandt.  6/17/1997 


DeLorme, Maureen.  e-mail:  Collector of all things related to Victorian death/mourning philosophy, customs, and art -- including, of course, postmortem images. Would be interested in hearing from anyone selling postmortem images, or discussing same.  7/20/1998 


Demerin, Nicole.  PO Box 20119, Columbus Circle Station, New York, NY 10023-9991. voice: 212-237-8264, fax: 212-237-8221, e-mail:  photography and symbolism, photography and the pre-raphaelites, the femme fatale in photography, the photo-succession, the linked ring, pictorialism, women photgraphers in these movements, and anything else that relates to photography/art at the 19th century fin-de-siecle.  7/20/1998 


Derenthal, Ludger.  Kunstgeschichtliches Institut, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, 44803 Bochum, Germany. voice: ++49(0)234-32-24739, fax: ++49(0)234-32-14450, e-mail:  German photography in the 20th century, esp. postwar photography in both parts of the country. Dada, Surrealism and photography.  3/4/2000 


Dermer, Rachelle A.  67 Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130. voice: 617.983.1998, e-mail:  medicine and photography; theory and criticism  2/28/1997 


Devine, Laurie.  Arizona State Archives, 1700 West Washington, Phoenix AZ 85007. voice: 602-542-4035,  Arizona and Southwest history, historical photographic processes.  3/7/1998 


Devos, John. W&K  Narafi College, 75, V. Rousseauav. B1190 Brussels Belgium. voice: 32 (0)2 340 10 20, fax: 32 (0)2 340 10 21, e-mail: institutional: private:  Teaches history of photography. Spec. interest: historiography, 20th c Europe esp. 20s & 30s in Belgium, France, Netherlands & Germany.  3/1/2000 


DeWitt, Jerry.  2104 Agronomy, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011. voice: 515 294 1923, fax: 515 294 9985, e-mail:  Interested in photography past and present relating to documenting indigenous knowledge and sustainable agriculture systems. Interests in US agriculture, Russia, Sweden and Costa Rica.  6/17/1997 


Dey, Richard.  313 N Main, Natick MA 01760. e-mail:  Gay men in the technological (chemistry and optics particularly) and artistic development of photographic processes, e.g., George Eastman. Affiliations: International Homophilics Institute (IHI); The Encyclopedia Homophilica (TEH); Directory of Gay Photographers (DGP); South Bank University (SBU), London.  4/17/1999 


di Crescenzo, Raffaele  via balzico, salerno, italia. voice: 089251526, fax: 089251526, e-mail:  paesaggi  9/3/2001 


DiBello, Patrizia.  Birkbeck College, History of Art dept., 43 Gordon Square, London, U.K., WC1H 0PD. e-mail:  Nineteenth-century photographic albums compiled by women.  7/20/1998 


Dillon, Howard.  P.O. Box 262, Bolinas, Cal. 94924. voice: 415 868 2144, fax: 415 868 1219, e-mail:  Collector of street scenes c.1850-1950; transport,; photographic post- cards; 19thC. military portraits, esp. British. I am currently looking for portraits of Balkan 'types' pre-1920, esp. Montenegrin males in national dress.  2/5/1997 


Djuric, Vidikovac.  Budva, Yugoslavia, 85310. voice: +381 86 55 395, fax: + 3818655395, e-mail:  History and anything connected with portrait photography  12/31/2000 


Djuric-Djordjevic, Maja  Slovenska obala 6, 85310, Budva, Montenegro, Yugoslavia. voice: 00381 86 455395, fax: 00381 86 455395, e-mail: ifcg@cg.yu  My interest in the history of photography is mainly about portraits. I graduated history of art in Belgrade , but postrgraduated studies finisher on Central european university in Prague with a theme portrait in photograpy in Yugoslavia after 1945. President of Institute of photography in Montenegro, so my main interest, except portraits, is history of photography in Montenegro and anything conected with it.  12/27/2003 


Dobson, Sebastian.  Voice: 020 7373 4876  I am an expert in Japanese photography during the nineteenth century, with a particular interest in early Western photographers active in Japan before and immediately after the Meiji Restoration of 1868, including Felice Beato, Antoine Fauchery, Paul Champion, Charles Leander Weed, Wilhelm Burger and Baron Raimund von Stillfried. Published articles include an appraisal of Beato\'s Japanese work and examinations of the pioneering work of the amateur naval photographers Frederick William Sutton and Swinton Holland in Japan during the period 1866-1871. I am also Honorary Librarian of the Japan Society, and am completing the first comprehensive catalogue of the society\'s collection of Japanese photographs.  3/5/2005 


Dodd, Jerri.  Box 450, Warwick, NY 10990. voice: 914-651-2209, fax: 914-651-1233, e-mail:  Doing research and appraisals in all areas of photography. We buy one piece or entire collections. Also, photography books, CDV's, Stereo Cards, Signed photos by noted photographers.  3/7/1998 


Doeren, Dick.  107 Smith Av., Oconto WI 54153. voice: 920 834 4494, fax: 920 834 4494 e-mail:  Abraham Lincoln Photographs by Alexander Hesler  8/19/2003 


Domínguez, Xevi.  Serrat, 36, Calldetenes. e-mail:  1900-1915 Normandie, Bretagne, Rouen... (people, cars, houses, little villages...).  4/17/1999 


Donatelli, Dave.  211-32120 Peardonvile Rd., Abbotsford BC, V2T6P1, voice: 557-1258. e-mail:  My interests are in the area of the first world war. I do have an old photo album of the first world war. All of the photos are dated from about 1911 to 1917. They were at one time owned by a man in my parents rest home some 20 years ago, and his name was Tommy Byers. He gave me his album before he passed on. He was 93 years old when he passed on. Most of the photos are in relatively good shape. I have taken some copies of the photos with my own camera. Those have also worked out quite well too. If there are any idea on what I could do with the photos in getting them out there please let me know.  6/2/2002 


Donnelly, Karen.  Charles Sturt University PO Box 789 Albury 2640 NSW AUSTRALIA. Phone:+61 60 418836, Fax:+61 60 418973, e-mail:  19th c Photographer Thomas Cleary b.1854 New Zealand d. 1899 Australia, his work included a body of photographs in the Ethnographic/Artistic genre of Australian Aboriginal people. Would welcome any biographical info on Cleary and also similar types of photographs mentioned above from New Zealand made by other photographers  1/31/1996 


Donohue, Robyn.  The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, 2000. voice: +61 02 9225 1853, fax: +61 02 9225 1874, e-mail:  Main area of interest lies in 20th century Modernism onwards. Particularly interested in Hans Bellmer's photographs of the 'Poupee'(c. 1930's). Also looking at the notion of substitution (copies, reflections, mannequins etc), and subsequent representation in photography. Pictorialism/Pastoralism represented in late 19th century - 1930's Australian and internationally.  3/7/1998 


Donovan, Kevin.  9315 Morrow NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112. Phone: 505.275.8578, Fax: 505.275.7642, e-mail:  Autochromes, Photo-Secession  10/25/1995 


Dopico, Cancela.  Maestranza 2, Pontevedra, España, 15300. e-mail:  Surrealist Photographers.  4/17/1999 


Dorfman, Elsa.  607 Franklin St., Cambridge, MA 02139-2923. Phone: 617-876-6416, Fax:617-492-4925, e-mail:  portraiture, polaroid processes, web pages  12/5/1995 


Dorsch, Klaus-Dieter, Dr.  c/o Universitaetsbibliothek Siegen, D-57068 Siegen, West Germany, voice: 0271 / 740-4273, fax: 0271 / 740-4279, e-mail:  Classical and early christian archaeology (especially Roman mosaics, Roman paintings, art in the Roman catacombs); history of photography in Rome in the sixties and seventies of the last century (i.e. John Henry Parker, Carlo Baldassarre Simelli, Charles Smeaton, Filippo Lais, Giovanni Battista Colamedici, Francesco Sidoli) connected # with Roman archaeology (vide supra).  2/5/1999 


Doyle, Daniel.  Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, PA 17756. voice: 570.326.3761, e-mail:  photography and its use in propaganda  9/3/2001 


Driver, Julia.  Department of Philosophy, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755. Email:  I am interested in early women photographers, 1840-1870. I am particularly interested in early female daguerrian artists.  9/3/2001 


Duerto Riva, Angel.  C/ Bonn 10, 4º D, Zaragoza (SPAIN), voice: 976280467, e-mail:  Specialist in History of the Photogravure and the Photomecanical Process. Specialist Tecnico in Selection of Color. Master of Fotomecanica and Scanner High-end.  5/2/2003 


Duerto y Riva, Angel.  C/ Bonn, 10, Zaragoza (SPAIN). voice: 976280467, e-mail:  History of the photographic technique and the old processes in general. Expert in History of the Photomecanical, Photogravure and photographics techniques of Colors Selection. related to the Graphical Arts and their technological evolution.  6/27/2003 


Dunbar, George.  39 Tralee Ave., Scarborough, ON, Canada. voice: 416-439-3822, e-mail:  History of electronic still cameras. I understand that the first may have been the Sony Mavica Still Video camera of 1981. I'd like to confirm this and discover some of the other early film-less cameras circa 1980-1995. Also want to know when they became known as "digital" still cameras. Searching for the names, makes, specifications and prices of the early products. Also any information as to the names of the inventors of these cameras.  6/30/2000 


Duncan, Zachary S.  phone: 610 873 4867, email:  pin hole cameras  6/2/2002 


Dupraz, Damien.  Le Moulin, Chem de la Fontaine, St. Nazaire les Eymes. voice: 0617118510, e-mail:  Photography in France during the second war. Edouard Belin : (belinographe, CNPP, COSLAP, GNPP,...)  6/30/2000 


Earle, Edward.  Univ. of California, Riverside, CA, 92521, 909 787 4787, 909 787 4797, e-mail:  Photography and American cultural history. Media studies looking at photography in relation to halftone reproduction and electronic dissemination.  7/7/1996 


Eberhart, Karin.  4109 Sumter Square, Ft. Collins, CO 80525. voice: 970-223-3349, e-mail:  I am a local historian, conservation specialist, & teacher with primary interests in personal photograph, memorabilia, & history preservation. I'm also interested in historical photographs of the Ft. Collins/Larimer County area. I teach classes on basic collections care, photo & memorabilia preservation, and documenting local history.  8/13/1997 


Ebury, Francis  PO Box 466 Mt. Macedon Victoria 3441 Australia. home phone: 61 418 344 659, affiliation: University of Melbourne, web url: email:  Early wild life photography, Early Dallmeyer tele-photo lenses, Early twentieth century record photography, Arthur Elliott, South African Pictorialist, Early tourism photography, especially in brochures  10/21/2002 


Eggink, Henk.  Karthuizerstraat 54, 6824 KD Arnhem Netherlands. voice: +31 (0)26 3612615, fax: +31263614769, e-mail:  As working on the City of Arnhem I'm interesed in 19 and 20 century pictures from Arnhem NL, especially photos and films made by Germans during the Battle of Arnhem 1944  9/3/2001 


Eisinger, Joel.  Art History, Division of Humanities, University of Minnesota, Morris, Morris, MN 56267. Phone: (320) 589-6096, e-mail:  Photography and race; American criticism of photography; Henry Holmes Smith.  3/15/1996 


Elenbaas, Tom.  1370 N. Brea Blvd. Suite 235, Fullerton, CA 92835. voice: (714)871-2843, fax: (714)871-7142, e-mail:  I am a collector and dealer of Daguerreian era images and Union and other Daguerreian cases. I have also written several database cataloging programs for collectors of photographic images and Daguerreian cases. I maintain a web site at where the software programs are available for purchase.  1/1/2001 


Elliott, Alan.  334 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne, Vic., Australia. voice: (03)96901691, e-mail:  19th century photographers active in Australia especially Walter Woodbury, Ludovico Hart, Davis or Davies, Spencer and any photographs by these workers. Also interested in Woodburytype reproductions and the history of the process and in daguerrotypes and ambrotypes taken in Australia.  2/5/1997 


Emiloff, Assen  hristo 23a, Sofia. voice: +35998923073, e-mail:  I am writing my diploma work in National Academy of Theater and Film Arts specialty Art and Applied Photography and my theme is \"The sequences in photography\" and I want to know all for the sequences from Myubridge to this time. I well be very thankful if I receive some kind of information about my theme.  11/25/2003 


Emm, Joan.  PO Box 2465, Fort Bragg, CA. 95437. fax: (707) 964 -7265, email:  history and biography of women photographers  2/6/1999 


Engeman, Richard H.  Oregon Historical Society, 1200 SW Park Avenue, Portland OR 97205. voice: 503-306-5247, fax: 503-219-2040, e-mail:  U. S. Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and Yukon(Canada)photographers; 19th-century Oregon landscape and townscape photographs.  4/17/1999 


Erdogdu, Ayshe.  2300 W Alabama #86, Houston, TX 77098. voice: 713-521-9702, fax: 713-521-1634, e-mail:  (University of Texas, 1989) Research in representational strategies in the photography of the Other. Framing Alterity (forthcoming).  2/6/1999 


Erickson, Bruce T.  1315 Kaweloka St., Pear City, HI 96782. voice: 808-455-1626, e-mail:  19c photography in Hawaii and Pacific Rim countries, especially daguerreotypists. Information on Fernando Lebleux; Hugo Stangenwald; Benajah J. Antrim; Jules Itier; Eliphalet Brown.  3/4/2000 


Erlandsen, Roger.  Johannes Brunsgt. 8, 0452 Oslo. voice: +47 22 60 30 45, fax: +47 22 94 04 04, e-mail:  History of photography in Norway up to 1940 with emphasis on daguerreotype, portrait, landscape, amateur, demography, economic and organisation. Author of "The first 100 Years. The History of Photography in Norway 1840-1940" (InterView, Larvik 2000).  6/30/2000 


Erwood, Guy.  The Manse, Old Main Road, Fleet Hargate, Lincolnshire PE12 8LL. fax: 01406 422191, e-mail:  I am interested in tracing locations of Talbot's 'Some Account of the Art of Photogenic Drawing' of February 1839, and their provenance (not reprints or summaries in learned journals of the time). I have established that 250 copies were printed, with six proofs. Details of any correspondence relating to this document (the first separately printed item on photography) also of interest.  6/2/2002 


Esau, Erika.  School of Humanities, Australian National University, Canberra, AC T. voice: 61 2 6125 4142, fax: 61 2 6125 4490, e-mail:  Early Australian photography; comparative studies of Australia and the American West; California photography.  9/3/2001 


Estébanez, Consuegra Manuel.  Colón 19 B 4º dcha Novelda(Alicante) SPAIN.03660 voice: 34+6+5601370, fax: 34+6+5601370, e-mail:  Alternative phtographic books(19th cen. to 1930)and photographic images(19th cen.) preferably Dags.& Ambrotypes.  4/22/1997 


Evans, Kate.  University of Technology, Sydney. Post: Humanities, University of Technology, Sydney, PO Box 123 Broadway NSW 2007 Australia. Phone: Australia (02) 951 1420 e-mail: OR e-mail:  My PhD thesis is a cultural history of press photography in Australia, approaching press photography and journalism as cultural practice. The photographers themselves, their memories and self-representation, combined with visual analysis, provides the core of the work. I am particularly interested in those photographers who define themselves as 'ordinary' press photographers and not as 'photojournalists'. Analytically, I am interested in the spaces and shadows around and between the narratives associated with these two types of pictorial journalism. I also teach in the areas of popular history and visual history; and am a researcher for a TV history, which necessarily involves photographic research  8/30/1996 


Evans, Keith  46 Talbot Road, Wrexham, LL13 7DY. voice: 01978 351946, e-mail:  European Folding Rollfilm Cameras, Non Leica Rangefinders  3/6/2005 


Evers, Ingrid M. H.  Sauterneslaan 41c, 6213 ES Maastricht. The Netherlands. e-mail:  Independent historian, from 1996 onwards also interested in the Introduction and History of Photography in the Province Limburg, 1842-ca. 1920, with special focus on the city of Maastricht and including the German and Belgian border regions. Lectures and writes on the subject.  9/1/2006 


Ewbank, Lynn.  Photo archivist, Arkansas History Commission, One Capitol Mall, Little Rock, AR 72201. Phone: (501)682-6896. E-mail: or  anything related to Arkansas including, but not limited to, its people, places, photographers, and subjects. Time period of interest spans from the first daguerreotypist (C. P. Moore of Philidelphia) that came through Arkansas in July 1842, up to the present. Visit the Arkansas History Commission online at  12/12/1997 


Ewer. Gary W.  790 Washington Street #1110, Denver, CO 80203. voice: 720-838-5495, e-mail:  All facets of the daguerreotype: history, art, and science. I actively pursue original source materials for research and am attempting to assemble the more obscure materials (outside of the usual photographic journal texts) with the intent of making the texts available via the internet. Also active as a collector, especially daguerreian ephemera.  10/22/2006 


Falieri, Cleber.  rua Paulo Afonso 152/502 - Sto Antonio, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, 30350-060. voice: XX-31-2960174, e-mail:  Pinhole photography and alternative process  3/4/2000 


Falvo, Alfredo.  92 Morning Side Ave., New York, N.Y. voice: (212)865-6943, e-mail:  Italian photographers of 19th century.  3/4/2000 


Fanning, Patricia J.  145 Walpole St., Norwood, MA 02062. Telephone: 617-762-4143  F. Holland Day--organizing a symposium on Day in April 1997; contact for details  10/23/1996 


Fardon, George.  34B High Street, Alcester, Warks. voice: +44 789 764903, fax: +44 789 400692, e-mail:  I am researching the life and work of George Robinson Fardon who worked as a photographer in San Francisco during the 1850s  3/4/2000 


Farrell, Andrew.  Chicago Il 60622. e-mail:  I am interested in writings on self portraiture both by artists and social critics. I am researching self portraiture for a project I am working on in my spare time.  4/22/1997 


Fayer, Stan.  Rd 1 Sooy Place RD., Vincentown N.J. 08088 e-mail:  All fields, collection of old equipment, old photographs of people and architecture, forensic or crime photos as this is what I now do for a living  4/22/1997 


Feargrieve, Terry.  2-25 Legend Garden Villas, Beijing. e-mail:  I am seeking pre 1900 photographs of China, (research for book). Any help appreciated.  5/7/2003 


Fearne, Donna , phone 0354232195 (+61 3 54232195)  I have been researching a particular photographer for the last decade or so. His name is William Fearne who worked from the 1850's through to 1898 or so with a brief gap for farming in the middle. As a result of this research I am also collecting information on photographers in the Riverina area in Australia. William worked chiefly in NSW. Often the CDV's at least were sent overseas as momentos of how 'wonderfully' the colonials were doing so examples of his work and other riverina work could really pop up anywhere.  10/22/2006 


Ferrari, Roberto A.  San Lorenzo 1555, (1636) OLIVOS, Prov. de Buenos Aires. ARGENTINA. e-mail: phone (54 11) 5788-5025 fax (54 11) 4794-5025  XIX century science images; processes and photographers in Argentina. Latinamerican salt prints. Photographically illustrated books.  9/1/2006 


Ferreira, Martins.  Rua Augusto Lessa, 669 - 4.Dto., home phone: 351 225 029 207. affiliation: University of Porto. FEUP / DEEC - Rua dos Bragas - 4050-123 Porto - PORTUGAL. business phone: 351 222 041 748, fax: 351 222 003 610. web url: email:  19th century, particularly in relation to the history of photography in Portugal.  6/30/2000 


Field, Scott,  President, The Parkinson Archives, L.L.C. 3616 Far West Blvd. Suite 101, Austin, TX 78731. voice: 512. 450. 1335, fax: 512. 450. 1336, e-mail:  Southern California Historical Architecture designed by the Parkinson architectural firm of Los Angeles 1894-1960  2/28/1997 


Fila, Janusz.  ul.Neseberska3,m.56 02-758 Warszawa POLAND. home phone: (+48)501742257. affiliation: member of the Union of Polish Art Photographers, fax: (+4822)6205393, web url: email:  I will very much appreciate Your help in establishing the author of a series of portraits of Japanese and views of Otsu, Yokohama and Kobe dating from the end of the 19th century. The pictures may be viewed at They were scanned from original hand coloured albumen prints- 21x26cm.  6/10/1999 


Fillin-Yeh, Susan.  Anne & John Hauberg Director, Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland, OR 97202-8199, voice: 503 771-1112 x 7251, fax 503 777-7798, e-mail:     10/23/1996 


Fischer, Inge M.  171 East 84th Street, New York, NY 10028. Phone:212-327-0157, Fax:212-717-6603, e-mail:  Daguerreotype photography, Mexican photographers of the early and first half of the 20th century  11/1/1995 


Fisher, Meredith.  Marlborough Chelsea, 211 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011. e-mail:  20th century American photography; WPA-era Federal funding for art photography.  4/17/1999 


Fitzpatrick, Orla.  49 Oxmantown Road, Dublin. voice: (01) 868 1947, e-mail:  Librarian and a Researcher for the Women's History Project, Dublin, Ireland. Researching M.Lit. by thesis only at Trinity College Dublin on women and photography in Ireland, 1860 to 1920. Particularly interested in albums, family photography, studio practices and women who worked in them. How photographs were exchanged between emigrants and family at home. At the moment examining photography in the Dublin International Exhibition and other Irish exhibitions from 1860s.  12/31/2000 


Fleming, Paula Richardson.  7809 Heritage Drive, Annandale, Va. 22003. email:,  19th century ethnographic photography especially North American Indian. Also photography of Washington, D. C. 1840s-1880s; stereophotography.  5/1/2005 


Fleming, William G.  P.O. Box 2077 or 32 Cove,s End Lane, Sag Harbor, NY. voice: 631 725 4503, fax: same, e-mail:  Civil War photographs, Crimean War photographs  6/1/2002 


Fletcher, Stephen  Wilson Library CB 3930, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514-8890. voice: 919-962-7992, fax: 919-843-0418, e-mail:  Professional interest focuses on photography in North Carolina. Personal interests are much broader and include particular interests in panoramic, pinhole, 19th and early 20th century, and commercial through the 1950s. I\'m also an artistic photographer with work available for viewing at  6/4/2004 


Fletes, Juan Carlos.  14624 tynewick terrace, silver spring Md 20906. voice: 301 598 0922, e-mail:  nicaragua history , indian and ancestor of nicaragua, also photographic scenery of nicagua and all tropical areas of latin america  2/28/1997 


Flottman, Rex.  915 Main Street, Winfield, Kansas 67156. voice: 316-221-2547, fax: 316-221-2547, e-mail:  I am a full time professional photographer, working with the Cowley County (KS) Historical Society to research early photographers in this county.  9/17/1997 


Flukinger, Roy.  Box 7219, The Univ. of Texas, Austin, Texas 78713. voice: (512) 471-9124, fax: (512) 471-2899, e-mail:  Senior Curator of Photography & Film, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin. / Interests include all regional, national, international & intergalactic aspects of photography and its history, from prephotography up to the present day. / All dimensions of the medium are of interest, including: aesthetics, cultural, technical, scientific, photojournalism, genre, and of course the historical. Particular emphasis is given to the study of the medium's continuing significance and influence in all dimensions of the arts and humanities. Holdings range from the Gernsheim Collection through individual works and large archives of historic and contemporary photographers.  11/20/1996 


Flynn, Catherine.  PO Box 5333, Columbia, SC 29250. e-mail:  Women In Early Filmmaking, 1900-1950  12/15/1996 


Flynn, Marcy L.  Silver Image Management, 8016 E. Paraiso Drive, Scottsdale, AZ. 85255. voice: 480-585-8289, fax: 480-419-4028, e-mail:  Newspaper photojournalism; 19th century photo journals; western geological survey expeditions and photography.  6/30/2000 


Fogarasi Klara dr.  12th Kossuth Square, Budapest, Hungary H-1221. voice: (36) 1-332-6340/158, e-mail:  Ethnographical photohistory, backgrounds and equipments of the studios from the begining and from every continents. My homepage is in the, Hungarian Ethnographic Museum  8/12/1997 


Fontanella, Lee.  Head, Humanities and Arts, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 100 Institute Rd., Worcester, MA 01609. Off. tel. 508-831- 5246, e-mail:  General history of photography; specialty in photography in Spain  12/11/1995 


Foster, William A.  62-Riverside Drive. HAMBLETON-Lancs.FY69EB.United Kingdom. home phone: 01253-702512, affiliation: R.P.S. web url: email:  Half century of experience in Oil and Bromoil printing and the Gum Dichromate process,much working use experience in palladium,platinum,kallitype,cyanotype printing.Gallery on website. Always interested to talk to ALT process enthusiasts on their or my experience.  12/31/2000 


Foster-Rice, Greg.  Columbia College Chicago, Suite 1200, 600 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605. voice: 312-344-8519, fax: 312-344-8068, e-mail:  History of Photography and American Art (19th Century to present) with a special interests in issues of race and representation and the role of landscape representations in reflecting/shaping our relationship to ideas of land, space, and place. I have published an article titled \"The Visual Construction of Whiteness in the Photographs of Doris Ulmann\" in The Annals of Scholarship: Art Practices and the Human Sciences in a Global Culture, Volume 14, Number 1, Spring 2000. I am currently revising my dissertation for publication as a book tentatively titled \"The Visuality of Race: The Old Americans and The New Negro in American Art, circa 1925.\" In addition to the survey of the history of photography I have taught special seminars on landscape photography; Robert Frank\'s The Americans; and theory and criticism. I look forward to getting in touch with other scholars working in similar areas of interest.  1/19/2004 


Fournier, Robert.  5871 Christophe-Colomb, Montreal (Quebec) H2S 2G3, Canada, Phone: (514) 276-7693, e-mail:  I am photographer and teacher and have a wide interest in the medium I am working with. My interest to the history of photography is mainly because of my interest to photography.  10/25/1995 


Fraley, David.  Institutional affiliation: Research Historian/the Lotz House Museum. Mailing address:1111 Columbia Ave., Franklin, Tn., 37064. E-mail:  My main area of interest is American War between the States photography, especially any images relating to the battles of Spring Hill, Franklin & Nashville, Tennessee in November & December of 1864, or simply any 19th century images from Tennessee. My other interests include 19th century images (Daguerrotypes, Ambrotypes, Melainotypes, C.D.Vs & Cabinets) of quality landscapes, scenics, military, portraits, nudes, fraternal, etc. I am quickly becoming an obsessive collector and would enjoy hearing from other collectors and enthusiasts.  3/7/1998 


Franco, Quiroz Ricardo. home phone: 01 99 261513, affiliation: comunidad fotografica latinoamericana, institutional address: business phone: 01 99 260971, fax: 01 99 260970, web url: email:  digital history, last decade of the phottography  12/31/2000 


Fredgant, Don.  12900 Lake Ave., #123, Lakewood, OH 44107. voice: 216-228-5270, e-mail:  Collector/researcher/dealer interested in Ohio CDVs and cabinet cards in general, and those from the Cleveland area in particular; have special interest in learning of the professional and biographic backgrounds of the photographers and studio owners or operators responsible for the CDVs and cabinet cards.  4/17/1999 


Friedberg, Michael R.  Suite 2600, 30 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL 60602. Phone: (312) 704-9400, FAX: (312) 372-7951, e-mail:  Collector. Especially interested in Photo-Secession (esp. Stieglitz) and European Work of the 1930's (esp. Kertesz and Cartier-Bresson)  12/15/1996 


Frizziero, Maurizio.  Via De Gaspari 1, Genova, Italy, 16146, voice: 3910365999, fax: 3910364216, e-mail:  I am an Ihagee-Exakta collector, member of EXAKTA CIRCLE and of PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTORS CLUB OF GREAT BRITAIN. I made many interesting pages on this theme at the following address:  7/1/1997 


Frongia, Antonello.  302 Turner Place #3, Ithaca, NY 14850. voice: (607) 277-6053, e-mail:  (Ph.D. candidate, History of architecture and urbanism, Cornell University) Areas of interests: photography and urban visual culture, 19th and early 20th century; photography and the modernization of the 19th century Italian city; the migration of urban images; Jacob A. Riis and Walker Evans; "ambivalent urbanites" in contemporary Italian photography.  3/4/2000 


Frost, Sharon.  Photography Collection, The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints & Photographs, The New York Public Library, 5th Avenue at 42nd Street, NY, NY 10018. Phone:212-930-0837, Fax:212-921-2546, e-mail:  General history of photography, especially documentary. Particular interest in self- portraits.  12/11/1995 


Frost, Susan.  806 Rosedale Terrace, Austin, TX 78704-3159, phone: 512/447-2575, fax: 512-447-2575, web url: email:  Hugo Brehme (Germany 1882 - 1954 Mexico)  6/10/1999 


Fuller, John.  Prof. of Art, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126. Phone 315-341-2111, Fax 341-3394, e-mail:  19th-early 20th Century American and British photography/art. Also Surrealism.  3/25/1996 


Fuller, John.  87 Midlake Circle, E. Syracuse, N.Y. 13057-1308, voice: 315.637-8208, e-mail:  19th, Early 20th Century  6/2/2002 


Fulton, Jack.  San Francisco Art Institute, 800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA, 415/749.4510 x 830, 415/749.4590, e-mail:  Am interested in the whole history per se, am also interested in contemporary history since 1970  7/24/1996 


Furtak,Dan.  3543 S. Ferguson, Springfield, Mo. 65807. voice: 417-887-0009, e-mail:  Images of the Civil War. Images from the states of Missouri//Kansas//Arkansas. Looking for copy of image of Daniel S. Hutchinson, 12 NHVI.and information on him and his son Egbert Hutchinson from Danbury, N.H. Have been interested in CW images since high school. Do several Civil War and militaria shows yearly.  12/12/1997 


Gachuhi, Joseph Tiphy.  PO Box 35391 Nairobi (code 00200) home phone: 0722686397 affiliation: University of Nairobi, institutional address: 35391 Nairobi,fax: 02254243338, email:  history of photography  3/5/2005 


Gamble, Susan  43 Castell House London SE8 4SD. email:  Completing PhD: The Antecedents of the Hologram: aethetics, theories and invenions, 1891-1965  6/2/2002 


Ganz, James A.  Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute, Box 8, Williamstown, MA 01267. voice: 413-458-2303 x361, fax: 413-458-2336 e-mail:  Early French photography; Edouard Baldus; William Bradford.  2/7/2001 


Garland, David P.  532 Magnolia Bend, League City, Tx 77573, Phone:713-332-1310, e-mail:  19th and early 20th century Texas. Transportation (esp. railroad), street scenes, early business interiors.  12/11/1995 


Garner, Gretchen.  1181 Haddon Rd., Columbus, OH 43209. Phone 614-338-1357.  All aspects of 20th-century photography. Author, Disappearing Witness: Change in 20th Century American Photography.  3/7/2005 


Garrett, Graham W.  65 Goodview Rd., #45, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada M2J 2K7. voice: 1 (416) 492-0260, e-mail:  Canadian daguerreotypists and calotypists. I maintain the largest data bank of Canadian daguerreotypists in Canada. Will exchange data with researchers on activity in this field relating to Canada. Please note: Many daguerreotypists who were active in Canada were actually American. Also wrote article entitled 'Canada's First Daguerreian Image', (History of Photography, Linacre College, Oxford, 20:20, Summer 1996, 101-103), the product of research carried out in the 1980s and submitted in 1991 at the request of the NAC. It investigated the life and career of Hugh Lee Pattinson, (1796-1858), a British chemist from Newcastle upon Tyne who arrived in N.A. in 1839 and visited various locales, including Niagara Falls, (Canada), where he took a large number of daguerreotype views during the spring of 1840. Interested in exchanging data on the subject.  1/15/1998 


Gartlan, Luke.  e-mail:  My main area of interest are Central European travel photographers of the nineteenth century. In particular, I have been working for several years on the career of Baron Raimund von Stillfried in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Siam, Austria-Hungary, the Balkans, and Greece, and his circle of contemporary associates in Japan and East Asia (Felice Beato, Wilhelm Burger, Michael Moser, Wilhelm Willmann, Hermann Andersen, Franz von Stillfried, and others).  2/14/2004 


Gasparini, Laura.  via Farini, 3, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 42100 Reggio E. voice: 0522/456.089, fax: 0522/456.081, e-mail:  The Panizzi Library Photographic Collection, born in 1980 with the goal of organizing the historical collections already existing at the Library, has met this need, expanding also gradually towards contemporary photography. The peculiarity of the collection reflects not only a criterion of documentation of local history, but also the history of photography. The photographic patrimony at the Panizzi Library counts 900.000 including daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, albumins, and negative plates. The catalogue of the Photographic Collection is completely computer-based. Pictures can be viewed through an analog video disk, while the originals are kept in an air-conditioned room. Biblioteca Panizzi - Reggio Emilia - Italy http://panizzi/  4/17/1999 


Gassan, Arnold.  6061 N. Panorama Dr., Tucson, AZ 85743. voice: 520-744-3751, e-mail:  psychometrics and photography, photography as projectives, photographic processes theory, photographic criticism.  6/30/2000 


Gasser, Martin, PhD.  Curator and Co-director of the Swiss Foundation of Photography, Zurich. Himmenreichstrasse 37, CH-8570 Weinfelden, Switzerland. phone/fax +41 71 622 75 36, e-mail:  Independent researcher and curator with special interests in historiography of photography, phot. and art/politics, phot. book projects, Switzerland (Robert Frank, Jakob Tuggener, Paul Senn, 1920s and 1930s, 19th cent.), Europe (Albert Renger-Patzsch, Bill Brandt, Heinrich Kuhn, 19th cent. France), USA (Walker Evans, FSA, John Gutmann, Bourke-White, Swiss photographers in the US).  1/1/2001 


Gathany, Bob.  Bob Gathany Photographer, 4951 Century St., Huntsville, AL 35816, Phone:205-895-0495, e-mail: GATHANY@AOL.COM  Southern School of Photography 1904-1928 located at McMinnville, TN, W.S.(Dad) Lively, use of studio skylights  1/9/1996 


Gauzza, Marcus.  52 Clearview Circle, Hopewell, Jct NY 12533. fax: 212-737-2534, e-mail:  Interest in printmaking and photography. Specialize in Russian Avant-Garde and Russian War photography as well as photos with Architectural subject matter. Check out  11/12/1996 


Gendell, Adam.  1847 Larkin St.@Pacific Ave., San Francisco. voice: 1-888-ARTSEAL, e-mail:  Artseal Gallery features Rare & Vintage Photography from the first half of the 20th Century; including Stieglitz's "Camera Work", Clarence H. White School, Salon Photographers, Group F64. Pictorialism through Modernism. Visit our Website @  11/9/2000 


George, Dick.  The Phoenix Zoo, 455 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85008. Phone: (602) 273-1341, ext. 7442, Fax: (602) 273-7078 e-mail:  19th century Southwestern photographers, especially Charles Fletcher Lummis; wildlife photography; landscapes; Ansel Adams; Western gunfighters, especially Billy the Kid, John Wesley Hardin.  10/17/1995 


George, Kelly R.  5004 Lansing Dr., Austin, TX 78745-1750 voice: (512) 445-5947, fax: (512) 471-2899, e-mail:  Twentieth century American and German photography, Surrealism, Theory and Criticism of photography  12/27/1996 


Gerrard, Nelson.  Box 925, Arborg, Manitoba R0C 0A0 Canada. ph. 204-378-2758  My special area of interest is any photopgraphy relating to photography of or by Icelandic immigrants during the period from 1870-1910, and in particular photographs by such Winnipeg photographers as Baldwin & Blondal, Best & Co., Best & Bro., J. Ross, Ross & Best, Duffin, B. Olafsson, Searle, Hall & Lowe, Bennetto, Steele & Wing, Wm. Johnston, Mrs. Carr, CPR Studio, and Bjarni Thorsteinsson. Also Selkirk photographers Wm. Johnston and J. Clark, and North Dakota photographers S. J. Bjornsson, G. G. Grove, S. G. Northfield, S. Eirikson, J. McCarthy, and A. Solvason. Furthermore, S. Magnus, Minneota, Minnesota, sometimes misread as L. Magnus, Halldorson (Nebraska and Chicago), Thorsteinn Davidson, and C. H. Richter (St. Paul), Gudmundur Eiriksson, Spanish Fork, Utah, and later California, Christian Oliver, Duluth and elsewhere, Johannes Helgason, Seattle, and Larus Helgason, Selkirk and Winnipeg, Gudmundur Eiriksson, Spanish Fork, Utah, and later California, Christian, Oliver, Duluth and elsewhere, Johannes Helgason, Seattle, and Larus Helgason, Selkirk and Winnipeg.  5/1/2005 


Gerstheimer, Christian John  7733 Dacosta, Detroit, MI 48239. home phone: (313)791-2946, affiliation: Detroit Institute of Arts, 5200 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI. 48202, business phone: (313)833-1727, web url: email:  Surrealist photography, Neue Sachlichkeit photography, Conceptual and contemporary photography.  10/21/2002 


Ghosh, Ashim.  C6/6046, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110070, voice: 91-11-6899628, fax: 91-11-6899628, e-mail:  I run a small documentation centre - The CASA (Centre for Audiovisionary Science and Art)Documentation Centre. We have in our collection over a 1000 bromides from 77 locations around India. They date from 1890 to the present and present a diverse view from cities and small towns to tribal QSS prints. I am largely interested in works relating to the socio-history of the Indian subcontinent. Any topic, style, age, incident, location, etc.  10/22/2006 


Gierstberg, Frits.  Institutional affiliation:Nederlands Foto Instituut, Witte de Withstraat 63, NL-3012 BN Rotterdam. phone: + 31 10 2132011, fax:+31 10 4143465, e-mail:  history and theory of photography, contemporary photography, conceptual photography.  4/17/1999 


Gil, Inês.  Rua F. Caldeira, 11, 1ºD, 1700 Lisboa PORTUGAL. voice: 351.1.793 00 08, fax: 351.1.793 00 08.  Women Photographers, Photographers / Directors (Moving Image).  4/17/1999 


Gilbert, George.  American Photographic Historical Society, 1150 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY 10036. 718 549-2642, 718 549-0768, email: web: Director of Publications, Amer Photo Hist Soc.; editor monthly newsletter of photo history related natl/intrnatl news item; editor, quarterly journal, Photographica, illustrated features of interest to collectors, writers.     3/4/2000 


Gili, Marta.  FUNDACIO "LA CAIXA," Avenida Diagonal, 621, planta 10, 08028 BARCELONA, SPAIN. phone: 00 34 93 4046026, Fax:00 34 93 4046134, e-mail:  broad; see  6/30/2000 


Given, Brian J.  Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1S 5B6. voice: 613-520-3571, fax: 613-520-4062, e-mail:  I Teach visual anthropology. Interest in ethnographic film, media literacy, photographic anthropology. Practise, theory and criticism re. still photography and anthropological research.  2/6/1999 


Gladstone, Randy.  P.O. Box 348, Mason, Mich. 48854-0348. voice: 1-517-676-9090, e-mail:  Michigan Photographers of the 19th. Century (1840's - 1899). Their assistants, retouchers, printers, addresses and of course known dates of Operation. I also value their Bios, Advertisements and Mental notes that were handwritten on reverse of some photos.  3/7/1998 


Glauber, Carole.  Portland, Oregon. voice: 503-788-9464, e-mail:  Women photographers 1870 to 1920, particularly Myra Albert Wiggins, Lily White, Sarah Ladd, Maud Ainsworth and other Northwest women photographers. Recent publications: Witch of Kodakery: The Photography of Myra Albert Wiggins 1869-1956 (Washington State University Press, 1997); Myra Albert Wiggins-Arts and Crafts Photographer, (Style 1900, May 1999); "Songs of a Pagan: A Study of Anne Brigman's Poetry," (PhotoReview, Spring, 2000).  1/1/2001 


Glenn, James.  National Anthropological Archives MRC152NHB National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560, voice: 202-357-4567, fax: 202-357-2208, e-mail:  anthropological photographs  9/30/1996 


Godby, Michael.  Dept. of History of Art, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch 7700, voice: 650-2685, fax: (021) 650-3726, e-mail:     12/27/1996 


Goeller, Karen.  P.O. Box 365, Mechanicsville, PA 18934-0365. e-mail:  Interested in early photographic examples (19th and early 20th centuries) and their preservation/conservation. Currently doing digital photographic restoration and preservation according to Cornell study guidelines, but want to learn about physical preservation and conservation techniques.  3/4/2000 


Gokelaere, Marc.  email: Administrateur de la liste photoancienne,  Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer de la création d'une nouvelle liste de discussion consacrée exclusivement à la photographie ancienne. Cette liste administrée par l'association LIVANTIC se consacrera exclusivement à: La recherche sur la photographie, les photographes et l'histoire de la photographie. L'actualité de la photographie ancienne, expositions, ventes publiques, conférences, nouvelles parutions. Des annonces pour l'achat, la vente, ou l'échange de photographies et de livres sur la photographie ou illustrés par des photographes. Pour vous abonner: Pour envoyer un message sur la liste: Page d'accueil de la liste:  2/8/2001 


Gomes, Ana Lucia de Abreu.  Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rua Domingues de Sa, 455/201 - Icarai, Niteroi - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - 24220-091. Phone: (055)(021) 611-15-94, Fax: idem, e-mail:  history of photography in the XIX century, foreign photographers in Brazil, history of photography in general.  11/12/1996 


Gomez Lozano, David.  13 Islas Cíes (3-4-4), Madrid, Spain, 28035. voice: (34) 629234849, e-mail:  I am particulary interested in the history and evolution of Infrared emulsions, as well as their aplication as a tool for self-expression  2/8/2001 


Gonçalves, Jorge.  R.S.João 1, 2580-555 RIBAFRIA. voice: 351 363 769 968, fax: 351 263 769 968, e-mail:  Studies on Photography, History of Art (Image), Anthropology, Philosophy, Education (Science of Pedagogics)  7/20/2003 


González de Matos Heberto.  1er Callejón L. Cárdenas No. 8 Col. A. Barona, Cuernavaca, Morelos México. voice: 0173221947, e-mail:  me interesa la fotografia antigua de México, especialmente la del siglo XIX, en Cuernavaca, Morelos.  9/3/2001 


Gonzalez, Barbara.  110 Allanford Rd. 416-332-8410, email:  Canadian female artists  6/2/2002 


Goodyear, Frank.  809-B East 30th Street, Austin, TX 78705, voice: 512 482-0581, e-mail:  19th Century American Photography, Photography and Tourism  12/5/1996 


Goqi Gracenea, Xavier.  Pl. Victor Siurana,1 25003 Lleida(Spain. home phone: 00 34 973 702053. affiliation: University of Lleida. business phone: 00 34 973 702053. fax: 00 34 973 702062, e-mail:  History of photography in Spain in the XIX century  7/24/1999 


Gordon, Peggy J.  7580 E. 26 th St. So., Muskogee, OK. voice: 918 6834682, e-mail:  I would like to update info looking for people that was/ or knew any thing about outwest studio in cheyenne and denver in the early 1930's and 1940's. My dad was the owner of these studios and was one of the official photographers for the cheyenne frontier days his name was Adlai E. Gordon. I have numerous item from fort warren and programs from that era from Cheyenne and Denver studios. He died in 1966  11/6/2006 


Granados, Odin.  email:  Photography in Venezuela and Latin America.  7/24/1999 


Grandclaudon, Leslie.  California. e-mail:  Currently, family have discovered four boxes of glass negitives photos of: china, turkey, middle east and many other countries. The photos seem to be from either 1899-1910. They have \"american colony\" on some of the sides of the black tape that covers some of the sharp edges on the glass. Our family has had them (over early 1920\'s. They were found after a family member\'s death and would like to find out more information regarding them. They look like the work of Bomfils. The gandra is the same. Only those from creditdental areas inquire.  6/27/2003 


Granese, Jose Luis.  Av. Ejercito 141, Santiago-Chile. voice: 6762307, fax: 6762302, e-mail:  Chile history of photo books and albums, 20th century fine art photo, contemporary, theory and crit. Profession: Journalist and Professor of Photography  3/26/1997 


Grau Ferrando, Dolors.  Maiena, 3 Llagostera. voice: 972 80 55 19, fax: 972 83 05 27, e-mail:  I'm a historian of photography. I'm interested in information of Mauri, Fargnoli, Mayo. Catalan photographers that work in Latin America. Also I'm interested in postmortems and images of cemeteries. See my url: I wrote "Els artesans de la imatge" and I teach about history of photography.  7/20/1998 


Gray, Jennifer.  807 Ohio Avenue, Long Beach, California 90804. voice: 562/987-4376, e-mail:  Any photos or even better sitters of Irving Chidnoff/ New York 1930s  7/24/2001 


Gray, Michael.  Fox Talbot Museum. Lacock, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 2LG, UK. Phone: 44 1 249 730 459 or 44 1 373 830 474, Fax: 44 1 373 830 472 e-mail:  Proto-photographic imagery, photographic vision and the evolution of the photographic idea; the concept of the latent image and automatous representation. Thomas Wedgewood and the subsequent dissemination of his joint paper written up by Davy. Secret writing; history of mirrors and natureprinting; camera obscura; camera ottica; and camera lucida. The social, mythological, religious, scientific and artistic context preceding the discovery / invention of the photographic negative and latent image. Principally but not exclusively on paper.  3/5/1996 


Greenacre  phone: 01665 711637, web url: email:  magic lanterns, pre-cinema projection, lantern slides  6/2/2002 


Griggs, Paul, W.  home phone: 512-295-9404  Early american sportscards.  6/4/2004 


Grilli, Daniel Guillermo.  Barrio Arco Iris MC C2 R. de la Cruz, Mendoza, Argentina. voice: 00542614213340, e-mail:  Historia de la Fotografia en Argentina. Utilizacion de la fotografia como fuente historica documental para el desarrollo de proyectos de investigacion universitaria.  12/31/2000 


Grojean, Toni.  5 S 333 Scots Dr., Naperville, Il 60563. fax: 1-708- 562-7859, e-mail:  George Pullman Era Railroads, St. Lawrence Seaway Completion, Reversal of the Chicago River  1/22/1997 


Gross, Richard.  Thunderbird High School, 1750 W. Thunderbird Rd. Phoenix, Arizona 85023 USA. Tel. (602) 915-8900 : FAX (602) 915-8971 e-mail:  General interest in photo history. I teach high school now but have worked with jr. college students in the past. I blend basic how-to-do-it photo skills with photo history and critical processes.  11/29/1995 


Grossman, Wendy.  Eliot ElisofonPhotographic Archives, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. 20560-0708. Email: Phone: 301-454-0356  Special interest in modernist photography, Man Ray, Curtis Moffat, Rotimi Fani-Kayode and photographic representations of non-Western art through the modernist camera lens.  2/7/2000 


Gruber, John E.  1430 Drake St., Madison, Wis. 53711. Phone: 608-255-7713 e-mail:  AREA(S) of interest in the history of photography: railroads and photography, especially railroad company photographers and photography and the relation to industrial photography; railroad photo cars; William Henry Jackson and his work for railroad companies. Editor of Vintage Rails magazine, Waukesha, Wis.  8/12/1997 


Guardia, Carlos.  Camino Real de Betania, Panama. voice: 507 6856417, e-mail:  Panama, Panama Canal, Construction of the Panama Canal,  9/14/2003 


Gunthert, Andre.  Societe francaise de photographie, 71 rue Richelieu, 75002 Paris, France. e-mail:  History of scientific photography, critical perception of photography, history of the theories of photography. Recent books: "Albert Londe, l'instant reve", Chambon, 1993; "La Revolution de la photographie instantanee", Bibliotheque nationale, 1996; "Albert Londe", Nathan, 1999. General Secretary of the Societe francaise de photographie ( ), senior editor of "Etudes photographiques" ( ), teaches at the Ecole nationale de la Photographie d'Arles.  3/4/2000 


Guynn, Beth Ann.  Special Collections, The Getty Center for the History of Art & the Humanities, 401 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA, 90401. Phone: 310-458-9811, x.4089. Fax: 310-458-6487, e-mail:  Latin America, especially Mexico; colonial photography; travel photography  1/25/1996 


Haagen, Peter.  Sundvej 71, DK-8832 Skals Denmark. voice: +45 86696057, e-mail:  AREA(S):Photographer, teacher at Medieskolerne (The Danish Mediaschools - Viborg - Denmark). Early Danish photography and early photographic techniques. Collecting and restoring photographs, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, cartes de visites etc.URL:  6/10/1999 


Haberstich, David Eduard.  Archives Center, NMAH C-340, MRC 601, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560. Phone: 202-357-3270, Fax: 202-786-2453, e-mail: (office), (home)  Stereographs; travel photography; American documentary photography; motion pictures; 19th- and 20th-century photographic art. Recent publications: "Betty Hahn: The Early Years," in _Betty Hahn: Photography or Maybe Not_ (U. of New Mexico Press, 1995); "Illusions of Travel" in _American Photographs in Europe_ (Amsterdam, VU Press, 1994); "Wayward Wife as Muse: Anais Nin and Ian Hugo," in _Anais Nin: A Book of Mirrors_ (in press).  12/5/1995 


Habib, Alexander.  308 Paul Rd., Rochester, NY 14624, (716) 328 4609, e-mail:  retouching old photographs and IR Photographs  1/17/1996 


Hacking, Juliet.  Photographs Department, Sotheby's, 34-35 New Bond Street, London W1A 2AA. E-mail:  Mid to late 19th century British photography with an emphasis on the following: photographic journals and societies, the debates over photography's relationship to art, Alfred Wall, Elizabeth Eastlake, Oscar Rejlander, Camille Silvy, David Wilkie Wynfield, & Julia Margaret Cameron.  7/20/2003 


Hafsteinsson, Sigurjon Baldur.  Viditeig 18, 270 Mosfellsbae, Iceland. voice: +354-566-7264, fax: +562-562-1480, e-mail:  Landscape photography, police photography, post-mortem photographs, photography in Iceland, photography and culture/society.  4/17/1999 


Häggström, Leif.  Department of Archaeology, Göteborg University, Box 200, 40530 Göteborg. Sweden. e-mail:  Ph.D. student in archaeology. General interest in the introduction and use of photography in archaeology. Special interest in the use of photography in West Swedish archaeology.  3/4/2000 


Hahn, Thomas.  728 State Street, Madison, WI 52706. fax: 608 262-0344, e-mail:  Historical photography of China and East Asia in general  3/4/2000 


Halaas, Kristin.  Tordenskjolds gate 12, 8656 Mosjoen, NORWAY, 00 47 97 07 18 47, e-mail: kristin.halaas at  Norwegian Cartes de Visite portraits, the use of painted backdrops and the staging of the sitter. Norwegian photohistory in general. President of the Norwegian Society for the History of Photography.  8/31/2006 


Hales, Peter Bacon.  545 Michigan, Evanston, IL 60202. voice: (847) 866-8106, fax: (312) 413-2460, e-mail:  Books written: Silver Cities: The Photography of American Urbanization (Temple U. Press, 1984), William Henry Jackson and the Transformation of the American Landscape (Temple U. Press, 1988, 1996), Constructing the Fair: Charles Dudley Arnold and the World's Columbian Exposition (Art Institute of Chicago, 1993), (with Bob Thall, photographer) The Perfect City (Johns Hopkins Press, 1994), Atomic Spaces: Living on the Manhattan Project (University of Illinois Press, 1997). -19th and 20th century landscape and urban photography, -Contemporary photography, - Vernacular photography, -Documentary, -News and Magazine photojournalism, -Commercial photography  12/15/1996 


Hallett, Michael.  134 Henwick Road, St. John's, Worcester WR2 5PB. voice: 01905 425547, fax: 01905 425547, e-mail:  Writer, journalist, photographer, lecturer and skillful communicator. Formerly Chair of Undergraduate Forum, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, University of Central England. Areas: Primarily 20 century. Photojournalism. Documentary. Pictorial magazines of the 20s, 30s and 40s. Stefan Lorant's biographer. Consultant for documentary films. Also English photography in 19 century with specific reference to John Benjamin Dancer. Url:  4/16/2000 


Hamber, Anthony.  London. Ph.D. (University of London 1992) on The Photography of the Fine Arts in England 1839-1880. e-mail:  19th century photography, 19th century photography of fine and decorative art and architecture, Current research project: A computer database; An annotated bibliography of photographically illustrated publications published during the 19th century. Architectural photography in mid-Victorian Great Britain. The origins of photography in Salisbury (Wiltshire, England) 1839-1880  10/22/2006 


Hamilton, Brenton.  Rockport, Maine 04856. fax: 207.236.2558, e-mail:  Pre-History & the emergence of photography, Wm. Henry Fox Talbot, European Modernism.  3/7/1998 


Hamilton, Peter.  6 Bardwell Road, Oxford OX2 6SW, UK. phone: 44 1865 310875. affiliation: The Open University, Faculty of Social Sciences; institutional address: Walton Hall Milton Keynes MK7 6AA; web url: e-mail:  20th C French humanist photography; 19th C Portrait and social classification; Documentary photography; Photography and society  4/16/2000 


Hamilton, Violet  Wilson Centre for Photography - 5 Akenside Road, London, NW3-5BS. - 0207-813-2875. An archive of photographs embracing the history of photography from 1839 to the present.  Specialist on 19th c. women photographers. Author: Annals of my Glass House, University of Wahington Press, 1997  11/6/2006 


Hammond, Mary.  165 Watson Drive, Athens, GA 30605-3737, voice: (706)549-2583, fax: (703)273-2846, e-mail:  Intersests: the camera obscura, its history and development; earrly 19th century processes and imagery, Picorialism, the Linked Ring Brotherhood, and the Photo Secession, Bauhaus Photography and photo teachers, influence on Europe and America  12/15/1996 


Handle, Stefan.  Majötz 19, 6460 Imst, AUSTRIA. email:  History of 19th century photography in Austria, especially of the Tyrolean area. Photographers I am particulary interested in are: Anton Zoderer, Ignaz Falch, Josef Sonnweber, Anton Gratl, Fr. Unterberger. My other field of interest regards to early Austrian photographers in the Far East (with an emphasis on Japan), especially Wilhelm Burger and Baron Raimund von Stillfried-Ratenicz.  11/6/2006 


Handle, Stefan.  Majötz 19, 6460 Imst, AUSTRIA email:  History of 19th century photography in Austria, especially of the Tyrolean area. Photographers I am particulary interested in are: Anton Zoderer, Ignaz Falch, Josef Sonnweber, Anton Gratl, Fr. Unterberger. My other field of interest regards to early Austrian photographers in the Far East (with an emphasis on Japan), especially Wilhelm Burger and Baron Raimund von Stillfried-Ratenicz.  11/6/2006 


Hannavy, John.  39 Pilgrims Way, Standish, Lancashire. voice: +44 1257 473415, e-mail:  Editor of the forthcoming Encyclopedia of 19th Century Photography, and would welcome contact with anyone interested in writing for the project. Researcher, writer, collector and teacher of early photography. Generally interested in 19th and early 20th century photography. SDpecial interests include 1. The packaging and presentation of the Victorian photographic portrait. Special interest in union cases, especially the history of the English union case manufacturers. 2. Roger Fenton, 3. Thomas Keith and early Scottish amateur photography, 4. The Waxed Paper Process.  9/1/2006 


Hannum, Gillian Greenhill.  Manhattanville College, 2900 Purchase St., Purchase, NY 10577, Phone:(914) 694-2881, e-mail:  pictorialism, women photographers, U.S. Camera magazine, photographic exhibition practices.  11/6/1995 


Hansen, Frede.  Philippsruher St. 10, Frankfurt am Main. e-mail:  Russian cameras and lenses, Chinese cameras and lenses  3/4/2000 


Hanser, Edgar.  am flosskanal, schopfheim. e-mail:  Johann Baptist Isenring ( 1796 - 1860 ) Switzerland ?  6/2/2002 


Harasym, Zenon.  Bulwar Ikara 31-24, Wroclaw, Poland. voice: 0048713510575, e-mail:  Travel Photography 19th  7/20/2003 


Harding, Colin.  Curator of Photographic Technology at - The National Museum of Photography, Film & Television. Pictureville. Bradford. West Yorkshire. BD1 1NQ. UK. Phone:(44) 01274 773399, Fax:(44) 01274 723155, e-mail:  Evolution of photographic technology. Snapshot photography and the history of Kodak. Relationship between photography and society  8/7/1996 


Harding, Colin.  National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1NQ, UK. Tel (44) 1274 203380, Fax (44) 1274 723155, e-mail  History of photographic technology. History of Kodak. The popular perception and reception of photography.  6/30/2000 


Hargraves, Michael.  1200 Getty Center Drive, Ste. 1000, Los Angeles, CA 90049-1687. voice: (310) 440-6636, fax: (310) 440-7743, e-mail:  Cased objects especially daguerreotypes. Currently cataloguing assistant for The J. Paul Getty Museum, Dept. of Photographs. Current project: assisting in forthcoming publication of daguerreotypes from the Getty collection. Also, assisting the curator in an exhibition to open in April, 1998.  3/26/1997 


Harker, Margaret.  Emeritus Professor of History of Photography (University of Westminster, London). Egdean House, Egdean, Nr Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1JU, England. Telephone/Fax: 00 44 1798 865360. (At present no e-mail).  19th century photography esp. Linked Ring, pictorialism, Architectural and Landscape photography. 20th century: photographic visualisation and aesthetics.  2/23/1998 


Harlow, Tim.  808 1/2 n MADISON, BLOOMINGTON, IL. 61701. e-mail: HARLOW_TJ@SAL.IT.ILSTU.EDU  I am looking for any info. on a small photography college that operated in Effingham, Il. at the turn of the century. I thought the school's name was Austin college, but recently found out the name is Illinois College of Photography. The school was hit hard by the economy of the time and closed down because of the depression.  3/7/1998 


Harrell, Thomas H.  e-mail: P.O. Box 033896, Indialantic, FL 32903, 407-725-8681  My primary interests include all aspects of the career of William Henry Jackson and the use of photo-reproductions in 19th century books. Recent projects include an annotated bibliography and a WWW page on Jackson, URL:  5/13/1996 


Harrevelt, L.A.S. van  Witte de Withstraat 63, Rotterdam, 3012BN. voice: 031-10-2330788, fax: 031-10-2140375, e-mail:  The history of nature photography, as used for scientific purposes (research and classification in biology), nature preservation and education. Nature photography in printed media (magazines, books) and the de spread of these images in the Netherlands. Dutch nature photography in relation to international developments in this field.  9/13/2003 


Harrison, Joan.  99 Mcloughlin St., Glen Cove, N.Y. 11542, (516)671- 9367, e-mail:  Gum Bichromate/ Alternative Processes, Digital Imaging/New technologies  8/2/1996 


Harrison, William.  15559 Union Ave, box 209, Los Gatos CA 95032. voice: (408) 225-3612, e-mail: CWP_ED@YAHOO.COM  Collector (actually an accumulator) of old camreas and photographs. My favorite uncle Virgil was a Photographer and gave me old cameras (this was in the 1930s) to play with. As an active amateur (salons,pic of year '51, etc.) in high school. I got a job as studio portraitist w/ 8x10 studio camera in 1951. Then a little war changed my career path into more practical matters, like actually making a living. This long story is background on my interests: old, old cameras, typical photos esp. portrait..  2/7/1999 


Hartman Janez, T.  Ceceve 7, SLO-3000 Celje, Slovenia, phone (+)386 (0)63 451 140, e-mail,  I study & collect 1850-1920 portraits and other photographs of officers, soldiers, sailors and civilians WITH FIREARMS, especially revolvers, from Austria, Austria-Hungary, the Balkans, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Roumania, Greece, Turkey, Ottoman Empire and the Orient in general. I can use postcards and reproductions (including enlarged laser photocopies).  3/4/2000 


Hathaway, Pat.  469 Pacific Street, Monterey, CA 93940-2702. voice: (831) 373-3811, e-mail:  URL: I have a large collection of Central California historical images from Santa Barbara to Marin Co. from the 1880-1990's Doing research on early California Photographers E.A. Cohen, C.E. Watkins, C.W.J. Johnson, Zan Stark, and others, looking for views by above photographers as well view of the Monterey Bay area. We have a list of photographers in the collection on our web page.  4/17/1999 


Hawkins, Tim.  Photo Department, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. (312) 751-8000 e-mail:  Nude & erotic photography, pinups & glamour photography, photo-documentation of latter 20th century male lifestyles & popular culture, history of Playboy Enterprises.  3/15/1996 


Hawley, Claire, A.  5690 W. 80th Place Arvada, CO 80003. email:  Multiple imagery, digital/computer graphic  3/4/2000 


Haworth-Booth, Mark.  Victoria & Albert Museum, London SW7 2RL, 0171 938 8605, 0171 938 8615, e-mail: 100573,  Formation of photography collections; changes in the presentation and critical perception of photography 1840s to the present; Camille Silvy; Bill Brandt.  8/7/1996 


Hayes, Alonzo D.  6709 Bridger Court, Indpls. Indiana 46268. voice: (317) 226-4242, fax: (317) 226-3315, e-mail:  I am interested in the group of photo-journalists who traveled to Cuba in 1897-1900, and took pictures related to the Spanish American War. Specifically African American soldiers in that War. I would like to know their names, perhaps if they left memoirs, diaries, or information about the photograps they took.  6/30/2000 


Haynes, David.  1810 W. Mulberry, San Antonio, Texas 78201. voice: 210/732-3507, e-mail:  19th century Texas photographers and photography  12/31/2000 


Healy, Maria.  email:  Henry Peach Robinson, his style/how he developed it  6/30/2000 


Hendriksen, Douglas.  1590 South Tropical Trail, Merritt Island, FL 32952. voice: 452-0633, fax: 321-867-1817, e-mail:  Pre1920 Florida especially flat Florida stereoviews, Florida Anthony views and Florida cabinet and cdvs. Would like to contact anyone with Florida Anthony views to obtain information for a book I would like to write about them. Also interested in early Florida real photo postcards.  2/8/2001 


Henggeler, Joe.  e-mail:  Nineteenth century photography in Ireland. Interest in indentifying actual photographer of stereoview and single-image views of Ireland (most pre-1870 Irish views do not include attribution). Interest in how images and stereoviews played a part in the tourist trade in Ireland.  6/22/2005 


Henggeler, Joe.  126 Autumn Drive, Sikeston, Missouri 63801. voice: 573-471-7351, fax: 573-379-5875 e-mail:  Photographic history of Ireland. The tourist in 19th Century Ireland. Anti-Irish sentiments in 19th Century photography.  3/5/2005 


Henisch, Heinz K.  Emeritus Professor of the History of Photography, Department of Art History, The Pennsylvania State University. Mailing address: 346, West Hillcrest Avenue, State College, PA 16803  Early history, overpainting, humor, photo-montage, photography and literature, 19th century photographically illustrated books, photography and politics, international echoes, etc. Recent books, all in co-authorship with Bridget A. Henisch, and all published by Penn State Press: "Images and Attitudes; 1839-1914" (1994), "The Painted Photograph, 1839-1914" (1996), and "Positive Pleasures; Early Photography and Humor" (1998). Web site: (Deceased March 21, 2006)  3/23/2006 


Hernandez, Javier.  P. O. Box 2983, CP22000-Tijuana, B. C., Mexico. Voice: +52 66 27-47-76, e-mail:  Latinoamerican and Mexican stereoscopic photography, past and present. 3D cameras. Images conservation. 3D photography books and reviews editions. Web pages: . Search "3D Boutique" in browsers how Altavista. (SPANISH): Me interesa el campo de la fotografia estereoscopica o tridimensional, antigua y contemporanea, de Mexico, Espana y paises latinoamericanos. Trabajo en la promocion de imagenes estereoscopicas en idioma espanol a traves de internet y publicaciones impresas como libros, articulos, revistas, folletos y la imparticion de cursos. Busque mis paginas web como "3D Boutique" en directorios como Altavista.  2/6/1999 


Hershberger, Andrew E.  Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art History School of Art, Fine Arts 113 Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH 43403. Phone (419) 372-2895, Fax (419) 372-2544  My 2001 Princeton dissertation was entitled "Cinema of Stills: Minor White's Theory of Sequential Photography." I am working on the revised manuscript for publication as a monograph. In addition to this specialization in twentieth-century American photography, I am interested in all aspects of the history and theory of photography. My website URL is .  5/1/2005 


Herz, Nicole.  e-mail:  Provincial photographic cultures in Europe, Family photography, Photography of Empire (British and French)  9/13/2003 


Herzka Mark D.  Bodmerstr. 4, Zurich 8002. voice: 00411 281 29 02, fax: 00411 281 29 02, e-mail:  1. Israel / The Holy Land - old photography from 1850's -1930, esp. Jerusalem, Bethlehem & other holy sites. Esp. interested in BONFILS, FRITH, etc. 2. Old photography of Egypt  3/4/2000 


Hesse, Wolfgang.  Hofmannstrasse 12, D-01277 Dresden, Germany. voice: +49/351/3160990, fax: +49/351/3160992, e-mail:  Editor of Rundbrief Fotografie; Preservation; Photography as art and as a technique  2/6/1999 


Hickman, Paul Addison, Dr.  Department of Art, Arkansas State University, P. O. Drawer 1920, State University, AR 72467. Phone: 1 (870) 972-3050 extension 49, e-mail: PHICKMAN@AZTEC.ASTATE.EDU  Niagara Falls; Trans-Mississippi West; California; Yosemite, Big Trees and Sierra Nevada; C. E. Watkins; and J. J. Reilly  10/25/1995 


Higbie, James.  824 High St., Boonville, Mo 65233  I have been involved in a lifetime quest for photographs and biographical information on two 19th.-early 20th. century Boonville,Missouri photographers: --James C. Macurdy.b 1837(Oil City,Pa.) d.1926 (Liberty,Mo.). Macurdy was a civil war photogr  9/1/2006 


Hightower, Arthur.  1369 Bushy Park Road, S.C.,Goose Creek 29445. voice: (803)797-1575, fax: (803)797-1575  pictures of civil war uniforms and guns  3/26/1997 


Hill, Andy.  Photo Researcher at the Bettmann Archive (now "Corbis- Bettmann.") Corbis-Bettmann, 902 Broadway, New York, NY 10010, phone: 212-777-6200 e-mail: url:     3/25/1996 


Hill, Greg  9239 Molly Woods Ave, La Mesa, California 91941. voice: (619) 466-6522, e-mail:  Interested in work by William Mortensen,Laguna Bch. California Pictorialist.Founder of Mortensen School of Photography 1931.Currently attempting to locate original Mortensen TEXTURE MATRIX screens.School brochures,Metalkrome prints, and bromoils.I'm always interested in contact by former students of Mortensen's.  9/3/2001 


Hiller, John.  Smithsonian, NMAH, S-Pro, Washington, DC 20560. voice: 202-357-3283, fax: 202-357-1565, e-mail:  Research Associate, National Museum of American History, Photographic History Collection. My specific areas of interest are pre and early cinema mechanisms.Holdings include Muybridge, Edison, Mutoscope, Mutograph, Eidoloscope, Lauste, and etc.Many of our pieces are unique.  3/4/2000 


Hirsch, Robert.  Light Research 146 Newfield Street Buffalo, NY 14207-1650 USA 716-871-9600 (Voice & Fax)  Contemporary photo-based works, snapshots, and hand-altered work. Author of: Seizing the Light: A History of Photography, McGraw-Hill, 2000; Exploring Color Photography: From the Darkroom to the Digital Studio, McGraw-Hill, 2005; Photographic Possibilities: The Expressive Use of Ideas, Materials, and Processes, Second Edition, Focal Press, 2001; Director of Light Research:  10/22/2006 


Hobson, Mary Daniel.  3069 Washington St. #3, San Francisco, CA. voice: 415-885-7901, fax: 415-885-7901, e-mail:  Early 20th Century Photography, especially Surrealism and collage. And Women Photographers such as Dora Maar and Lee Miller.  3/4/2000 


Hoermann, Alfred R.  211 Park Blvd., Yaphank, NY 11980. Phone: (516) 924-4218, e-mail: Hoermann@Delphi.Com  19th Century photography; photographic visualization and aesthetics.  12/5/1995 


Hoffner, Rod.  27 Rutland Drive, Patterson, NY 12563. e-mail:  Howell and New York City.  9/3/2001 


Hogwood, Drew.  1623 Morshedi Court, Richmond, VA 23233. voice: 804.741.7951, fax: 804.741.5574, e-mail:  My interest is in the cooperative application of photography, genealogy, and history. I am currently working with Dementi Studios (Richmond, VA's photo studio) to help them catalogue their holdings and to develop a "photo-genealogy" product line. I learned photography under the tutelage of the "grandfather of naval photography" - the late Rear Admiral Robert S. Quackenbush, Jr. Quackenbush later directed government relations for Polaroid Corporation in DC, allowing me (as a youth) to beta test.  4/17/1999 


Holland, Joyce.  P.O. Box 61471, Los Angeles, CA 90061. voice: (310) 282-1095, fax: (310) 671-8805, e-mail:  I am interested in original and natural photography, candid, action, expressive, black & white, enternatinment and photojournalism. I am also develpoing an interest in church & missions architecture, and design.  3/4/2000 


Holliday Tom  e-mail:  Thornton Pickard cameras and equipment.  6/2/2002 


Hollway, Johanna, L.  affiliation: Smithsonian Institution Press, institutional address: 470 L'Enfant Plz., Suite 7100; Washington, D.C. 20560-0950. web url:  history, documentary  11/10/2000 


Holownia, Thaddeus.  11 King Street, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada E0A 3C0, voice: 506-364-2490, fax: 506-536-2664, e-mail:  Banquet Camera & Panoramic Photography  9/9/1996 


Homer, William Innes.  voice: 302-831-2781, fax: 302-831-8243, e-mail:  History of the Photo-Secession. Alfred Stieglitz and his circle. Pictorial photography and non-silver processes. Photo-Secession website:  11/9/1997 


Hook, Roderick.  P.O. Box 278, Rockport, ME 04856-0278, Phone:207- 236-2349, Fax:207-236-2349, e-mail:  My interests are (including their preservation and conservation) the collodion processes, early dry plate technology, albumen prints, lantern slides. Also, I'm very interested in the work of Chansonetta Stanley Emmons (especially her early work in the Carolina's), Clarence White, and Willard Van Dyke.  11/15/1995 


Hooper, David.  36 Flag Lane North, Chester, England. e-mail:  Anything relating to nineteenth Century Photography in Chester England. The dating of British Cartes-de-Visite and Cabinet photographs.  6/4/2004 


Horsley, Michael Jaren.  Office of Smithsonian Institution Archives, Arts and Industries Building, 900 Jefferson Drive SW, Room 2135 MRC 414 Washington DC 20560, 202-357-1421 x 36, 202-357-2395, e-mail:  Smithsonian History, 19th and 20th century Greece,  8/2/1996 


Hossaini, Ali.  300 Mercer St., New York. voice: 212.651.5420, e-mail:  historical and philosophic issues relating to the emergence of photography. Logos Journal recently published an article of mine on the emergence of photography: . My bio and 3 portfolios of my work are at: (2 MB) (2 MB) (2 MB)    


Hostetler, Joan E.  716 N. Dorman St., Indianapolis, IN 46202. voice: (317) 639-2814, e-mail:  I am project coordinator of the Indiana Photographers Project, a directory of photographers who worked in Indiana 1840-1940. The database documents biographical and career information for people connected to photography, including gallery owners, employees, retouchers, serious amateurs, art photographers, and photo journalists.  9/1/2006 


Hostetler, Lisa.  475 Washington Ave., #4G, Brooklyn, NY, 11238. voice: 718/399.0356, e-mail:  I am currently writing my dissertation on the 1940s street photographer, Louis Faurer. My broader interests include the history of 20th century photography as well as 20th century art in general.  7/1/1997 


Howe, Graham.  113 East Union Street, Pasadena, CA 91103. voice: 626-577-9696, fax: 626-49-9603, e-mail:  Biographer of Paul Outerbridge & E. O. Hoppé. Other books on The Graham Nash Collection; Eikoh Hosoe; Jayme Odgers; Sir John Herschel  3/4/2000 


Howells, Richard P.  Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, England. Phone:UK 0113 233-5816, Fax:UK 0113 233-5816, e-mail:  Life and work of Aaron Siskind; theory and ontology of photography.  10/25/1995 


Hudak, Brittany.  3132 Bishop Street, Cincinnati, OH 45220, (513)281-1678, affiliation: University of Cincinnati. email:  Pre-1920; Specialist in Victorian Photo-Collage Albums  6/1/2002 


Hughes Peter.  Beaconside, Stafford UK. voice: 01785 353292, fax: 0870 734 7699, e-mail:  Senior Film Production Technology Lecturer, Staffordshire University UK; Collect prewar First World War (1914) still/cine cameras. Collection 200+  4/17/2001 


Hughes, Dave.  Remote Sensing Dept, Aston University, institutional address: Civ-eng, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ET, England. email:  Aerial photography and Photogrammetry, history of, to present day.  9/3/2001 


Hughes, Jim.  Writer, Editor. Freelance. e-mail:  Books include: W. Eugene Smith: Shadow & Substance; Ernst Haas in Black and White; The Birth of a Century (William Henry Jackson and the Detroit Photographic Company); Footprints of the Gods (Lucien Clergue). Formerly editor of Camera Arts, Popular Photography Annual, Camera 35, U.S. Camera Annual, Travel & Camera. Trustee, past president and co-founder of the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund, which administrates and awards the annual W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography.  3/25/1996 


Huijsmans, Dr.D.P.(Nies).  Computer Science Department, Leiden University,Niels Bohrweg 1, PO Box 9512, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands. +31715277052, +31715276985, e-mail:  19th century photography especially Dutch carte-de-visite and stereo. Maintains a directory of Dutch studio photographers (1860-1914) and a web demo program for visual searches in Dutch carte-de-visites at This third edition of the demo contains about 6000 images.  8/25/1997 


Huijsmans, Nies.  Niels Bohrweg 1, 2333 CA Leiden. voice: +31715277052, fax: +31715276985, e-mail:  19th-Century photography with a special emphasis on Dutch carte de visite studio portraits. Published a directory of Dutch carte de visite and Cabinet photo studio's 1860-1914 and maintain a searchable collection of ~ 20,000 Dutch CdV's at The CdV can be searched on studio, album, logo, portrait. Further interests include daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, stereocards, pasted in photographs, woodburytypes. Professional computer scientist interest in content-based image search.  6/2/2002 


Hulick, Diana Emery.  The Hulick Agency. 805 N. Robson, Mesa, AZ 85201. Telephone/fax: 602-464-4725.  Primarily 20th century photography, Shaker photography, contemporary criticism. Diane Arbus, Women and minority photographers, forensic photography  9/16/1996 


Hunter, Aron.  4993 S.E.30th #104, Portland, OR, 97202. voice: (503)238-8670  The artistic value of photography  10/30/1996 


Hyer, Jeffrey.  Heirloom Design, P.O. Box 475, South Wellfleet, MA 02663-0475. Phone: 508-349-0029, Fax: 508-349-0972, e-mail:  Pictorialism, "Tintypes", Daguerreotypes, biographical information on pictorialist, the emergence of photography as an art form and/or the arguments of photography as art during the 19th century.  2/6/1996 


Iakimovitch, Elena.  Russia, Moscow, S.Allende Street, 7-59, home phone(007 095)198 03 19. Affiliation: Moscow State University, Department of the History of Art. business phone:(007 095)939 26 84. e-mail:  Links between painting and photography in 19th century France (dissertation in progress).  6/30/2000 


Iakobashvili Irakli.  79, Uznadze str., Tbilsi, Rep. of Georgia, 380002. voice: 99532 959949, fax: 99532 250225, e-mail:  Georgian & Caucasian photography  4/18/1999 


Ilin, Viatcheslav G.  Borodacheva str.,8-15 ,St.-Petersburg 198510 ,RUSSIA. FAX:+7(812)3151817, ,  Russian photography.  8/3/2003 


Ilin, Viatcheslav.  Borodacheva str. 8-15, St.-Petersburg, 198510, RUSSIA. e-mail:  Russia as an objective of photographers at the end of the 19 - the beginning of the 20 centuries. History of photography, collecting.  9/3/2003 


Infeld, Marc, David.  American Univeristy. Phone:(202) 885-3321, Fax:(202) 885-3317, e-mail:  Art & Photography, Antique and early twentieth Century equipment  5/13/1996 


Iovine, Sandro.  Via Monte Cervialto, 131, Roma Italy 00139. voice: +39 6 8120871/+39 338 6734882, fax: +39 6 8120871 (on demand), e-mail:  My area of interest is the history of photojournalism from 1945, expecially about italian contemporary photographer who are interested in social photography (ex.Francesco Zizola, Paolo Pellegrin, Ivo Saglietti, Riccardo Venturi etc.)  10/5/1997 


Isla, Pepe.  vda Lasalle, 152; 24, SALAMANCA, 37008. voice: 923195116, e-mail:  E. ATGET; the last forty to fifty years in the history of photography  12/27/2003 


Iverson, Barry.  1 road 283, new maadi, cairo, egypt 11431. voice: 20-2-3539988, fax: 20-2-3527551, e-mail:  19th & early 20th century photography in Egypt specifically- middle east generally. landscape, portraiture.  7/20/1998 


Ivlev. Ina.  M.Voda,34,B,21 Tulcea,Tl.,8800 voice: o4526900083 e-mail:  The beginnings of photography; History of Danish photography; New ways in photography  4/16/2000 


Izakura, Naomi.  6-4-5 Honmachi #401, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0071. voice: 81-3-3379-8809, fax: 81-3-3378-2849, e-mail:  Dealer, collector and historian on Japanese photography from the 19th and early 20th centuries, more specifically Bakumatsu through Taisho periods (1850's through 1925). Have made an important discovery of when Japanese first sat before a camera, plus have studied many aspects of 19th century Japanese. I also am owner of Sakura-do, a private photography dealership and publish a catalog twice a year. If interested in obtaining one, please contact me .  7/20/1998 


Jackson, Glenda.  P.O. Box 5415, Ventura. voice: 805/642-2202, e-mail:  I'm a local Ventura County historian who gives walking tours of San Buenaventura (Ventura). Collecting primarily pre-1940 images and pamphlets, newspapers, etc. of Ventura. Serious collector. I'm looking for original catalogs and/or seed packets of Theodosia Burr Sheppard's magnificent gardens in downtown Ventura (where EP Foster Library now stands). Also collecting vintage postcards of Ventura.  6/4/2004 


Jackson, Philip.  National Library of Australia, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia. Phone: +61 6 262 1611, Fax: +61 6 262 1634, e-mail:  Photographically illustrated books; Photomechanical processes, especially woodburytype  10/27/1995 


Jackson, Robert M., Jr.  PO Box 1391, Hampton, NH 03843-1391  Currently researching photographers and subjects in numerous images produced during the middle to late 1800s, i.e. (Moseley-Jackson Portrait Collection) - such studios as Slee Bros., E.G. Weld in Cazenovia, Masury, Mullen Artistic, J.P. Ball, Alex Gardner, J.H. Fitzgibbons, Black & Case, Wyman, and many more. Inquiries and discussion create a learning experience.  6/2/2000 


Jackson, Steven B.  Curator of Art and Photography, Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University, Adjunct Instructor, History of Photography, Montana State University. Phone:(406)994-5280, Fax:(406)994-2682, e-mail:  Curatorial interest and research in 19th and 20th century photography of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Teaching interests in early Modernist, Bauhaus, and Surrealist photography.  1/9/1996 


Jacob, John P.  Photographic Resource Center, 602 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Ma 02215, tel: (617) 353-0700, fax: (617) 353-1662, e-mail:  As director of the Photographic Resource Center, I am primarily interested in the interaction of photography with other media and across multiple disciplines. My personal research has been largely in the fields of 19th century scientific thought and contemporary photography from Central Europe.  8/14/1996 


Jacobs, David L.  Dept of Art/U. of Houston, Houston, TX 77204. voice: (713)743-3001, fax: (713)743-2823, e-mail:  photo and culture; photo epistemology; current research interests:post WW2 Japanese photo; Frances Benjamin Johnston; conventions in street & archit. photography  1/10/1997 


Jacobson, Ken.  Southcotts; Petches Bridge, Great Bardfield; Essex CM7 4QN UK. voice: 44-1371-8210566, fax: 44-1371-810845, e-mail:  19th century exotic travel photography- Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East, Orientalism. Also, Charles Scowen, John Thomson, Gustave Le Gray, artists' studies. Collector, dealer & historian.  6/2/2000 


Jaeger, Jens.  e-mail:  19th century photography as a social practice. German, British, French & US history of photography Pictorialism, Photography as used by agencies of law enforcement Police photography.  4/17/1999 


James C. Higbie  824 Hogh St, Boonville, Mo 65233. phone: (660)-882-2314, email:  I am researching the "ellusive" photographer, James C. Macurdy (J.C. Macurdy) and hope to publish a book on his life and works. I have a few "voids" in his life history-most notably his Civil War years.  6/2/2002 


James, Peter.  Central Library, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, B3 3HQ. voice: 0121 303 4439, fax: 0121 233 4458, e-mail:  History of photography in Birmingham. History of Birmingham Collections. Photography, Museums, Archives and Libraries.  3/4/2000 


James, Randolph  PO Box 1408, Orangevale CA 95662. voice: 916 - 989 - 5306, e-mail:  Stereoview and portrait photographer Prof. W. E. James (1841-1887). His stereoviews of New York, Civil War Charleston, Holy Land (Quaker City Expedition of 1867), Yosemite (Hutchings Expedition of 1875) and other California scenes.  6/2/2002 


Janssen, Veronica.  Diez Canseco 341, Miraflores. voice: 51-1-2420635, fax: 51-1-4441663, e-mail:  Anything related to Peruvian photography, particularly XIX century travel photographers (naturalists, antique hunters, arqueologists, etc).  9/14/2003 


Jay, Bill.  School of Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 85287. Phone:(602) 965-4258, Fax: same, e-mail:  All periods and applications. Special interest in social implications of Victorian photography.  10/25/1995 


Jay, Robert A.  Department of Art, 2535 The Mall, University of Hawaii-Manoa, Honolulu, HI 96822. Phone: (808) 956-5266, Fax: (808) 956-9043, e-mail:  Nineteenth-century French photography, especially mid-century (Second Empire). World War I documentary photography, especially aviation. Collect aviation photos, cinema publicity stills and early real-photo post cards.  12/5/1995 


Jenkins, Barbara L.  NIOSH 4676 Columbia Pkwy. R10, Cincinnati, OH 45226. voice: 513 458-7132, fax: 513 458-7105, e-mail:  New Deal-era documentary, photographs of workers, early to middle twentieth century  2/6/1999 


Jenkins, Paul, MA (Cantab).  Basel Mission Archive, CH 4003 Basel, Switzerland. voice: ++41 61 26 88 245, fax: ++41 61 26 88 268  (in photography): making contacts with other people concerned with photography in missionary societies; photographs as sources for African history; photographs, publications and the images of the non- western world in 19th century Europe and North America; (part of general interest in) Social and organisational history of Christian missions in Euriope and Africa; nosical history of the churches of all categories in Africa; visual sources and African history; history of religions in Africa; application of mission archival materials to general historical research  1/23/1997 


Jensen, Mark.  5048 2115 Summit Ave. St. Paul, MN 55105. University of St. Thomas. email:  Conservation of paper prints. Midwest photographers working prior to 1890.  11/8/2000 


Jentz, David L.  50695 Ridgemoor Way, Granger, Indiana 46530. voice: 219-272-4201, fax: 219-232-2162, e-mail:  Founder of Historical Society for Retina Cameras in 1992. Author of Kodak Retina and Retinette Camera section of McKeown's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras. Interested in all aspects of Kodak Retina and Retinette camera production and marketing including accessories for these cameras. Particular interest in history of Kodak A.G. in Stuttgart-Wangen, Germany.  2/6/1999 


Jezierski, John V.  Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, MI 48710 voice: (517) 790-4337, fax: (517) 790-7656, e-mail: JVJEZ@TARDIS.SVSU.EDU  1. The Goodridge Brothers, African-American Photographers, York, PA and Saginaw, MI, 1847-1922. 2. Detroit Publishing Company, Canadian Photographs, especially the work of Henry G. Peabody  9/9/1996 


Johansson Ingemar.  Nordmannav 54, BJÄRRED SWEDEN 237 31. e-mail:  Documentary Photography  10/22/1997 


John, Sebastian.  Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi. voice: 0091-11-3736821, fax: 0091-11-3736469, e-mail:  A photolibrarian, researcher and photographer with Businessworld magazine, New Delhi, India, I am interested in docuementing the history of photography in India  6/30/2000 


Johns, Beth.  4219 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407-3434. voice: 612-724-2294, e-mail:  I am interested in all photographs and photographers of Native American Indians.  9/3/2001 


Johnson, Carol M.  Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540-4840. Phone: 202/707-9336, Fax: 202/707-1486, e-mail:  19th century American photography, especially daguerreotypes and panoramic photographs  11/15/1995 


Johnston, Patricia.  Dept. of Art, Salem State College, 352 Lafayette St., Salem MA 01970 Phone: 508-741-6222, e-mail:  AREA(s): American, 20th century, intersection of commercial & fine art photography.  3/25/1996 


Johnston, Sean.  University of Glasgow Crichton Campus, Rutherford-McCowan Bldg, Dumfries DG1 4ZL. voice: +44 1387 702038, fax: +44 1387 702005, e-mail:  History and sociology of holography  7/20/2003 


Jolly, Martyn.  GPO Box 804, Canberra 2601, Australia. Phone: 61 6 249 5815, fax: 61 6 2495722 e-mail:  Australian photography. Photography, memory, history and the digital.  8/25/1996 


Jones, Lawrence T. III.  PO Box 2084, Austin, Texas. voice: 512-707-1856, e-mail:  I have collected and studied 19th and early 20th century Texas photography since the mid-1970s. Since 1976 I have researched and published an annual calendar that is focused on photography in the Confederate States during the 1861-1865 American Civil War.  3/4/2000 


Jones, Philip.  69a Lockwood Road Burnside, South Australia, 5066. e-mail:  Australian ethnographic photography, particularly the nineteenth-century photography of Australian Aborigines; the Australian frontier.  6/10/1999 


Jordan, Doug.  Box 20194, St. Petersburg, FL 33742. voice: (813)822- 6570, e-mail:  Manfg. of replica Daguerreian Equip (camera,etc) since 1974. and replica thermo-plastic castings, cases and wall frames. Collector of Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes and unusual cased Images. web site:  6/17/1997 


Joseph, Steven F.  Rue des Patriotes 32, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. PHONE: +32.2.733.23.03 (home); + (office), FAX: +, e-mail:  Photographically illustrated books and photomechanical printing processes before 1900; Photographers in Belgium 1839-1905; Bibliography of works on regional photographic history.  9/14/2003 


Jost, Loren.  Riverton Museum, 700 E. Park, Riverton, WY 82501, Phone:307-856-2665, e-mail:  Wyoming photographers (thru 1940), early 20th century studio/commercial photography equipment/technique/practice, panoramic photography.  11/6/1995 


Jovanovic,G.Slobodan  email:, home phone: +381 18 324 394, Affiliation: Faculty of Art - Nis, Yugoslavia, institutional address:, business phone: +381 18 513 271, fax: + 381 18 513 272. Web URL:  Photography as a Fine Art: Photography Critics's Writings; Aesthetic Trends from 1839 to the Present Day  9/3/2003 


Joy-Karno, Beverly.  POB 2100, Valley Center, CA 92082, (619) 749- 2304, (619) 749-4390 e-mail:  Latin American photography and books  7/7/1996 


Junevicius, Dainius.  Lithuanian Institute of Culture and Art (Lietuvos kulturos ir meno institutas), Geliu 9-2, Vilnius 2001, Lithuania. Phone: +3702 313028, fax: 3702 313090, e-mail:  History of photography in 19th century in Lithuania. Relations between Lithuanian and Polish, German and Russian photographers. Published works (in Lithuanian, summaries in English available on request): History of Photographic Studios in Vilnius (1839-1905), History of Photographic Studios in Kaunas (1854-1905), J.Czechowicz - Photographer of 19th Century Vilnius. In print: Beginnings of Photography in Lithuania (1839-1863)  9/3/2001 


Kamel, Salma., phone: 3027173, affiliation: faculty of applied arts, institutional address: 21 Gezierat El- Arab St. Mohandesien, Giza, Egypt. business phone: 3027173 email:  cameras & chemistry  6/2/2002 


Kaminsky, Robert.  2922 Wales aAve, Parma, Ohio 44134, voice: 440 888 2009, e-mail:  historic grinstone pa. conial coal mine #4 photos of shaft and area railroad  12/31/2000 


Kao, Deborah Martin.  Photograph Department, Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, 32 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. voice: 617- 495-5393, fax: 617-496-3800, e-mail:  General history of aesthetic and applied photography, with special interests in 1930s-1950s American photography, and contemporary practice.  5/18/1997 


Kaplan, Albert.  420 West 19th Street, New York, N.Y. 10011. voice: (212) 691-8226, e-mail:  My interest is largely centered on a single daguerreotype, a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, made in the early 1840's. I bought it in 1977 from the Witkin Art Gallery in New York City. All that is known about it can be viewed at  2/6/2001 


Kaplan, Daile.  141 Wooster St., #7A, New York, NY 10012. voice: (212) 982-6516, e-mail:  Curator and scholar of Lewis W. Hine's photographs. Author of _Lewis Hine in Europe, The "Lost" Photographs_ (New York: Abbeville Press, 1988), editor of _Photo Story, Selected Letters and Photographs of Lewis W. Hine_ (Washington, DC and London: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1992). In addition to Hine, primary area of interest is how photography has been assimilated into popular culture: "pop photographica." This includes jewelry, clothing, household items like vases, mirrors, cups, saucers, plates, and emphasizing American items, but will include European prototypes as well. Eventually hope to branch out and do subsequent volumes about this material in the public sphere: advertising, medicine, science, and business. Time frame: 1840-1969.  4/22/1997 


Karabinis, Paul.  3919 Oak Street, Jacksonville, FL 32205. voice: 904-620-2534, fax: 904 620-2652, e-mail:  19th century - early English and French Amateurs, alternative processes, secessionist era, photography in the 1950s, Jerry Uelsmann.  2/7/1999 


Karan, Eliazar, O.  SatelLife Healthnet Kenya. business phone: 254-2-724543, email:  interest in the historical development of freelance photography  2/6/1999 


Kavakonis, Nikoletta.  PhD candidate University of Toronto, Canada. e-mail:  Although my thesis area is the Italian Renaissance, I have a studio diploma from Sheridan College where I specialized in photography and painting, was the recipient of the Kodak Black and White Photography Award, and have exhibited to some degree in Toronto. My interests in the Renaissance tend towards issues that are related to photography, such as optical theory, the theory and criticism of light, perspective, and artists' aids such as the camera obscura.  3/15/1996 


Kavaliauskas, Mindaugas  Algirdo 31, Kaunas, Lithuania 3009. e-mail:  Years 1929 - 1930 for the future Robert Capa, W.H.F.Talbot and photo-engraving  6/2/2002 


Kazuaki, Yamamoto.  3-5-1 Johoku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, JPN voice: 81-53-478-1553, fax: 81-53-478-1553, e-mail:  Panorama, Diorama, and 19th century optical entertainments. Discovery of Photography (Daguerre and Talbot)  12/15/1996 


Keck, Paul.  313 Linda Ave., Hawthorne, NY 10532  Lumiere Autochrome/early Color Photography Society. Particular interest in replicating the actual Autochrome plate. Also interested in other color processes such as Lippman, Dufay, Joly, etc.  10/23/1996 


Kecskemeti, Istvan.  Merramäki, 03430 Jokikunta, Finland, Europe. home phone: +358-40-5002604, web url: email:  Photograph Conservation  6/30/2000 


Kelly, John.  1027 Commercial Dr., Tallahassee, Fl 32310. voice: 904-681-3750, e-mail:  commercial, fine art  6/17/1997 


Kendrick, Desmond.  111 Fairy Street, Martinsville, Virginia 24112. Voice: 540-632-11, e-mail:  HISTORY OF HENRY, FRANKLIN, PATRICK, & PITTSYLVANIA COUNTIES IN VIRGINIA. ARCHIVIST OF HENRY COUNTY, VIRIGINIA.  11/10/2000 


Kennedy, Gerry.  Gore Street, Killala Co Mayo. e-mail:  Photography in Ireland, nineteenth century.  7/21/1997 


Khatib  Amman, Jordon. fax: 9626 5698556, e-mail:  Photograhs of Jerusalem, the Holy land and Egypt  6/4/2004 


Kiefer, Geraldine W.  21752 Kenwood Avenue, Rocky River, OH 44116 (independent) Phone: 216-331-6208, Fax: 216-331-6258, e-mail:  Stieglitz circle, Kodak photography and the Kodak Girl (c. 1890-1920), corporate photography of the 1920s and 30s, Margaret Bourke-White (I'm working on an exhibition of her Cleveland photos for a 1999 venue)  3/26/1997 


Kilgo, Dolores (Dee).  Dept. of Art, Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61761. Phone: work (309) 438-7715, home (309) 686-4098, e-mail:  nineteenth-century generally. Specifically: pre-Civil War cased and paper images; midwestern photographers, esp. Missouri and Illinois. Am researching American-made calotypes, A. Hesler and the Langenheims. Also JH Fitzgibbon, HH and Enoch Long, AJ Fox, JJ Outley, TM Easterly and other early St. Louis photographers  4/1/1996 


King, S. Carl.  Clemson University, Department of Languages, 717 Strode Tower, Clemson, SC 29634-1515. Phone: 803-269-9040 (home): 803- 656-3393 (office), Fax: 803-656-0258, e-mail:  History of photography in general; pictorial printing process; history of Pictorialism in Spain; carbon and carbro printing.  12/5/1995 


Kingston, Rodger.  7 Clarendon Rd, Belmont, MA 02478. phone: 617-484-7351, affiliation: Boston University, web url: email:  1. History of Vernacular Photography 2. The Snapshot and Real Photo Postcard 3. Walker Evans (I am his bibliographer)  4/25/2002 


Kinsey, Fiona.  Assistant Curator, Australian Society & Technology Department, Museum Victoria, GPO Box 666E, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001. fax: 613 83417722, e-mail: I am also an assistant curator working with the image collection at Museum Victoria.  I am currently undertaking a Masters in Australian Studies looking at how Australian women participated in photography and cycling as leisure activities in the 1890s. I am interested in how culture and technology have impacted on photography in this period. I would welcome any information on my research topic.  5/27/2003 


Kirsch,Fritz.  136 4th Ave. North, Safety Harbor, FL 34695. voice: 8130725-2088, e-mail:  Civil War reenactment photographer interested primarily in mid to late ninetheenth century cameras and darkroom equipment and techniques. Fritz is staff photographer for Camp Chase Gazette. What's it wagon and impression of Civil War photographer featured in many magazines and journals. Recently submerged in learning wetplate photography from John Coffer, veteran wet plate master.  10/22/1997 


Kladiva, Jason.  P.O. Box 70781, Rochester Hills, Michigan. e-mail:  I am currently researching the history of stereo photography in Michigan during the 19th Century. I am looking for information on photographers and collecting original views from that region during that period. I am especially interested in photographers dealing with Mackinac Island.  12/27/2003 


Kleiman, Alan.  Phone:(525)2945141, e-mail:  Old Proccese (Bicromate gum, Paladiotype,Paltinotype, Ambrotype...), general history of photography.  1/31/1996 


Klein-Davis, Stephanie.  5515 yellow mountain road, roanoke,va 24014. home phone: 540-989-0586. affiliation: The Roanoke Times/Photo Staff. institutional address: 201 W. Campbell Avenue SW, Roanoke, Va. 24011, business phone: 540-981-3143, fax: 540-981-3346, email:  photojournalism, documentary photography.  4/17/1999 


Knipe, James.  Art Department, Radford University, Radford, VA 24142. (540) 831 5334, e-mail:  printing out paper: albumen, gelatin; 19th century photography  4/22/1997 


Knoblock, Steve.  City Gallery, Steve Knoblock, 1211 S. Thomas St. Apt. 2, Arlington, Va., 22204-3685, Phone: (703)-920-4490, e-mail:  Owner of City Gallery a World Wide Web site dedicated to the use of genealogical methods to research 19th century photographers, care and identification of card photographs, and family albums. Personal projects: writing a biography of J. G. Mangold (my g-g-granduncle), a 19th century photographer who published stereoviews in Illinois and Florida along with three of his sons who were photographers: Charles H. Mangold, E. E. Mangold, and Louis A. Mangold; researching card photographs in order to arrive at approximate dates for the various styles.  10/27/1995 


Kodar, Tiit.  203M Scott, Universite' York University, North York ON M3J 1P3 Canada. Phone:(work)416.736-2100 extension 333527, Fax:416.736-5838, e-mail:  Early Canadian Photography; The use of photographic illustrations in nineteenth century publishing.  1/10/1997 


Koenig, Thilo.  c/o HGK Zuerich, SFO, Ausstellungsstr. 60, CH - 8031 Zuerich. fax: 0041-1-2732254, e-mail:  Lecturer in photohistory, University of Art and Design Zurich (HGKZ), independent author and critic, editorial collaborater Allgemeines Kuenstler Lexikon (AKL; Ed. Saur, Leipzig-Munich). Interests: European postwar photography, photo-education (Otto Steinert-school; HfG Ulm), photo-theory: photo-slang (metaphors of violence and eroticism) and theories of perception.  12/31/2000 


Kolb, Charles C.  National Endowment for the Humanities, Division of Preservation and Access, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20506. Phone: 202/606-8570, Fax: 202/606-8639, e-mail:  Providing for the physical preservation of and intellectual access to still and moving image collections, and magnetic media (videotape and audio tape); scanning and digitization of images and text; microfilming of brittle books; paper conservation and deacidification (including photographic materials); and research and demonstration projects (including environmental parameters for collections [RH, t, pollutants, etc.], environmental monitoring equipment and environmental systems [HVAC]; collection enclosures, housing, and storage.  12/5/1995 


Koscevic, Zelimir.  FOTO GALERIJA LANG 10430 SAMOBOR - CROATIA LANGOVA 15. TEL: +385 1 336 28 84,, office: Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb 10000 Zagreb - Croatia Habdeliceva 2, tel: +385 1 48 51 808,  Modern and contemporary photography, National and international exhibition program. Publications and exhibitions include: * The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, No.17 (Yugoslav Theme Issue), Miami, Fl. U.S. Fall 1990 (guest-editor) * Photo-Journalism in Croatia 1920 - 1940, Zagreb, 1992. * Toso Dabac - a monograph of a photographer (with Peter Knapp, Paris), Zagreb, 1994. * Cartographers, geo-gnostic projections for the 21st Century, cat. of the international exhibition, Zagreb, Warsaw, Budapest, Maribor, 1997- 1998, pages 159. * Photographic Image - essays on photography, pages 144, Zagreb 2000. * Contemporary Art of the Last Century, pages 252, Zagreb, Meandar, 2002. Exhibitions (just a few) : Ivana Meller Tomljenović - student of Bauhaus ; Tošo Dabac - photographer, in Zagreb, Bratislava, Paris, Budapest; Press photography in Croatia 1920-1940. Ghazel; Seiichi Furuya; Peter Knapp.  3/15/2004 


Kowach, Tom.  email:  affiliation: Historic Camera Collectors Club web url: Camera equipment and Photography collecting  3/5/2005 


Kowalski, Shelley.  Department of Sociology University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97403-1291. voice: 541.346.5055, fax: 541.346.5026, e-mail:  Doris Ulmann, Female Pictorialist/Documentary Photographers, Social Networks of the Photographic World, CCC & FSA photographs  2/28/1997 


Kowaluk, Eugene.  e-mail:  The George Eastman House exhibitions.  3/7/1998 


Krainik, Cliff.  Drawer 6206, Falls Church, Virginia 22046. voice: 703 536 8045, fax: 703 536 9224, e-mail:  The work of the daguerreotypist,John Plumbe, Jr. 1809-1857.  8/12/1997 


Krauss, Rolf H., Dr.  Heusteigstr. 37, D-70180 Stuttgart. voice: 0049/711/6492166, fax: 0049/711/609616, e-mail:     4/22/1997 


Kreuzer Tom.  268 Lafayette Ave Buffalo NY 14213. voice: 716-882-3288, e-mail:  stereo photography, early cinema technology  11/9/1997 


Kubicek, Michal.  Nadrazni 34, 702 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic. home phone: +420603487848, email:  Everything from 1839 to today. Especially journalist and documentary photography.  6/2/2000 


Kucken, Markus.  52 - 58 Paarden Eiland Road, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, South Africa. voice: +27215087200, fax: +27215102114, e-mail:  British photography History 1890 - 1910  6/1/2002 


Kuhlmann, Paulo Eugenio.  Floriano Peixoto, 1303 Apt 405 Santa Maria - RS Brazil. home phone: (055) 971-1676, affiliation: Santa Maria Federal University, institutional address: Curso de Desenho Industrial - Campus, business phone: 055 220-8697, email:  the beginnings of digital photography.  4/17/1999 


Kurilecz, Peter.  4208 Custis Road, Richmond, Virginia 23225. voice: 804-560-1304, e-mail:  19th century Dallas and Texas photographers, especially a photographer by the name of Alfred Freeman, who immigrated from England after the Civil War.  6/30/2000 


Kurtz, Gerardo F.  Modesto Lafuente, 84 - 6o, no9, 28003 - Madrid / SPAIN. voice: (91) 553 44 61, e-mail:  Early photography, history of photomechanical printing, general photographic collection management, administration and care. For the last ten years I have been working in the field of large photographic collection management, mainly in the field of descriptive inventory techniques for very large negative archives. Interest in early photographic texts, Charles Clifford's work. I am looking for Spanish daguerreotypes / calotypes held in local and international collections, as well as for "traditional" prints of Spanish views taken from photographs.  10/22/1997 


Kusnerz, Peggy Ann.  804 Sycamore Place, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104. e-mail:  history and practice of panoramic photography; history of Chinese photography; photography/ers in fiction  3/4/2000 


Kuyten, John.  1102-1010 View Street, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8V 4Y3. voice: 250-361-2936, fax: 250-361-3101, e-mail:  Collector of 19th and 20th Century Cameras and Images with an emphasis on the classic Cameras and Images. A detailed presentation of my present collection may be seen at  4/17/1999 


Lafo, Rachel Rosenfield.  Senior Curator, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. 51 Sandy Pond Road, Lincoln, MA 01773. Phone:781-259-3616, Fax:781-259-3650, e-mail:  20th century American photography with the emphasis on contemporary photography  12/11/1997 


Laing, Ian W.  Box 40082, Waterloo Square PO., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2J 4V1. voice: 519-884-7719, e-mail:  Materials for Hand Colouring B&W hotographs. For some time now I have been compiling data regarding to pre 1930 hand colouring materials and techniques as well as collecting period sets of paints and dyes which were produced and marketed specifically for painting photographs. If anyone would like to exchange information or has pre 1930 photo paint sets or books on hand coloring that they would like to donate or sell, please contact me  3/31/2004 


Laitman, Elizabeth.  The NEWSEUM; The Freedom Forum; 1101 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22209. e-mail:  20th Century American photography; Documentary Photography; Photography/Contemporary Art Criticism; Museums and their roles presenting/interpreting photography; Photographs as records and interpretations of history; Documentary Film; photojournalism  11/9/1997 


Lake, Gretchen L.  Archivist. Address: Alaska and Polar Regions Department, Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska Fairbanks, PO Box 99775-6808, Fairbanks, AK 99775-6808. 907-474-5590(v), 907-474- 6563(f), e-mail:  Photographs of the North and Alaska, and Photography in Alaska and the North.  3/15/1996 


Lakobashvili, Irakli.  79, Uznadze str., TBILISI, Republic of Georgia. voice: + (99532) 959949, fax: + (99532) 250225, e-mail:  Georgian & Caucasian Photography  3/7/1998 


Lamb, Stephen A.  350 Fifth Ave, Suite 7301, NY NY 10018. fax: 212 563-6745, e-mail:  Nineteenth century photography. Collector of quality daguerreotypes, ambrotypes; cartes de visite by recognized early photographers. Photographs by H. Mortimer Lamb.  2/7/1999 


Lambros, Papanikolatos  Kefallinias 37 T.K. 187-57, Amfiali / Pireaus. voice: +3014312503, e-mail:  International photography festivals / biennials / exhibitions / institutions  9/3/2001 


Lamuniere, Michelle C.  3242 Abell Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218. Phone: 410/243-6342, e-mail:  AREA(S) Doris Ulmann, Pictorialism  7/21/1997 


Langer, Sandra.  36 West 17th St. 5th Floor, New York, NY 10011. voice: 212-691-8626, fax: same, e-mail:  Work from 1920 through what we call retro 90s focusing on DecoNoir a term encompassing mostly black and white photographs that deal with subjects and an aesthetic based in film noir sensibilities. These include celebrity portraits, publicity stills, nudes and physical culture particularly of the 1920s through 1940s, other subjects i.e. freaks, cross-dressers, etc., cabaret subjects, popular figures like Betty Page, New York School photography, social realism, surreal abstraction, advertising  7/20/1998 


Larimore, Fred.  University of Pennsylvania, Van Pelt Library, Interlibrary Loan, 3420, Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6206. voice: 215-898-7558, fax: 215-898-1471, e-mail:  Specialize in and collect 19th century photographs (Cased photos, CDV's, Cabinets, & Photo post cards) of soldiers of the British and Indian Armies. These photographs were taken by photographers all over the world. It is normally possible to establish a regimental identification, rank of the subject, and approximate date for the photograph. Further, it is often possible to establish the idenity of individuals in the photographs, especially in the case of officers. When a personal identification can be established the biographical details of the soldiers service can then be researched and written-up. See my website at for examples.  7/1/1997 


Larsen, Jacob.  1599 W. 13400 So. Riverton, Utah, 84065. voice: 801- 254-0363 e-mail:  Adams, Ansel  9/18/1996 


Latour, Ira H. (Hinsdale)  487 Paseo Compañeros, Chico, California 95928. phone: (530) 345-2239, Affiliation: Department of Art and Art History, California State University, Chico. institutional address: First Street, Chico, California 95928. business phone: (530) 898-5331, fax: (530) 345-9644, Web URL:  I am a retired art historian whose field included photographic history. Almost all areas are of interest to me, having been in the field for some time. I am currently "Artist of the Year" of the Twelfth AnnualSan Francisco Elder Arts Celebration. The only photographer so honored in the past was Ruth Bernhard in 1997. My one-person show covers 73 years. I am a contributing writer to "B&W: Black & White Magazine for Collectors of Fine Photography." All but one of my articles so far have been about early postwar European photographers. oI am one of nly three people associated with photography or photographic history still alive who saw the first F.64 Group exhibit at the de Young Museum in 1932. My father, Ira H. Latour, was a founder of the California Photographers Associat ion in 1903. His father, William Latour, is the youngest known American daguerreotypist. Since 1985 when I assisted in the organization of the Edward Weston Centennial exhibition at the Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art, I have been researching and gathering information on California photography. The Center for Creative Photography gave me an Ansel Adams Research Fellowship for this purpose, and the California State University Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association gave me a grant to continue the project. I have been working on the story of the founding by Ansel Adams of the Photography Department at the California School of Fine Arts (now the San Francisco Art Institute) in the fall of 1945. I was in that first class. The date given as the "official" start of the Photography program is the fall of 1946, the class taught by the first full-time instructor, Minor White. At the moment, at least five different individuals or groups are working to publish a book on this period. I have made information available to all of them. My hope is to get the story straight. Please refer to my web site for more details, or contact me directly should you have any questions. Thank you!  8/17/2003 


Lawlor, Michael Christopher.  4th floor, 112 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1G8. voice: 604-689-5408, e-mail:  Artist who uses photographic techniques, but not always a camera, to create contemporary artwork, usually in direct colour (Ilfochrome.) Operate Gallery Sansair, a zero-budget alternate exhibition venue in downtown Vancouver. Interested in issues relating to appropriation, intellectual property rights, shifts in significance of a photograph as time passes, and intersections with memory and culture. My interest and work with early hand coloured-film and glass transparencies was sparked by some lucky finds in junk/antique stores (and my work editing Luis Nadeau's Encyclopedia.) Am printing and want to publish a Magic Lantern travelogue of a 1905 trip across Canada and into the Pacific Northwest with the original lecture as presented by Philadelphia based lecturer Surrick Lincoln.(This collection also contains colour glass slides of Japan, mid-west US parks, and Alaska and the Yukon.)  1/22/1997 


Lawrence, John H.  533 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130, voice: 504. 523.4662, fax: 504.598.7108, e-mail:  My interest is centered on photographs (especially on paper) made in New Orleans and the surrounding area. I am especially interested in late 19th century and 20th century work. These interests include those practitioners recognized as artists (e.g. Clarence John Laughlin, Walker Evans, Joseph W. Whitesell) and those who had commercial practice and accomplished amateur careers  12/15/1996 


Layne, George.  6120 Ensley Drive, Flourown, PA 19031. voice: 215-233-2032, fax: 215-732-8199, e-mail: GEORGELAYNE@AOL.COM  Research, collecting, publishing information and artifacts of the history of photography. Especially interested in the history of photography in Philadelphia and the products and culture of the Eastman Kodak Company. I moderate the List-serv of the International Kodak Historical SOciety ( eGroups - Kodakhistory )  11/13/2000 


Lazic, Dubravka, Mrs  Beogradski Kej 41, 21000 Novi Sad, YU email: lazicz@eunet.yu  1700 - 1920  10/21/2002 


Lebrec, Yves.  1, rue de la Vallée, LE COUDRAY, voice: 06-63-58-38-40, e-mail: and  I realise a book about "a century of photography in Granville". It will be edited in July 2003 with an exhibition in Granville, then in Saint-Lô. I am on a DEA of History of Photography about Victor Fernique "Le premier pèlerinage en Terre Sainte photographié 1878". He was the brother of Albert Fernique, great photographer in Paris.  5/7/2003 


Ledwell, Mary.  77 Grenville St., Toronto, ON. voice: 416-327-1549, e-mail:  History of formats and processes; information about professional and amateur photographers working in Ontario, Canada; uses of historical photographs as evidence; use of photographs by various categories of researchers.  3/7/1998 


Lee, Mack.  Lee Gallery, One Mt.Vernon St., Winchester, MA 01890, USA. Phone: 781-729-7445, Fax: 781-729-4592, e-mail: WWW address or URL:  I've been a dealer in fine 19th and 20th c. vintage photographs for the last 18 years. My gallery is located Winchester, MA. My areas of interest include calotypes, salt prints, esp. British, French, and American. Daguerreotype scenes and occupational portraits. Scenes of the American Civil War, 19th c. American West, Photo-Secessionists, Camera Work, and American photographers from 1900 to 1960 including Abbott, Evans, Hine, Frank, Lange, Noskowiak, Levitt, Bourke-White, Weston, Weegee and others. Recently published: Naturalist Photography: 1880-1920..  2/7/1999 


Leggat, Robert.  1 Aldens Mead, Bedford, Beds., UK. voice: 01234 267809, fax: 01234 405919, e-mail:  Formerly Head of Educational Technology at what is now De Montfort University, currently an Internet and Multimedia consultant. AREA(S): Education in photography (formerly Education Officer of the Royal Photographic Society. Author of "Photography in school: a guide for teachers" (Argus Press, 1975). Currently working on hypertext work: "A History of Photography" on which is intended for students preapring for GCE "A" level or City&Guilds 9231 modules. This work is always being revised, and comments and criticism are welcome.  4/14/1999 


Leiderman, Jimmy.  ShipNet 3-1205, 2240 NW, 87 Ave., Miami, Florida. 33172. e-mail:  19th Century Baseball Photography Historian and Collector. Interested in 1860\'s & 1870\'s CDV\'s, Tintypes, Ambrotypes, Stereoviews and Cabinets depicting single player, team images and action views. Currently working on a 19th Century Baseball stereoviews checklist and early baseball team ID projects. Collection displayed at  8/3/2003 


Leif, Magne Tangen.  John Colletts Allè 110, N-0870 Oslo. voice: +4793646883, e-mail:  Comtemporary photography. the work being done today, which will stand foreward tomorrow?  11/13/2000 


Leijerzapf, Ingeborg Th.  Rapenburg 65, 2311 GJ Leiden, The Netherlands, voice: +31 71 5 27 27 00, fax: +31 71 5 27 26 15, e-mail: Leyerzapf@Rullet.LeidenUniv.NL  Curator of the photographic department at the Art Institute of the University of Leiden. Main interests are the history of Dutch photography from 1839 to the present day; (art) theory; Pictorialism and New Photography; multimedia applications in the field of art history.  9/12/1996 


Leith, Ian.  National Monuments Record, Kemble Drive, Swindon, England. voice: 01793 414730, fax: 01793 414774, e-mail:  Architectural and topographical photography in the UK and Ireland. Documentation sources for photography in the above including biograpical and locational guides. London photographers including Bedford Lemere. Identification of topographical locations for unidentified structures. Earliest known images for specific locations and architects. Architects and sculptors who were also photographers.    


Leobardo, Vidal.  no reeleccion 306 nte., navojoa, sonora, mexico., voice: 91-642-25296, e-mail:  architecture  11/12/1996 


Leonard, Eloise F.  PO Box 1316, Oroville, WA 98844 USA. home phone: 1-509-476-4464. affiliation: Leonard Photography & The Main Street Gallery. business phone: 1-509-476-4464, fax: same as above, email:  I am a professional photographer, and my interest is in all forms of photography from the earliest to the latest. I'm personally involved in and with, a historical reenactment group. The images made during this nations growth, document for all time the importance of preserving the past for future generations. Our group's mission is to work towards that preservation, and photography has been one of the most important factors to acomplishing our goal. I would enjoy hearing from like  2/6/1999 


Levine, Robert M.  1252 Memorial Drive, Ashe 621, Coral Gables, FL 33146. voice: 305 284-5963, fax: 305 284-3558, e-mail:  Published Cuba in the 1850s (on the photographs of Frericks); Images of History (on interpreting Latin American historical photographs). Working on new book on using photographs as documents. Specialist on Brazil and Cuba.  11/8/2000 


Lewis, Garry.  P.O. Box 6916, Ft. Worth, Tx. 76115. e-mail:  the formulas of Harry Champlin. The pictorialist movement of the 30'-40's and its demize. the life, works, and time of William Mortensen.  4/22/1997 


Leyni Yamile Garcia Mota.  7637376447, tezontepec. e-mail: leyni  tezontepec de aldama hidalgo  3/10/2004 


Libersky, Randy.  1550 Hague Ave St Paul MN 55104. home phone: 651-773-2235, email:  Photographers from 1800's to now. Processes and techniques  12/31/2000 


Lieb, Carol.  COMPUTERWORLD 500 Old Ct Path, Framingham, MA 01701, voice: 508-820-8147, e-mail:  Photo Editor for COMPUTERWORLD, a nationally published weekly color newspaper. I search for photographs of current history, information executives, key news events and products that affect technology and the users of computers.  12/27/1996 


Lieber, Erik.  206 President Street, #1, Brooklyn, New York 11231. voice: (718) 625-0234, e-mail:  I'm interested in all aspects of photo history  12/15/1996 


Lieberman, Ronald and Isabel.  THE FAMILY ALBUM, ABAA At the Old Mill, 4887 Newport Road, Kinzers, PA 17535. Phone: 717 442 0220, FAX: 717 442 7904, Internet:,  Daguerreotypes of very high quality in terms of artistic or technical execution. Daguerreotypes of paintings, or other photographic forms used in reproduction and/or documentation. Also of interest are the various painted backdrops used by photographers in the era 1845-1885.  8/31/2006 


Lien, Sigrid.  Parkvei 22b, 5007 University of Bergen, Norway. voice: 55583201, fax: 55589657, e-mail:  Portraiture: both contemporary and historical. Ph.D. thesis about the continuity of the tradition of the modernist portrait tradition in the photographic star representations of the music industry (with emphasis on the work of Anton Corbijn and Pennie Smith)  3/7/1998 


Likar, David.  PO Box 62 Kerrimuir Victoria Australia 3129 Email  Researcher and Collector of prize medals and medals related to photography pre 1920 and Australian Photographs pre 1940. Particular area of interest is 19th Century Photography medals from Great Britain and her Dominions. Eg England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, Canada etc. Special area of research are the medals awarded / issued by the Royal Photographic Society, formerly the Photographic Society of London and the Photographic Society of Great Britain.  9/1/2006 


Lindgren, Don.  601 West 26th Street, room 1201, New York. voice: 212-691-5973, fax: 212-463-8948, e-mail:  Photography at Black Mountain College, NC (1933-1956). Photography by Hazel Larsen Archer, (Hazel Freida Larsen), or Norman Solomon and others. Documentary photography related to artists in the 20th Century, especially the New York School in the 1940's-50's.  7/20/2003 


Lindner, Helmut.  Wittelsbacherstr. 26, D-10707 Berlin, Germany. e-mail:  history of german camera industry  5/18/1997 


Lippmann, Lionel W.  P.O. Box 400, Capitan, NM 883316. voice: (505) 354-2316, fax: (505) 354-2004, e-mail:  I am a collector of images of the American West, with a special interest in 19th century photographs of Lincoln County, NM. I collect all processes from Dags to silver gelatin images. I have a large collection of 4x5 and 5x7 autochromes. I look specifically for tintypes and Ambrotypes depicting life in the 19th century west, though I also have lantern slides, stereoviews, collodion prints, etc. I am more interested in the subject matter than the relative fame of the photographer. This despite the fact that I own a Curtis orotone, several Abbotts, and one William Henry Jackson.  6/30/2000 


Lissovsky, Mauricio.  Escola de Comunicacao/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Mailing Address: Pires de Almeida 52/101, 20240 - 150, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, BRAZIL. Phone: 55-21-265 9096, Fax: 55-21- 2058035, e-mail:  Brazilian Photography; 19th century; Documentary Photography; theoretical and methodological issues.  3/11/1996 


Litle, Conrad  e-mail:  I am doing research to find the date and year that William Henry Jackson executed his photographs of "Lake De Amalia", in the Wind Rivers, Wy., and which he published in 1892.  6/2/2002 


Little, Mark.  Dept of Historical & Critical Studies, University of Northumbria, Newcastle, NE1 8ST, UK, voice: +44(0)191 227 4363, fax: +44(0)191 227 4630, e-mail:  Digital photography, photography as evidence, Czech & Slovak staged photography, contemporary art photography.  10/23/1996 


LLamas, Miguel A.  Casas Grandes 332 Col. Narvarte, México, D.F. 03240 México. voice: (525) 604 6435, fax: (525) 605 4965, e-mail:  Collector of 19th and early 20th century Mexican Photography. I am partuculary interested in 19th century BULLFIGHT PHOTOS.  7/20/1998 


Locke, Chris.  Department of Visual Studies, Norwich School of Art and Design, St. George Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1BB, UK. Phone01603 610561 Fax 01603 615728 e-mail:  Landscape and documentary photography. Historic processess, photo history in education. I am also a publisher of photographic work via the Half Tone Press Ltd. and Second Sight magazine, as well as being a practitioner.  11/29/1995 


Loginov, Alexey.  Sokolnitchesky val,48,ap.59, Moscow,Russian Federation. voice: 7-095-207-29-57, fax: 7-095-207-62-59, e-mail:  I'm a University lecturer and I've been studying history of Russian photography for many years.I write articles and organize exhibitions.I collect vintages and negatives made by Russian photographers from 1850 till 1950.My special interest is history of pictorial photography in Russia and the world.I've got rich biographical data of Russian photographers.I'm searching contacts with people studying history of Russian photography.  12/31/2000 


Lola, B.  R Arthur Itabirano #302, Belo Horizonte /Minas Gerais /31275020. voice: 0314434040, fax: 0314434040, e-mail:  African and Australian colonization, XIX century photography, XIX century portraits, XIX century unusual portraits, XIX century erotic portraits  4/17/1999 


Lomnicki, R. Marek.  Museum of the History of Photography in Krakow, 16 Jozefitow St. 30-045, Krakow, Poland voice: (+48 12) 634-59-32, mail:  Early history of photography, camera obscura. Pinhole photography.  9/1/2006 


Lopez, Daniel.  Union City NJ, 07087. e-mail:  I am doing research for school and looking for info on John Heartfield.  11/12/1996 


Lorin, Fran.  P.O. Box 4732, Albuquerque, NM 87196. e-mail:  Photography of Jacques Lartigue, Alfred Stieglitz, and Susan Rankaitis; Computer Photography; Photography and Technology; B & W Photography.  3/26/1997 


Lowell, Jack.  187 Helen Hocker, Elk City Ok. 73644. voice: 580-225-6883, e-mail:  19th century photographs ( Latour-D.L.Cook-L.T. Miller-Costello-J.V. Dabbs]  7/20/2003 




Lowry, Bates and Isabel.  255 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA 02115. voice: 617-247-9787, e-mail:  hand-colored photography; daguerreotypes  2/8/2001 


Luijt, Wim.  Netherlands. fax: 31-842-123504, e-mail:  photographic industry of Czechoslovakia (MEOPTA, Kolar, Birnbaum, Druopta Fritz Kaftanski - Minifex - Sida - Fex - Kafta - Secam Talbot Berlin - Wundergranate - Ferrotypes bakelite cameras publication: Fritz Kaftanski, inventeur et dstributeur de l'appareil populaire [in French; F.K. inventor and manufacturer of popular cameras] Bulletin du Club Niepce Lumiere, no 95. Lyon France ISSN 0291-6479  6/30/2000 


Lukitsh, Joanne.  Mass College of Art 621 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115. voice: 617-232-1555 x320, fax: 617-566-4034 Att: Department of Critical Studies. e-mail:  Victorian photography; Julia Margaret Cameron; photographic books; theory and criticism  4/17/1999 


Lyford, Amy J.  University of California, Berkeley; mailing address: 405 Doe Library, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720. Phone: (510) 256-1243, e-mail:  20th Century, esp. surrealism; gender and photographic representation; self-portraiture; street photography/snapshot  1/17/1996 


Mace, O. Henry.  28550 Tiger Creek Rd., Pioneer, CA 95666. voice: 209-295-2258, fax: 209-295-2258, e-mail:  Author of Collector's Guide to Early Photographs. Specialist in the history, collecting, restoration, and preservation of 19th century photographs, particularly cased images.  3/26/1997 


MacKimmie, Robert.  3637 Fillmore Street, Studio 201, San Francisco, CA 94123. Phone: 415-346-6398, e-mail:  Formerly Director of Photography at the California Historical Society in San Francisco from 1988-1996; currently a collection development, preservation and digital conversion-cataloging-access consultant. All areas and processes in the history of photography of interest with particular emphasis on early California photographers and computerization of photographic collections.  8/26/1996 


Mackta, Jess.  POB 20776, NY NY 10025. e-mail: jlm@U.Arizona.EDU  The development of photographic agencies such as Magnum/Black Star; Austrian and German photography from the 1920s, complimenting the Successionist movement; critical theory of photography. Currently work at Corbis-Bettmann Archive as account rep in electronic media.  12/11/1997 


Magalhaes, Manuel  Rua Pedro Escobar, 36 1º. Dtº - 4150-596 Porto, Portugal. e-mail:  19 th Century photography; portuguese photography/photographs; books, etc. web url: or  2/1/2005 


Magali and Millard.  264 Greystone Ln., Rochester NY 14618. voice: 716 461 2245, fax: 716 461 2245, e-mail:  Interest in historical processes / daguerreotype / salted paper / albumen / carbon / platinum  11/22/1996 


Magee, Curtis.  422 Hooper St. phone: 718302 0344, email:  non-silver emulsion practicioners, London Salon and Paris Photo Club  6/10/1999 


Main, William (Bill).  93 Burma Road, Wellington.4. New Zealand. voice: 04 4797644, e-mail:  Photography and photographers in the Pacific Basin 1840-1900 plus sterographs of this region. Also magic lantern slides of any description featuring New Zealand.  3/7/1998 


Majluf, Natalia.  Av. JosÉ Pardo 562, Miraflores, Lima - Perú. voice: (511) 435-0789, fax: (511) 423-6332, e-mail:  19th century Peru and Bolivia. Early 20th century Peruvian photography.  7/1/1997 


Maklansky, Steven.  New Orleans Museum of Art, PO Box 19123, New Orleans, LA, 70179. voice: 504-483-2636, fax: 504-484-6662, e-mail:  Future exhibitions: "Naked Truths", Photography and the Children's Book. Recent exhibiitons: E.J. Bellocq,Significant Others:Photography and Monogamy, Cameraderie: A Relational Approach to Photographic History. General Interests: vernacular photography, crime scene photography, Photographs in the Art Museum context,etc.  12/12/1997 


Malcolmson  6 Cecil Grove Southsea PO5 3BT. affiliation: Royal Navy Submarine Museum. web URL: email:  I am interested in photographers who were taking photographs of Royal Navy subjects from the earliest times to about the end of WW I. I am particularly interested in Hampshire based photographers around the port area involved in portraits and social history type subjects.  9/14/2003 


Manford, Steven.  P.O. Box 81, Station B, 119 Spadina Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6V H1A. e-mail:  Man Ray Rayographs, Photograms, Man Ray, Dada & Surrealist Photography, Contemporary Canadian Photography. Currently preparing a monograph and exhibition of the complete work of Man Ray Rayographs. Co-authored by Man Ray authority Timothy Baum.  5/18/1997 


Manning, Daniel.  P.O. Box 10, 9 Maple Avenue, Ridgely, MD 21660. voice: 410-634-2658, e-mail:  I am a professional photographer and have an interest in geneology, old cameras, and old photographic processes.  3/26/1997 


Mansfield, Brian.  +44(0) 181.856.8477 Phone and Fax, e-mail:  Early processed and materials in particular as used in Radiography and medical photography.  7/7/1996 


Marable, Darwin.  (Ph.D., University of New Mexico, dissertation: "Surrealism & American Photography, 1910-1970") lecturer, history and criticism of photography, University of California Berkeley Extension, curator and critic, 337 S. Lucille Lane, Lafayette, CA 94549. Phone: 510-283-8403.  20th centruy photography; Surrealism & American Photography; Crucifixion in Photography & Art; Spirituality & Art; Criticism; Humor and Photography; Interdisciplinary approaches to photographic education; Visual Dialogue Foundation, San Francisco; Oliver Gagliani  6/3/1998 


March Dick.  PO Box 131, Horseheads, NY 14845. voice: 607-737-0542, fax: 607-735-0299, e-mail:  1850-70 period photojournalism field equip, equip Mfgs. & specs., equip reproduction sources, process & techniques, people & biographies & diaries. Also I am interested 1940-45 period photo journalism, Graflex and Bell & Howell 16mm user & technique publications, process & techniques, people & biographies & diaries.  12/12/1997 


Margolis, Eric.  Division of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-2411. voice: (602) 965-0131, fax: 602 965-1880, e-mail:  Interpretation of historical and documentary photographs. Visual sociology.  2/28/1997 


Marien, Mary Warner.  Dept. of Fine Arts, 308 Bowne Hall,Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244-1200, voice: 315-443-4184, fax: 315-443-4186,  AREAS: 19th century photography, 19th and 20th century photographic theory and criticism, Adirondack photography  2/6/1999 


Marignier, Jean-Louis.  Université Paris-Sud. Bat. 350. 91405 Orsay. voice: 33 1 69 15 75 69, fax: 33 1 69 15 61 88, e-mail:  I am interested in the invention of photography by Nicephore Niepce. My work is based on the study of the original manuscripts from Niepce and on revisiting experimentally the photographic process i.e : the Heliography invented by Niépce alone before 1829. This process gives engraved images which can be used in printing processes or black and white image on silver plates. My work had led also to the rediscovery of an unknown process invented by Niepce and Daguerre in 1832 during their collaboration. They called this process : Physautotype. My work is also devoted on the history of photomechanical processes and on the very first photographic processes on paper namely the direct positive one used by Bayard.  3/4/2000 


Marillier, Paul.  4, rue de Brie, 94520 Mandres-les-Roses. voice: 33+145988341, fax: 33+145988659, e-mail:  Historian of early photography, with a special interest in Niépce and Daguerre works. Also a collector and an expert in rare antique cameras. Member of the Société Française de Photographie (Board Council). Our website "Collodions & Clopinettes" at presents my works, as well as articles by the late Pierre G. Harmant, R. Derek Wood (UK) and Jacques Roquencourt (Société L.J.M. Daguerre). It's mainly a bilingual site.  12/31/2000 


Marinho, Luiz.  Av Acoce, 52, Sao Paulo SP 04075020. voice: 55 11 5052 1206, fax: 55 11 5052 1083 e-mail:  Studying the History of the XIX century foreign photographer, established in Brazil, Guilherme Gaensly(Wilhelm Gänsli) and his parents from Frauenfeld / Swiss. Any information regarding members of this family will be very helpful.  12/31/2000 


Marins-Oliveira, Mirtes Ms.  Rua Manoel Pereira Gurgel, 11, home phone: 011 7085 13 04, fax: 011 7085 13 04, email:  I have a master degree about school photography during the 19 th century. That's my interest.  7/20/1998 


Marr, Carolyn.  Museum of History and Industry, 2700 24th Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98112, (206) 324-1126, (206) 324-1346     12/11/1995 


Marriner, Polli.  PO Box 14 Stratford. New Zealand. home phone: 0640212159660, email:  Chemigrams, Chromoskedasic, Light Drawings  9/14/2003 


Marsh, Anne.  Department of Visual Arts, Monash University, CLAYTON, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, 3168, (w) 61-3-9905 4224 (h) 61-3-9531 1414, (w) 61-3-9905 4209 e-mail:  Teaches undergraduate courses in the History and Theory of Photography. Board Member of the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia. Establishing on-line photography courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Currently writing a book on the performative aspects of photography, 1839 to the present. Photography critic for the Herald Sun (newspaper) since 1994. See  8/7/1996 


Marsh, Jan M.  2804 W. 73rd Street, Prairie Village, KS 66208, phone: 913-262-7335, e-mail:  Late 19th - early 20th century glass plate negatives; lantern slides; digital manipulation of historical images  7/24/1999 


Marshall, Philip H.  Department of Psychology, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409. Home phone: 806-742-3727, email:  AREA(S):19th and 20th century Brazil.  4/17/1999 


Martín Márquez, Alberto.  AVDA. VICTOR GALLEGO, 23, 5º AZAMORA (SPAIN). voice: 34 980 67 00 66, fax: 34 980 67 00 66, e-mail:  Investigation about the photographic history of Zamora and Salamanca in Spain.  4/17/1999 


Marusek, James A.  RR 6, Box 442, Bloomfield, IN 47424. phone: (812) 384-0853, email:  Nineteenth-century Indiana photographers & dating techniques from photograph attributes.  6/2/2000 


Mascarenhas de Lemos, Eduardo  Av D Afonso Henriques 46, Coimbra - Portugal. voice: 351+96+5159668, e-mail:  Beach in general, bathing and bathing machine, history, architetur. Arquitectura efemera da praia. spiaggia, plage playa. Portugal, España, France, Italia, Brighton, and old German-Prussian beach, from XIX to 2002.  10/21/2002 


Massengill, Steve.  103 Buckden Place, Cary, NC 27511. voice: 919-851-5221, fax: 919-7331354, e-mail:  I am interested in the names and locations of photographers in North Carolina from 1842 to 1941. I am compiling a biographical directory of those who worked in North Carolina during these years. Thus far I have located some 2,300 names and have compiled an extensive list of sources.  4/25/2002 


Massimo, Bertacchi.  via Battisti, 39. Sassuolo (MO) 41049. voice: 0536 811000, fax: idem, e-mail:  I'm interested in the development of 135 cameras, I collect innovative 135 reflex cameras, from Sport/Kine Exakta since the first autofocus.  4/17/1999 


Matthews, Thomas.  14744 Washington Ave. # 219, San Leandro,CA. voice: 519-352-9381, e-mail:  Photogtaphy as ART ..Weston..Adams, et al I am a historian trained at IFA..Krautheimer,Offner, Eisler, et al.  3/4/2000 


Mattison, David.  2236 Kinross Ave., Victoria, BC, Canada, V8R 2N5. voice: 250-387-3401, fax: 250-270-2210, e-mail:  Photographers and cinematographers of British Columbia, Canada, in the 19th century and 20th century to 1950. Monographs include Camera Workers: The British Columbia Photographers Directory, 1858-1900 (1985), and Eyes of a City: Early Vancouver Photographers, 1868-1900 (1986). The online version of Camera Workers: The British Columbia, Alaska & Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950 is at or via the Library and Archives of Canada's electronic collection at A complete bibliography of my writings, including a survey of significant international Web databases of historical photographs published in Searcher magazine ("Images of History on the Web", May 2002,, can be found at. My Web addresse:  3/20/2003 


Mauad, Ana, Maria.  Rua Batista da Costa 15/101, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. home phone: 55-21-2593752, affiliation: Universidade Federal Fluminense, institutional address: Campus Universitario do Gragoata, Bloco O, sala 201. business phone: 55 -21-6208360, fax: 55-21-6208360, web url: email:  Photography as a historical source; social uses of photography; photojournalism; family photography from XIXth and XXth centuries, semiotics of photography and photography language.  7/20/1998 


Maurice, Philippe.  Box 24008 Tower Postal Outlet, Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P2K6. voice: 403-547-9179, e-mail:  Photohistorian; Prairie Canada pre-1900, general photography history, stereophotography, daguerreotypy; Museum Curator; Conservator; Consultant; Lecturer; Author, including "Catching The Sun" 6-vol compilation of Prairie Canada photographers, have published with National Museum Science & Technology, Alberta Musuems Association, Glenbow Museum, ARSAG France, others; private collector of photographica pre-1900.  2/6/1999 


Mautz, Carl.  228 Commercial St., #522, Nevada City, CA 95959. Phone:916-478-1610, Fax:916-478-0466, e-mail:  19th century photography, particularly photography in California and the West, including studio photography.  10/20/1995 


McAdory, Jeff.  495 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN. voice: 901-529-2591, e-mail:  Memphis & Mid-South photography, particularly photojournalism.  3/4/2000 


McArdle, James.  Latrobe University Bendigo, P.O Box 199 Bendigo, Victoria, Australia 3550, Phone: +61 54 447 206, Fax: +61 54 447 953, e-mail:  The contemporary and historical photographic portrait. Particular interest in the group portrait and the use of environment in the image. Historical and current practice in the uses of focus as an expressive and symbolic device, especially in the portrait. Photojournalism in Australia in the 1960's, particularly in relation to nationalism; The spiritual in photography.  12/5/1995 


McBrierty, Conor.  4 Ashgrove, Seacrest. Galway, Ireland. voice: +353 91 590657, e-mail:  I am primarily interested in the work (photographic and written) of Ralph Eugene Meatyard. even the smallest scraps of information will be gratefully received. I also need my own copy of "The familly album of Lucybell Crater".  8/29/1997 


McCarroll, Stacey  Boston University Art Gallery, 855 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215. voice: 617/353-4672, fax: 617/353-4509, e-mail:  The history of women in photography. Imogen Cunningham, Nell Dorr, and Sally Mann. Harry Callahan. Issues of public and private in relation to photographic practice. West Coast Pictorialism.  6/2/2002 


McCarroll, Stacey.  Boston University, Art History Department. 725 Commonwealth Avenue. Boston, MA 02215. Phone:617/353-2520, Fax:617/353-3243, e-mail:  women and photography--19th and 20th century. The implications of photographic theory and practice on issues of gender, sexuality, race, and class.  4/22/1997 


McCarthy, Rosalina.  Archival Photographic Information Service is a New Zealand , Nelson and World Wide historical news clipping service covering a wide range of photographic related topics and photographers - augmented in some cases with other historical documentation covering the period 1841 - 1961. Advertising, personal information, general photographic news clippings held on NZ & World wide photography, photographers etc. Enquiries need to be topic specific e.g. Which branch of photography e.g. Aerial, medical, forensic etc or name of cameras, films, photographer etc.and what the enquirer wishes to specifically know. Early Cinematography historical information is also held. In case you are wondering, it took me ten years to go through all the newspapers here from 1841 to 1961 scanning out EVERY reference to photography that forms the hard copy data base held by my Archives.  7/20/2003 


McCaughey, Harrison.  61 Irving Ave., Pascoag, R.I. 02859, voice: 401-5680944, e-mail:  1. World War II era, esp. Navy related. 2. 19th Century photographs, cdv. 3. Restoration of damaged photographs. 4. Digital technology. 5. Career information  11/22/1996 


McCracken, Joan.  Pictorial Reference Service, Alexander Turnbull Library, PO Box 12-349, Wellington, New Zealand. Phone:064 4 4743056, Fax:064 4 4743063, e-mail:  New Zealand photography; photography in the Pacific; women photographers  10/27/1995 


McCullough John M.  212 Broadway. email:  street Photography, history past to present.  4/17/1999 


McCusker, Carol.  P.O. Box 242, Mechanicsville, PA 18934. Phone: 215-794-0716, e-mail:  I am a PhD in photo-history from the University of New Mexico. My interest is in photojournalism from 1935-1955 (particularly Robert Capa & his Hollywood connections), and its intersection with film, newsreels, journalism, radio, and literature. (2000/04/16)  4/16/2000 


McDevitt, Kathleen M.  1224 West Chester Pike, C-15, West Chester, PA. voice: 610-431-7167, e-mail:  My grandfather, Thomas C. Willson was the first school photographer in the United States. Thomas C. Willson was also and inventor of the first camera used for school photography which he invented in 1898. It was finally approved for patented in 1920. He trained hundreds of photographers and sent them throughout the United States to take pictures. They would send back a magazine box with the exposed film inside. He was a manufacturer of the camera and a contact printing machine. My goal is to educate the public about their contribution to photography.  7/20/1998 


McElroy, Rob.  Buffalo, NY. voice: 716-877-3000, e-mail:  Contemporary daguerreotypist, commercial photographer, dealer in photographic equipment and vintage images. Collector and researcher of all things relating to the history of photography. Especially interested in early photographic books, ephemera, and equipment from the daguerreotype and pictorialist eras, and anything relating to photographers from Buffalo and Western New York. Co-authored a book on the Photo Pictorialists of Buffalo and also on the photographic history of Niagara Falls.  5/22/2000 


McLemore, Marcus.  1191 E.W.Reserve Rd., Poland, Ohio 44514. voice: (330)-757-4617 or (330)-757-2355, e-mail:  Serious Collector of American Civil War Images. I research Civil War Data to determine identifications and histories of soldiers depicted in C.D.V.'s, Tintypes, Albumens, Ambrotypes, Dag's, and Magic Lantern Slides. I am interested in anything Civil War especially the following:C.D.V.'s with Ohio,N.York, and Pennsylvania Photographers backmarks. Antique Dog photos, 19th century Scottish Highlander images.  3/26/1997 


McLennan, Brett.  Division of Visual Art, La Trobe University, Bendigo, Victoria 3550, Australia. Ph: + 6 1 54 447 210 Fax: + 6 1 54 447 953 e-mail:  Digital Imaging, Sexuality and Gender, Media and Cultural representation, Photographic Theory and Practice  3/15/1996 


McQuade, Glenis.  email:  Photos from 1850-1880, also poems and sketches, Scotland, England, Europe and Canada  3/6/2005 


McShane, Megan Colleen.  Department of Art History, Emory University, Atlanta GA 30322. Phone: (404)248-1512, Fax:(404) 727- 2358. e-mail:  Chicago Bauhaus Photography. Georgy Kepes and L. Moholy-Nagy.  3/15/1996 


McWilliams, John N.  4555 N. Pershing Ave. #33-370, Stockton, CA. 95207. voice: (209)952-3855, fax: (209)952-5013, e-mail:  I am most interested in photographic documentation of the American West during the 1840s & 50s. My personal collection is focused primarily on portraits of Mexican War soldiers, 49ers, Texas Rangers and armed civilians, they are daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and salt prints. I have collected these images over a span of fifteen years and have made them available to both researchers and publishers. My wife and I also produce a Spring and Fall catalog,"ONE NATION HISTORIC ANTIQUES", devoted to nineteenth century photographs. The catalog is fully illustrated and contains hundreds of items from daguerreotypes to real photo post cards.  8/20/1997 


Meade, Michael.  14 Hilton Rd., Mt Holly, NJ 08060. voice: 609-265- 0125, e-mail:  I am interested in the developement of the photo fininishing equipment. I am currently investigating the companies that created the equipment for use in the photo labs and tracing that history from the days of George Eastmans's release of the camera to the 1 Hour Processing of today.  4/22/1997 


Meimary, Tony.  86-35 Queens BLVD, ELMHURST, NY 11373, voice: 718 4241672, e-mail:  Planches phototypiques and or Phototypie by F.GENOULIAT - Marseille, The Islamic Art World in Egypt the MUSEE ARABE 1946  3/7/1998 


Meissner, Betsi.  Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona, P.O. Box 210102, Tucson, AZ 85721-0103. voice: 520/621-7969, fax: 520.621.9444, e-mail:  Currently working on M.A. thesis on Marion Palfi. Also interested in photography of the 1855 Exposition in Paris.  4/17/1999 


Mellby, Julie.  Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH 43697. voice: 419-255-8000, e-mail:  Curator of graphic arts  3/4/2000 


Melton, H Keith.  21476 Burnside Court,Boca Raton, FL 33433. voice: 561-682-9669, e-mail:  Microphotography and the use of Microdots for clandestine communication. I am the author of ULTIMATE SPY and several other books on the technology of espionage. I have an extensive collection of microdot cameras and espionage devices.  6/19/2003 


Melton, Sam, R.  1481 Sawdust #336 The Woodlands Tx, 77380. phone: 281.364.1987, affiliation: Sam Houston State University, email:  20th Century Photography. The artists that came from RISD, Callahan, Siskind, Gowin, etc. Writ    


Mendelson, Jordana.  27A Taylor St., Champaign, IL 61820. voice: 217-333-7138. e-mail:  20th century photography, with particular interest in Spanish, documentary, and architectural photography.  3/4/2000 


Mendes, Ricardo.  CCSP/Centro Cultural Sao Paulo/Divisao de Pesquisas/ETP Fotografia - Equipe Tecnica de Pesquisas em Fotografia, coordinator. Rua Vergueiro n.1000 - Sao Paulo/SP - BRASIL - 01504-000. tel: 55-011-277-3611 r.262, fax: 55-011-277-3611 r.202, e-mail:  Contemporary Brazilian Photography - 20 th century - in the state of Sao Paulo; urban landscape - 19th and 20th century. The team is responsible for documentary research on the photographic scene in Sao Paulo, collecting documents about exhibitions, books, teaching and seminars.  11/6/1995 


Mendez, Patricia.  Ladines 2450, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA. voice: 54 - 11 - 45721743, fax: 54 - 11 - 45721743, e-mail:  History of Latin American photography; Photographers in Buenos Aires, 1870 - 1920; In Buenos Aires, early architectural photography (1850 - 1920)  11/13/2000 


Menkman, Lotte.  Lebretweg 78, Oosterbeek, The Netherlands, 6861 ZZ. voice: 026.3336038, fax: 026.3334138, e-mail:  XIX century photographs of the city: architecture as well as townscapes.  4/17/1999 


Messier, Paul.  60 Oak Square Ave., Boston, MA. voice: 617 782 7110, fax: 617 782 7414, e-mail:  Conservation and preservation of photographs. Technical history of photography. Albumen photographs.  6/30/2000 


Meyer, Leon, D.  Senior Picture Editor, Hulton Getty Picture Collection, 21-31 Woodfield Road, London W9 2BA, UK. business phone: +44 171 579 5747, fax: +44 171 266 2658, web url: email:  Photo Journalism, especially British press photography, emigre photographers from Europe. 19th Century -- London Stereoscopic Company. Performing Arts. Palestine and Israel.  3/4/2000 


Meyer, Mary.  152 High Pointe Lane, Cedar Hill, TX 74104. voice: 972-299-9617, e-mail:  I am interested in the history of traveling photographers in southern America in the late 1800's, also photographic transfer technique to silk handkerchiefs. I have old letters written (1890's) by my grandfather (B. N. Powell) who was a traveling photographer.  6/27/2003 


Meyer, Robert.  Chr. Krohg gt 2, Oslo. voice: +4790038292, fax: +4790278292, e-mail:  General photohistory (innovations /developments /interactions); Specialities: Art history (trad. art /contemporary art), Early photohistory, Process history, Norwegian (and Nordic) photohistory, Landscape photography, etc.  9/3/2001 


Michaelson, Mark.  268 West 12th St. #4E, New York, NY 10014. e-mail:  Antique and vintage police mugshots. 1890's-1970's  12/31/2000 


Michaud, Alain  7 rue du Cap, Saint-André-de-Kamouraska. voice: 418-493-9926, e-mail:  Ph.D. in visual anthropology. Mexican photography. Photorepresentations of the indigenous Mexico. Phography as a means of producing knowledge, power and identity. Visual sociology and anthropology.  5/7/2003 


Micklewright, Nancy.  Dept. of History in Art, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2 Canada. 604 721 7943 604 721 7941 e-mail:  19th century photography in the Middle East, women photographers, Canadian photography  4/2/1996 


Mikash, Debbi.  PO Box 1579, Colorado Springs, CO 80901. voice: 1- 719-531-6333, e-mail:  Colorado  7/23/1997 


Mikneviciute, Erika.  Pusu8-7 Kalviskes, Vilnius Lithuania. voice: +37068260594, e-mail:  relation between society and early photography; how did photography changed society?  4/25/2002 


Miley, Noel.  48 Brushy Creek Road, Lenah Valley, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7008. voice: 03 62789348, fax: 03 62289019, e-mail:  Tasmanian Photography to 1914. Thomas Young - Tasmanian Photographer. Representation of Gender in Photography to 1860. Erotic Photography of the 19th Century.  5/18/1997 


Miller, Anthony.  34 Perryfalls Place, Baltimore, Md. 21236. voice: 410-256-7442, fax: 410-256-7442, e-mail:  I am a wet-plate photographer and historian of the process. I collect early photographic equipment from this era as well as build replica equipment and cameras to further my knowledge of the craft.I have also been supplying equipment for various reenactors and art photographers around the country that are also experimenting with wet-plate. I do exhibitions of the process as well as contract work in architectural and scenic photography. Will correspond or answer questions on the process..  2/7/1999 


Miller, D.E.  PO Box 1054, Edmonds, WA 98020. e-mail:  Researching women photographers 1860-1915. Interested in locating collections of their work and any information on their lives and life-styles.  9/3/2001 


Miller, Deborah L.  Minnesota Historical Society, 345 Kellogg Blvd. West, St. Paul, MN 55102. tel: 612-297-4464  Use of photos as historical sources; ethnic photos  9/6/1996 


Miller, Howard S. (Dick).  205 Kern, Morro Bay CA. 3442, e-mail:  Years ago, before I retired, I completed most of the research for an article on the introduction of photographic evidence in 19th century court proceedings. The working title, taken from a legal joural article in the 1840s, is "The Hearsay of the Sun." Now I want to finish up the project unless somebody else has, in the meantime, said everything that needs to be said. I desire to contact others up on the latest research (say, in the last decade).  4/17/2001 


Milligan, Patricia.  email:  Victorian women photographers, research regarding feminists who've used photography for political purposes  7/24/1999 


Minor, Joelle.  P.O. Box 40, Princess Anne, MD 21853. Telephones: 410-651-2895 and 970-728-9390  19th and early 20th century photographic images of the West, 19th century women photographers  10/23/1996 


Miranda, Catarina.  rua 25 de abril, 352 2 esq, 4700-914 Braga. voice: 00.351.96.2502532, e-mail:  photography and paiting  7/20/2003 


Mirzoeff, Nicholas D.  Dept of Art SUNY Stony Brook NY 1794-5400. phone: 516 632 9257, email:  Beginnings and ends of photography; race and representation; cultural theory; deafness and photography .  2/7/1999 


Missika, Adrien  e-mail:  Old techniques such as daguerrotype, pinhole cameras..To infography and digital imaging in contemporary art  7/27/2003 


Mitchell, James J.  P. O. Box 580667, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74158. voice: 918-838-7281, fax: 918-835-7529, e-mail:  Member of (American Photographic Historical Society). Primary interest ... "turn-of-the-century" photography and WWI photography. Particularly interested in historical panoramics ... upstate New York.  2/6/1999 


Mittersakschmoeller, Reinhold.  Zieglergasse 47/8, Vienna, 1070. e-mail:  19th century native types and ethnographic photography in particular Western and indigenous photographers residing in Insular Southeast Asian during this period.  6/4/2004 


Mizgala, Johanna.  National Archives of Canada, 344 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3. voice: 613.996.7778, fax: 613.995.6575, e-mail:  contemporary photography, photography and memory, authochromes.  6/30/2000 


Moore, Thomas.  100 Museum Drive, Newport News, Virginia, 23606. voice: 757-591-7755, fax: 757-591-7312, e-mail:  19th and 20th century maritime photographs and photographers  11/8/2000 


Morch, Andreas T.  Rigensgade 5, 1316 Copenhagen K. voice: (+45) 33 14 14 08, e-mail:  I am working as a Research Librarian at The Royal Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen, Denmark. Parts of my daily work involve classification and handling of old photographs. Apart from this I am a long time collector of old photographs, mainly from the Scandinavian countries. For almost 6 years I have been President of the Danish Photohistorical Society.  3/4/2000 


Moriarty, Stephen R.  Snite Museum of Art, U. of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556. Phone:219-631-4722, Fax:219-631-8501, e-mail:  As curator of the photography collection, and a professor of the history of photography, I am interested in all periods. I have a special interest in early 19th century French and British photography, as we are the repository of the Janos Scholz collection of early European photographs. My own personal work consists of a ten-year study of the war and "peace" in El Salvador.  12/5/1995 


Moroux, Philippe.  Rijklof van Goensstraat 71, 2593 EG The Hague. voice: +31 70 381 60 14 Teacher of photography at Sint Joost Academy of Art of Breda and Academie MINERVA of Groningen. Rijklof van Goensstraat 71 / 2593 EG - The Hague / NL. Phone: +31 (70) 3478613 [home], Fax: +31 (76) 5250305 [school], e-mail: or, URL:  Pictorialism.  2/23/2000 


Morris, Richard.  Long Gable, Cherrytree Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks SL9 9DQ. voice: home: +1753 883820 office:+1784 431341, fax: +1784 472879, e-mail: OR  Early 19th Century pioneers especially John Dillwyn Llewelyn (1810-82) a founder Council Member of Royal Photographic Society. Silver Medal of Honour Paris 1855. Married Emma Thomasina Talbot, cousin of Henry Fox Talbot. MPhil from Brunel University on research on Llewelyn. Practicing calotypist using Talbot's process - runs occasional workshops. FRPS for historical research. Member European Society for the History of Photography; Scottish Society for History of Photography.  3/7/1998 


Morse, Rebecca.  830 S. Fairfax Ave., #6, Los Angeles, CA 90036, voice: 323-549-0848, e-mail:  Scholarship surrounding the work of Robert Heinecken in the early 1970s. The photo stamp, late 19th century.  4/17/1999 


Mosch, Steven P.  Photography Department Chair, Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), Photography Department, 101 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Savannah, GA, 31402-3146. Phone: 912-238-2469, Fax: 912- 238-2436, e-mail:  AREA(S) of interest in the history of photography: All areas, 20th century in general, 19th & 20th century landscape in particular. My interest and experience is more as a practicing photographer than a scholar or trained historian.  10/30/1996 


Moyssen, Xavier.  Av. Morones Prieto 4500 pte., Garza Garcia, N.L., Mex. 66238. voice: (8) 338 50 51, fax: (8) 338 58 72, e-mail:  XIX siecle in Mexico Northeast area. Local and alien photographers. And as an art critic, the contemporary works.  9/12/1996 


Munro, Heather R.  Lilly Library, Bloomington, IN 47405, 812-855- 2452, e-mail:  The use of historical photographs for reference purposes in a research facility, 19th/early 20th century American genre photography, 19th/early 20th century American family photography, 19th/early 20th century American landscape photography, American photographic postcards.  8/2/1996 


Myers, Jim.  217 1/2 S. Canyon, Carlsbad, NM 88220, voice: 505/885- 3222, fax: 505/885-2248, e-mail:  archeology, geology, history, entertainment, education, art, science, mathematics are all illustrated poetically through photography... I promote these possibilities through radio, print, and Internet activities...  9/30/1996 


Nacy, Philip.  129 Fine Arts Bldg / Univ. MO, Columbia, MO 65211. voice: 573-442-8742 / 573-884-6809, e-mail:  Writing a Ph.D dissertation on theatrical photography in 19th century America. How did the development of photography affect the theatre industry? What influence did theatrical style have on the photographic aesthetic? Interested in all 19th century theatrical photography, practices, processes, photographers and studios specializing in theatrical subjects (e.g., Sarony, Vandamm, Byron etc.)  3/7/1998 


Nadeau, Luis.  P.O. Box 221, Station A, Fredericton, NB, Canada E3B 4Y9. fax: (506)450-2718, e-mail: NADEAUL@NBNET.NB.CA  Research toward the next edition of my _Encyclopedia of Printing, Photographic and Photomechanical Processes_ and my upcoming books on photoceramics and curator's and conservator's guide to the technical assessment of prints and photographs. Training and consulting in technical provenance, print examination, permanent and facsimile reproductions. Editioning in permanent Fresson pigment prints. Collecting specimens of prints and building research databases for my own research center/museum.  4/22/1997 


Naef, Weston.  Curator of Photographs, The J. Paul Getty Museum. 1000 Getty Center Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90049-1681, tel: (310) 451- 6589, fax: (310) 319-1618 e-mail:  AREA(S) (the Getty): The collection was established in 1984 with the the acquisition of several important private collections including those of Sam Wagstaff, Arnold Crane, Andre Jammes, Volker Kahmen and Georg Heusch, Bruno Bischofberger and others. We would like to to increase information in our files on the following general subjects: Amateur photographers in India before 1860; F. Beato in India, China, Japan, Burma; Carleton Watkins, and the Mammoth plate in California; photography at the Bauhaus. We are in the process of moving to a new Museum facility and the photographs collection will be closed to visitors between August 1996 and December 1997. Anyone who wishes to receive information about future activities may send their name and address to my attention.  8/25/1996 


Nassar, Issam  67315 Jerusalem, home phone: 972 2 298 9108, Affiliation: Institute of Jerusalem Studies  Early photography of the Middle east, Palestine, Jerusalem. Arab photography, Jewish photography in Palestine.  11/25/2003 


Navarrete, Jose Antonio.  Merida. voice: (5874)660.924, fax: (5874)660.924, e-mail:  Born in Cuba and now residence in Venezuela, one of the leading historians in the country  7/20/1998 


Navarro, Ignacio.  SQS 308-Bloco A-ap. 605, Brasilia (DF) 70355-010 - BRAZIL. voice: 55(061) 347-3980, fax: Idem, e-mail:  Living in Brasilia, the futuristic capital of Brazil, my interests include architectural photography, graphism, special effects by light, etc. I'm a 44 year old free-lancer photojournalist and also interested in Portuguese and Brazilian literature & poetry. Also I'm interesting in the digital tecnologies for photography, like photoshop software, CD capacities for storage photos, scanner techniques, etc.  11/9/1997 


Nedney, Mark.  1825 Lincoln Ave., Apt 311, San Rafael, Ca 94901. voice: 415-419-8427, e-mail:  I collect 19th century photography. My collecting interests are mostly in the area of Cabinet Cards and Carte Visites. I have a interest in all areas of 19th Century Photographers and processes. I have spent time as a docent for two Photographic Museums. My interests also are in preservation of photographs and classification.  2/8/2001 


Nemanic, Douglas.  23 Tamarind Drive, Gunnison, Co 81230. voice: 970-641-0338, e-mail:  Photojournalism and Documentary, Still Photography, Film, Video  3/4/2000 


Nemanic, Mary Lou.  23 Tamarind Drive, Gunnison, Co 81230. voice: 970-641-0338, e-mail:,  Photojournalism and Documentary, Still Photography, Film, Video  3/4/2000 


Nes, Charles.  19th Century Photography L.L.C. 501 Cathedral Parkway # 10B, New York, NY 10025. Phone: 212-864-4960, Fax: 212-280-4521  19th century European photography  11/12/1996 


Nesbitt, James Fash V.  94 Birch Road, Westfield, MA 01085-5173. voice: (413) 533-8257, fax: (413) 535-0350, e-mail:  History of motor racing, on film, in Northern New England, mainly in New Hampshire. History of the Laconia Motorcycle events from the 50's through the late 90's. Some records of the presidential election process in 1964, in New Hampshire. Archive of ilming of 1940's California, mainly in the region of Tenya Lake. Formerly owned Trophy Studios Limited of Concord and Gilford, New Hampshire. Former Director of Photography for WMUR-TV (Channel 9) in Manchester, New Hampshire.Formerly "stringer" for AP, UPI, Reuters, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNBC for the central region of New Hampshire.  9/17/1997 


Newberry, Susette.  Division of Rare & Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library, Ithaca, NY 14853. voice: 607-255-3530, e-mail:  Early photographic processes, especially daguerreotypes and calotypes, the camera obscura, and nineteenth-century architectural photography.  4/17/2001 


Newcome-Beill, Joseph M.  11892 East Alaska Ave. phone: (303) 365-9982, business phone: (303) 365-9981, affiliation: Abstract Eye Books, fax: (303) 365-9982, web url: email:  We are used and rare book sellers that specialize in photographic literature. We carrya large selection books in both the technical and aesthetic areas.  2/6/1999 


Newcome-Beill, Joseph.  Norfolk, VA. e-mail: AREA(S): Abstract Eye books are dealers in new, used, and rare books on photography and the arts. Our stock consists of over 2,000 books in these areas. We are also able to search for out-of-print titles. Please look at our website to browse some of our inventory. We are also active buyers of all types of photographic literature.  Abstract Eye books are dealers in new, used, and rare books on photography and the arts. Our stock consists of over 2,000 books in these areas. We are also able to search for out-of-print titles. Please look at our website to browse some of our inventory. We are also active buyers of all types of photographic literature.  6/2/2002 


Newman, Roberta.  305 West 98 St., 3AS, New York, NY 10025, (212)678-0829, (212)678-0829, e-mail:  Former Curator of Photographs and Film at YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. Now serving as consultant and researcher on photographs of Jewish topics (Eastern European Jews, Holocaust, American Jews) to a number of museum and media projects. Scholarly articles include "Change and Continuity: Photographs of Jewish Children in Interwar Eastern Europe" and "Pictures of a Trip to the Old Country" (both in YIVO Annual). Now researching a book/exhibition on New York City neighborhood photographers, 19th century to the present and looking relevant photos, documents, memoirs, ephemera, etc.  9/30/1996 


Newton, Gael.  GPO Box 1150, Canberra, 2601. voice: 61 2 62406412, fax: 61 2 62406529, e-mail: Senior Curator of Photography (International), National Gallery of Australia.  women photographers, pictorialism, 19th Century landscape, science and art photography connections, women's images, the thing-in-itself concepts, and lots more  3/7/1998 


Nichols, John.  935 E. Main St. (P. O. Box 268, Santa Paula CA 93061. voice: 805-525-7804, fax: 805-933-2548, e-mail:  Collector, Dealer and Independent curator using historic and artistic photography. Ongoing research on St. Francis Dam Disaster (1928) and documenting the Santa Clara River Valley. Collector and dealer of photography with an emphasis on vernacular, snapshot albums and anonymous photographs of the 19th and 20th century. Recently promoted toy and plastic camera photography in a 12 person group exhibit titled Primitive Modernists at the John Nichols Gallery. Director of the Santa Paula Snapshot Museum, the only museum in the world devoted exclusively to the art of the anonymous snapshot. Director of Sespe Group - Creative Services, an independent curating and design firm currently developing and installing exhibits for the California Oil Museum, Santa Paula, California Lutheran University (in Thousand Oaks, CA) Kwan Fong Gallery of Art and Culture and the Ventura County Museum of History and Art. Visit the web site at  3/4/2000 


Niedermaier, Alejandra.  Grecia 3361, Ciudad de Buenos Aires. e-mail:  AREA(S): Pioneers women photographers all around the world, specially in Latinamerica. First selfportraits  6/27/2003 


Nielsen, Mia.  David Scott Gallery, 809-140 Erskine Ave. Toronto, Ontario Canada M4P 1Z2 voice: 416 892 3296, e-mail:  Curator of contemporary photography.  11/10/2000 


Nikolac, Ivica.  Cicarrijska 10, Rijeka Croatia. e-mail:  alternative photography proceses, photography critics, photography education  6/30/2000 


Noble, Mary E.  University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, IA 52242, Phone: (319)335-5889 (work), (319)338-6097 (home), e-mail:  Iowa--especially any photographers named Rossiter, any photographers from the northern Iowa counties of Howard and Mitchell (towns of Osage, Cresco, Riceville, St. Ansgar, Lime Springs, McIntire, Stacyville) and photos by or of Iowa women.  12/5/1995 


Nordstrom, Alison.  Southeast Museum of Photography, Box 2811, Daytona Beach, Florida. voice: 904 254 4469, fax: 904 254 4487, e-mail:  19th century photographs of travel, especially commercial photographs purchased by travelers and organized into albums, 19th century photographic albums related to travel.  4/17/1999 


Novak, Michael J.  1311 Ensenada, San Clemente, CA 92673, voice: 714-361-0515 e-mail:  I am researching the photographic history of the Great Boston Fire of November, 1872. I am especially interested in the views of this fire by James Wallace Black. I am completing a list of the 500 plus stereographs taken after this fire. I am also interested in the American volunteer fireman and his photographic legacy between 1840 and 1865. author of "The American Volunteer Fireman and the Daguerreotype" in the 1997 DAGUERREIAN ANNUAL, a publication of the Daguerreian Society.  2/5/1999 


Noye, Bob.  14 Daly Street, Clare South Australia 5453. voice: 08 8842 2292, e-mail:  My field of research is the history of South Australian photography from 1845 to 1915. At present (July 1998) I am trial testing a photohistory site on the Internet. It may or may not become permanent. It can be seen at  7/20/1998 


Nunes da Silva, Jussara.  60, Rue de Dunkerque, Paris, France, 75009. voice: 0145 26 55 64, e-mail:  I am interested in 19th century photography, specially about photographers who have been to Brazil.  2/6/1999 


Nygren, Shawn.  #106 - 1338 w. 10th avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 1J7. e-mail:  photographic process  6/17/1997 


Oechsle, Rob. , home phone and fax +81 98 956 2597  Co-author, 'Great Lew Chew Discovered: 19th Century Ryukyu in Western Art and Illustration' (Nirai-sha, 1987). Currently compiling index of stereoview photographers and publishers for images relating to early Japan. Interested in information relating to Nobukuni Enami / Tamotsu Enami (T. Enami), as well as the 1890 - 1920 commercial revival of the salt print in Japan.  10/22/2006 


Olorunyomi, Dapo.  1701 K Street, Ste 1100, Washington DC. 20006. voice: 202 223 79349, fax: 202 223 7947, e-mail:  Photography in Africa, The post-colonial picture/Image.  9/3/2001 


Orraca, Jose.  27 Railroad St, Kent, CT. voice: 860-927-0178, fax: 860-927-5022, e-mail:  Conservator of photographs and works of art on paper. (97/07/01)  7/1/1997 




Orvell, Miles.  7814 Cresheim Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19118. voice: 215 204 1054, fax: 801 383 6186, e-mail:  Professor of English and American Studies, Temple University. Areas of interest: Nineteenth century; modernism; documentary; history of portrait. Publications: The Real Thing: Imitation and Authenticity in American Culture, 1880-1940 (UNC, 1989); After the Machine: Visual Arts and the Erasing of Cultural Boundaries (UP Miss, 1995).  6/30/2000 


Osborne, Roger.  7607 Council St. NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402. voice: 319-393-4896, fax: 319-393-6904  Architectural, City Views, Mid-West  2/28/1997 


Osman, Colin.  14 Fairgreen, Cockfosters, Barnet, Herts EN4 0QS, UK. voice: ++181 449 8883, fax: ++181 449 8883, e-mail:  Always a photographer, journalist and editor. I retired from Creative Camera, where I was firstly publisher and latterly editor after an overdose of beaurocracy. As a founder member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain's Historical Group I became editor of The PhotoHistorian and put lifelong expertise to improving it within a miniscule budget. Ask for a specimen copy. I have done original research (published) on Kurt Hutton (British Council Exhibition), Martin Munkaski (ICP Exhibit) contributed to "Kunst im Exil" (Berlin & London), "Histoire de la Photographie" and "Eyes of Time" (GEH). Currently working on 19th century Egypt, Germany in the 1920's and 1930's and George Davison, anarchist and former Managing Director of Kodak UK.  4/22/1997 


Osterman, Mark & France (Scully).  186 Rockingham Street, Rochester, New York 14620. voice: 716-461-0141, e-mail:  aka, "Scully and Osterman," specialists in wet-plate collodion photography; educators, artists, publishers. Contemporary wet-plate photographers. Instructors of wet-plate workshops at the George Eastman House/International Museum of Photography, Rochester, NY, where Mark is currently Photographic Process Historian for the Advanced Residency Program, a post-graduate conservation program sponsored by the Mellon Foundation. Information available about workshops, tutorials and exhibits at or e-mail. Also, publishers of "The Collodion Journal," quarterly; technical information about collodion photography from 19th and 21st c. perspectives. Contributions sought from knowledgeable sources for publication.  2/23/2000 


Osterman, Mark.  Geo. Eastman House, 900 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607. voice: (716) 271-3361 ext. 373, e-mail:  Photographic Process Historian for the Advanced Conservation Program at George Eastman House, Rochester, NY. Also see "Scully & Osterman."  3/4/2000 


Ottervik, Kathleen V.  1348 Waverly Street, Houston, TX 77008. voice: 713.639.7338, fax: 713.639.7399, e-mail:  Currently completing dissertation on Frances Benjamin Johnston. Other interests include self-portraiture, gender studies, late-nineteenth century painting, prints, and drawings  6/30/2000 


Ovenden, Richard.  Department of Printed Books, National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EW, Phone:0131 226 4531 x2512 Fax:0131 220 6662, e-mail:  19th century travel photography, especially John Thomson (1837-1921); architectural photography; Photography and the Book, Scottish photographers; photomechanical processes  3/25/1996 


Özdamar, Gülbin.  Þirinyalý m. 1490 s. 4/7, Antalya. voice: 0002423161285, e-mail:  Documentary, photojournalism (for example photoleague, FSA, Albeighter photograph, F 64, Photographer biography, events etc..) history  1/19/2004 


Ozendes, Engin.  Husrev Gerede cad. Levhaci sok.19/10, Istanbul, Turkey. voice: (0212) 261 82 22, fax: (0212) 227 65 25, e-mail:  Photography in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey. See:  4/17/1999 


Ozkan, Derya.  J. Ruysstraat 90, VV Maastricht, The Netherlands. voice: +31618672617, e-mail:  Photography and the social milieu in the second half of the 19th century , Ottoman Empire, Istanbul.  4/17/2001 


Padurano, Dominique  2016 Rivendell Way, Edison, NJ 08817. voice: (732) 266-7736, e-mail:  Ph.D. candidate in History, Rutgers University. Links between photography, race, and nationalism, 1890-1910, NYC. Role photography played in development of criminological theories of Cesare Lombroso (i.e., development of Bertillon cards), and how photography served to racialize and construct the "criminal body."  6/2/2002 


Pajerski, Fred.  250 West 24th Street, 4GE, New York, NY 10011. voice: (212) 255-6501, fax: (212) 255-6501, e-mail:  photographic literature (especially 19th-century); French stereo views, 1850s-60s; 19th-century photomechanical illustrations. Catalogues of books for sale free upon request.  2/5/1999 


Palmquist, Peter E.  1183 Union Street, Arcata, CA. 95521. 707-822- 3857, e-mail:  Pioneer photography; biography of photographers; history of photography in California before l950; women in the history of photography, globally and including all eras. Especially seeking biographical data for the WOMEN IN PHOTOGRAPHY INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVE, which I curate.  1/31/1996 


Panter, Gerald.  9401 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1105, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. voice: (310) 273-5001, fax: (323) 463-3567, e-mail:  Early French photography, with especial emphasis on the work and influence of Eugene Atget.  6/4/2004 


Papadopoulou Aspasia.  Hampstead Campus, Kidderpore Ave., home phone: 07930383741, affiliation: Kings College, email:  urban photography,society women.  3/4/2000 


Parish, Susan.  1413 Dickinson Ave. NW, Olympia, WA 98502-4616. e-mail:  The Pacific Northwest region of the United States also Women in Photography in this region. Black & White. Serious collector and preservationist. Website at  11/9/2000 


Parsons, Melinda Boyd.  Art Department, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 38152. Phone: 1-901-678-2216 or 1-901-372-0153, Fax:1-901- 678-2735, e-mail:  American and British pictorialism; photography and aesthetics; epistemology of photography; Steichen, Stieglitz, Bernard Shaw, Pamela Colman Smith  7/7/1996 


Pascal, Olivier.  54 Fg du Moustier, Montauban 82000 France. voice: 33 5 63 91 42 88, fax: 33 5 63 91 43 20, e-mail:  Interested in French 19th century photohistory. Both aesthetic and technical. I practice calotype, Talbot or Le Gray recipes, and print as well salt-paper positives. Also webmaster of Vint@gePhoto at where one can have a look at some French photo galleries and dealers with permanent exhibitions.  7/21/1997 


Pascual, Vicente A.  P.O. Box 8399, Panama 7, Panama. voice: 507- 223-3233, fax: 263-6616, e-mail:  Looking for photos of any period related to Panama, Canal Zone and the U.S. military presence in Panama since 1903. France Field, Coco Solo NS, Albrook AFS, Howard AFB, Fort Cayton, Fort Sherman, Fort Kobbe, Fort Amador, Rio Hato and many others. Any help in the research will be appreciated.  7/21/1997 


Paster, James E.  Sam Houston State University, Dept. of Public Communication, 1804 Ave. J, Room 322, Huntsville, TX 77341-2299, Phone:(409) 294-1195, Fax:(409) 294-3996, e-mail:  History & aesthetics of Snapshot Photography. Snapshot as Ritual. Photographic art using actual snapshots.  8/25/1996 


Pauli, Lori.  Assistant Curator, Photographs Collection, National Gallery of Canada 380 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 0H4. voice: (613) 990-0600, fax: (613) 991-6522, e-mail:  general  11/9/1997 


Paulien, Pamela.  1259 Steele, Denver, CO 80206, 34 1 369 3552, 34 1 369 3552 e-mail:  WWII photography, Western photography, Snapshot photography, Photographic anthropology, Visual Studies  7/7/1996 


Peabody, David.  16 Brunel Close Tilbury Essex, U.K. phone: 01375 403997, email:  Masonic, I have started a database of photographers of the 19th Century, mainly London, but it is getting larger.  3/4/2000 


Pearce-Moses, Richard.  The Heard Museum, 22 E Monte Vista Road, Phoenix AZ 85004. Phone:602-251-0267. Fax:602-252-9757. e-mail: RPM@Primenet.Com  Photographic processes, terminology.  12/11/1997 


Perez, Helena.  Embalse, 1, la navata, madrid. voice: 0034918586558, e-mail:  I'm interesting in photography in relation to art, as a reproducting method. Methods, photographers, colletions and collecters on it.    


Perez, Nissan N.  The Israel Museum. Hakirya, Jerusalem, Israel. voice: 972 2 670 88 43, fax: 972 2 563 18 33, e-mail:  19th century French and Near Eastern photography, 1920's, contemporary Israeli and international.  12/5/1996 


Perkins, Veronica Davis.  8 St Johns Road, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 1BE UK. home phone: (+44) 01728 604 024, affiliation: Middlesex University, School of Computer Science, institutional address: HCI Dept., Repton, Trent Park, Middlesex, N14 4YZ, UK. business phone: +44 020 8411 2683, web URL: email:  Photography: History & Culture (19th century colonial photography) Currently working on Phd project looking at the digitisation of photograph collections and the relationship between the photograph and the digital surrogate.  9/14/2003 


Perrier, Frédéric.  20 rue d'Auvergne, 78690 Les Essarts-le-Roi, France. Tel: (0) E-mail:  I am a French Lewis Hine scholar. I wrote an M.A thesis about Lewis Hine: "Immigration and Social Reform: LewisHine, His Patterns of Personal Growth -- 1874-1918" (2002}, Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. 160 p.). It is also available at the George Eastman House Library, Rochester, NY. In 2004, I also wrote what we call in France a "D.E.A" thesis -- (Diploma of Advanced Studies = French pre-doctoral degree, 1 to 2 years after Masters): "Lewis Hine: Influences et Etude Biographique -- 1874-1901" (Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. 2004. 150 p.) Translation: "Lewis Hine: Influences and Biographical Study -- 1874-1901."  9/1/2006 


Pescatore, Susan.  599 HYSON ROAD, JACKSON NJ 08527. voice: 732 928-9335, e-mail:  Collecting images (Dags, Ambros, Tintypes, Cartes,Imperial and Cabinet) of Women wearing bonnets. Preferably 1840's thru 1860's. I am a civil war reenactor who makes 19th.C. replica millinery this is my interest. I also belong to the Daguerrian Society. Also I have an interest in other images of mid-19C. plus ephemera.  9/17/1997 


Peterson, Anna.  Box 58, 250 53 Alnarp, SWEDEN. voice: +46(0)40 41 54 02, fax: +46(0)40 46 54 42, e-mail:  PhD student at the Department of Landscape Planning, Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences. I am studying the dynamics of the pastoral landscape during the last century by looking at old photographs.  4/22/1997 


Peterson, Anne E.  DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University, PO Box 750396. voice: 214-768-2661, fax: 214-768-1565,e-mail:  Stereographs, photography of the western US and Mexico, railroad photography.  1/19/2004 


Peterson, Christian A.  Associate Curator of Photographs, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 2400 Third Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55404. Phone: 612-870-3183, fax: 612-870-3004  Pictorial photography, camera clubs, and salons from 1890 to 1950  7/7/1996 


Petkovic, Bratislav.  p. Spasica i Masare 98/23, Belgrade, Serbia, 11030. voice: +381 11 543 630, fax: + 381 11 3225 645, e-mail:  DAGUERREOTYPE, Disderi, Andre Adolph Eugene, CARTE-DE-VISITE photography  2/23/2000 


Pichiecchio, Barbara.  Via dell\'Orefice 11, 66100 Chieti Italia. voice: 00390871041575, fax: 003908552095, e-mail:  advertising and fashion photography  3/10/2004 


Pigniolo, Loren C.  1044 Judah Street #1, San Francisco, CA 94122. e-mail:  Interested in the history of photographic technologies. Especially interested in the concept of photographic originals (negatives and direct positives). Current research explores the research value of photographic negatives.  2/24/2004 


Pilecki,Graham.  1109 Solano Ave, Albany,Calif. 94706. voice: 1-510-5254804, e-mail:  Cameras from 1839 on. And photography 1839 to1900.  10/5/1997 


Pilonieta, Gabriel.  Don Tulio Nº 30 - 40, Mérida, mérida 5101. voice: 274-2529865, fax: 274-2520111, e-mail:  Venezuela 1840 - 1950  4/25/2002 


Pinhatti, Magali.  264 Greystone Ln., Rochester, NY 14618, voice: 716-461-2245, fax: 716-461-22456, e-mail:  photographer and a researcher of historical photographic processes (daguerreotype, albumen, carbon, platinum...) and bookbinding - albums, books, portfolios and boxes.  11/22/1996 


Pinheiro, Nuno de Avelar.  Rua da Escola Primária nº19 4ºesq 2800-396, Almada, Portugal. home phone: 351 21 2732021, affiliation: ISCTE, institutional address: Av. das Forças Armadas Lisboa Portugal. business phone: 351217903013, email:  social history of photography; 19th and early 20 th century portrait, amateur and industrial photography, political issues in photography (up to the 1930's)  3/4/2000 


Pini, E.  Via N. Sauro, 22, Bologna, Italia, 40126. e-mail:  Family photographs, album, anthropological and sociological investigations. Old techniques.  2/8/2001 


Pini, Elisabetta.  Lorenzale 08026 Barcelona. e-mail:  Popular photography. family photos, visual comunication, history of photography as an object: album, framed picture.  6/30/2000 


Pinson, Stephen C.  Curator, Photography Collection The New York Public Library Humanities and Social Sciences Library Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street New York, New York 10018-2788 (212) 930-0967 fax (212) 930-0530  All areas of photography and photographic history, with special knowledge of/interest in: L.J.M. Daguerre, the invention and early history of photography, hotomechanical reproduction, intersection of photography and painting.  9/1/2006 


Plet, George.  4 - 1272 Trenton Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 8J9. voice: (613) 724-5908, e-mail:  I am an amateur photographer. Once won a Kodak award for the Gatineau Hills in autumn. I am interested primarily in landscape photography, human action, and human interest. I am particularly interested in photographic archives  1/22/1997 


Podlogar, Miha (Michael).  C. Tavcarja 1/B, 4270 Jesenice, Slovenija., voice: 00385-64-82906, fax: 00386-64-82906 e-mail:  collecting exposure meters, cameras with exp.meter, author - book "Exposure meter and Cameras with built-in exposure meter, Chronology 1818-1970", preparing CDROM version with over 1600 illustrations.  2/11/1998 


Poelstra, Kelly.  1669 E. Lincoln Ave., Orange, CA 92865. voice: 714.998.8484, fax: 714.279.8959, e-mail:  architectural photography.  4/17/1999 


Polito, Ron.  University of Massachusetts Boston (retired), voice: 617-969-2936, e-mail:  Nineteenth century commercial photography, especially Massachusetts and Boston.  3/31/2004 


Pompili, Riccardo.  Via Fano 5, Rome, Italy, 00100. voice: ++39335 203574, e-mail:  Photo Restoration  3/7/1998 


Porretta, Sebastiano.  via labicana 58, 00184 roma italia, voice: 06/70492897, e-mail:  free lance, photography historian, teacher. interested in the beginning of photography.    


Powell, Kirsten.  Department of History of Art, Johnson Building, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT 05753. voice: 802 443-5934, e-mail:  Surrealist photography; landscape photography.  5/18/1997 


Powell, Louis.  P O Box 2, Apex, NC 27502-0002. fax: (919) 362-4489, e-mail:  I am a camera collector and dealer specializing in German Cameras ranging from the 1920's thru 1970. I am also fond of Twin Lens Rollei's and Graflex products. I have been a member of Zeiss Historica since the mid 1980's. I also have a keen interest in the ebb and flow of photographic companies such as Zeiss-Ikon and its predecessors, and the merger with Voigtlander, and a similar interest in the flows into and out of Kodak.  11/22/1996 


Powell, Pamela.  Chester County Historical Society, 225 N. High St., West Chester, PA 19380. voice: 610-692-4066 ext. 260, fax: 610-692-4357, e-mail:  I have been researching Chester County Pennsylvania photographers for the past 15 years, and been in corresondence with others on the topic. My special interest is the early history of photography in Philadelphia. I am especially interested in J. Bishop, cameramaker, J.J.E. Mayall during his years in America and others working in the daguerreian era.  7/3/2003 


Prades, Isidre.  c.Arquebisbe Alemany, 5 Vic (Barcelona-Spain). voice: 34.3.883.34.04, e-mail:  Our URL presents an abstract about the history of photography in the county of Osona (Catalonia-Spain) from the early photographers at the present. Gallery, exhibitions and more.  6/30/2000 


Preston, Roger.  20 Robertsbridge Walk, Carlton Colville, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England NR33 8SE  Peter Henry Emerson, when living in East Anglia; his relationship with Goodall and the residents of Southwold, Winterton and Somerleyton.  8/17/2003 


Prieto, Sophie.  32 Havemeyer St # 5A, Brooklyn, NY 11211, voice: (718) 387-2613, e-mail:  I am interested in North American photographers involved with Stieglitz and/or were influenced by turn-of-the-century European aesthetics such as Symbolism, Preraphaelism, Art Nouveau etc.. I am particularly interested in Bridgman. If you know interested sources that link her to those movements, or know other photographers that were into this aesthetic please let me know. I am writing my Ph.D for the Ecole du Louvre on Symbolism and American Art.  11/22/1996 


Pritchard, Michael.  Private researcher, 38 Sutton Road, Watford, Herts WD1 2QF, England. Phone:(+44) 01923 468356, Fax:(+44) 01923 468509, e-mail:  British economic photographic history; nineteenth century photographic studio and photographic manufacturing; photographers biographies  10/22/2006 


Prodger, Phillip.  Darwin College, Cambridge University, Silver Street, Cambridge CB3 9EU, U.K. Fax:(UK) 01223-335667, e-mail:  Oscar Rejlander and G.B. Duchenne de Boulogne; scientific applications of "fine art" photography in the 19th century; The rise of "instantaneous" photography; Charles Darwin and photography.  11/22/1996 


Przyblyski, Jeannene.  414 Collingwood Street, San Francisco, CA 94114. voice: 415-282-4334, fax: 415-291-0724, e-mail:  Independent Photo Historian and Lecturer. Interests include 19th-century photography, images of Paris, the Paris World's Fair of 1900, women photographers, gender studies. Current projects include a book on photography and the Paris Commune of 1871, and essays on Frances Benjamin Johnston/photography at the Hampton Institute, VA, Tina Modotti, and Helen Levitt.  8/12/1997 


Puckett, Cassidy.  PO Box 2663, Providence, RI 02912. e-mail:  Researching WWII Combat Photography.  7/20/1998 


Pullar, Laura.  e-mail:  Fine art photography and contemporary photography  3/10/2004 


Pultz, John.  Dept. of Art History, University of Kansas, 209 Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, KS 66045, 913 864-4710, 913 864-5091, e-mail:  20th-century photography, especially American; photography and postmodernism; Harry Callahan and postwar American photography; the body and photography  7/24/1996 


Purcell, Brian.  585 Mealing Road, North Augusta, S.C. 29860. voice: 803-279-1248, e-mail:  I am a serious collector of pre-1900 cameras, images and related items. I own 12 wooden dry plate cameras (3/1999) and am interested in wet plate and stereo cameras. I am also interested in information about early Daguerrian photographers in the southeastern United States, especially E.S. Dodge of Augusta, Georgia.  4/17/1999 


Quinn, Karen.  Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Buckle Street, PO Box467, Wellington, New Zealand. Phone: 64-4-385 9609, Fax: 64-4-385 7157, e-mail:  19th and 20th century New Zealand photography - especially 1900 - 1930 amateur photography and the family album. Theoretical issues relating to representation.  3/13/1995 


Quinn, Michael.  18 Barron St,Kedron, Brisbane,Q'land,Australia,4031. voice: 07 38571250, e-mail:  19th and early 20th century portraits of theatre personalities -with a particular emphasis on Woodburytype illustrations used in theatre periodicals.  4/17/1999 


Rainey, Jay.  1300 S. Main St., Blacksburg, Va. 24060 voice: 800 654-1861, fax: 540 953-1655, e-mail:  I am a dealer. I want to buy civil war images, especially Southern, especially by the Lexington, Va. photographer M. Miley.  12/27/1996 


Rall, Tom.  1101 N. Kentucky St., Arlington, VA 22205. voice: 703- 534-7612, fax: 703-534-8220, e-mail:  I am interested in magic lantern slides and projection, especially of the standard American format 3 1/4 X 4" slide. My specialties are photographic, advertising, and coming attraction slides. I am particularly interested in obtaining information about the magic lantern slides produced by the New York Department of Education, Visual Instruction Division and by Keystone View Co. I am both a collector and dealer and a beginning projectionist. I will respond to all correspondence.  7/1/1997 


Ramstedt, Nils.  2118 Santa Ana Ave., Costa Mesa,Ca. 92627. voice: 949-646-8256, e-mail: Rambrandt101@  Mid-19th century French photography (espec. Gustave Le Gray); "straight" photography (Robert Frank,etc.; Polaroids.  2/8/2001 


Ravenscroft, Glen.  161 Copacabana Drive, Copacabana NSW 2251 Australia. voice: 043 823094, fax: 043 811924, e-mail:  Ravo images is a surrealist photographer in Australia active in daliist dadaist type imagery from past to present. Interested in all types of surreal imagery from Man Ray to Tcherevkoff; also photographer Rudolf Koppitz anyone having images of his work please email me  3/26/1997 


Rawlings, Valerie  email:  Hannah Maynard, Victorian studio photography, gems and miniatures  6/2/2002 


Raydan, Carmelo.  Avenida Las Islas, Qta. Ruth., Maracaibo, Venezuela. e-mail:  Soy estudioso de acontecer fotografico durante el siglo XIX en America Latina, pero mi principal interes esta en lo ocurrido en mi region natal, el Estado Zulia. Sobre este particular he escrito varios textos, de los cuales sepuede leer la introduccion en mi pagina personal.  7/27/2003 


Rayfield, Beth.  Art History Dept., UC Irvine, Irvine, CA 92697. e-mail: ERAYFIEL@UCI.EDU  Interests include history of photography, critical theory and feminist studies. My scholarship involves the exploration of race and gender in the production and consumption of stereographic imagery, including stereographic pornography, particularly in the US.  4/22/1997 


Raymond, Warren.  1808 Cullen Drive, Silver Spring. voice: 301-384-4415, e-mail:  Charles Eisenmann, Frank Wendt, Human Oddities, Freaks Special interest in human giants and mermaids.  3/4/2000 


Regier, MaryJo.  5559 S. Van Gordon Street, Littleton, CO 80127. phone: 303.972.1313, email:  history of wedding photography  3/4/2000 


Rego, Tania Alves.  Rua Maraba,388/201, Belo Horizonte,MG,Brazil.ZIP:30.350.160, voice: 031.344-7761, fax: 031.344- 7761, e-mail:  All, specifically Henri Cartier-Bresson.  1/10/1997 


Rehnig, Jeanne E.  Wagnerstrasse 10, D-97080 Wuerzburg. voice: 0931- 286622, e-mail:  Interested in warehouse-photography, which started in Germany in 1898 in Berlin (i.e. at A. W&127;&127;ertheim, Hermann Tietz). Looking for photographers named Dr. Sandow, Mr. Prentzel and Johannes Braae, working in the early 20th century in Berlin.  3/26/1997 


Rehnig, Jeanne E.  Oldenburger Str. 40, 10551 Berlin. Tel. 030 - 39408166, Fax 030 - 39408167, mobil 0173 - 32 881 32,  Das „Photographische Atelier“ im Warenhaus Fotografie bei A. Wertheim (1898 – 1933) und Wolf Wertheim (1909 – 1914) 2 Bände (Text und Bildband) 464 Seiten und 155 Seiten mit 220 Schwarzweiß-Abbildungen (=Veröffentlichung zur Volkskunde und Kulturgeschichte Nr. 71 und 72 Würzburg, Volkskundliches Institut der Universität Würzburg, € 20.-  5/1/2005 


Reinato, Eduardo José.  Rua 18-A, n. 101, apto 102 Setor Aerporto Goiânia, Goiás. Brasil, 740070-060. voice: 062-2518025, e-mail:  Images and the theory of images; Photography like historical documents; history made by photography  9/17/1997 


Reppin, Hans.  PO Box 345, ACT Canberra Australia. e-mail:  I am after any information on the Glass Paget Colour process (1914-16). I am interested in the mechanics of this process and location of any collections. My understanding is this colour system employed a taking screen and viewing screen (RGB Matrix), and I am trying to location a taking screen for further research.  8/3/2003 


Retter, Yolanda.  UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Library. Tel: 310-206-6052. Email: []  General research interest: Peruvian photography, 1850-1950. Specific interest: Max T. Vargas, photographer in Arequipa and La Paz. Looking for Peru and Bolivia photographs and postcards by Max T. Vargas. I maintain History of Peruvian Photography web site ( also History of Latin American Photography web site:  10/1/2006 


Revillard, Jean/Focale.  Place du château 4, CH-1260 NYON. voice: ++ 41 22 361 09 66, fax: ++ 41 22 361 09 66, e-mail:  All XX century documentary photography  1/22/1997 


Rhode, David.  David Rhode Photography, Box 796, Cooper Landing, Alaska 99572. voice: (907) 595-1314, e-mail:  Alaska wildlife and natural history 1933 to present in collection interest in all historical Alaskana  1/22/1997 


Rhode, Michael G.  National Museum of Health & Medicine; Washington, DC 20306-6000. Phone:202-782-2212, Fax:202-782-3573, e-mail:  Medical photography  11/1/1995 


Ricardo, Franco Quiroz.  21 #163 A Por 8 y 10 Colonia México Merida, Yucatan; voice: 01 99 926 15 13 fax: 01 99 9260971, e-mail:  Digital Image, old Cameras and surational images; fotografia digital, camaras antiguas y imagenes surrealistas.  5/22/2000 


Richards, Bradley W., M.D.  Author and photo-historian (amateur). Phone (801) 399-1149, or (801)876-3219 (home) e-mail:  Research mainly in Western and specifically Utah 19th Century photographers, especially Charles R. Savage.  3/25/1996 


Richards, Paul.  P.O. Box 577, Oakland, CA 94604. voice: (510)763-8204, fax: (510)763-8204. e-mail:  Through Estuary Press, I have archived a collection of documentary films made by my father, Harvey Richards, made during the period 1958 to 1978. Areas photographed include: Civil Rights Movement in Califonria and in Mississippi. California Farm Workers and history of farm worker unions. Anti-Vietnam War demonstrations in the Bay Area, the founding of Women for Peace organization; mining and the history of hard rock miners in Montana; forestry practices throughout the United States. In addition, I also archive still photos of these same areas. I have written articles on the history of Harvey's work as a photographer.  4/17/1999 


Richardson, David.  101 N. Fourteenth St., Richmond, VA 23219. (804) 692 0363 (804) 692 0299 e-mail:  I have a BA in photography and have taught a history of photography course at the community college level. I am currently employed as an instructional technology systems planner. My interest is in developing a WEB course for a history of photography  6/3/1996 


Richardson, Donna.  5 Kookaburra Avenue, North Bendigo. e-mail:  all aspects of the arts. But mostly reproduction and looking after photographs that are old  4/22/1997 


Richter, Oliver.  phone 0731/267661, email:  carbon-process, cyanotypes…  5/22/2000 


Ries, Linda A.  500 Ninth St., New Cumberland, PA 17070. voice: w-717-787-3023, fax: w-717-787-4822, e-mail:  Head, Core Services Section of the Pennsylvania State Archives. Interested in 19th century Pennsylvania photographers, especially central Pennsylvania and the Harrisburg area. Also African-American, women, and minority photographers. I authored Guide to Photographs at the Pennsylvania State Archives (PHMC, 1993) and am currently collaborating with Jay Ruby on a Directory of Nineteenth Century Pennsylvania Photographers, due out mid to late 1998.  3/7/1998 


Riley, Bill.  3773 SR129 N, Milan, In. 47031. Phone:812/654-3074, e-mail:  Collecting turn-of-the-century photographica and researching the history behind the items. I have researched and collected a good bit of information on Colorado's contribution to photography from around 1890 to 1910.  1/10/1997 


Rincon, Roberto.  828 Royal St. #168, New Orleans, La 70116. voice: (504) 947-1613, fax: (504) 940-0957, e-mail:  Gelatin-Silver general  5/18/1997 


Ritchie, John.  Braeside cottage Robertson bank, Gorebridge,Midlothian EH23 4JT. voice: 01875 822694, e-mail:  Early European,particularly Scottish material, I have one of the largest and earliest collection of original yacht photographs 1858 to 1930.  9/3/2003 


Rittsel, Par.  Odonstigen 19, 16574 Hasselby, Sweden. voice: +46 8 759 52 20, e-mail:  Published The History of Photography in Sweden (Den svenska fotografins historia)together with co-author Rolf Soderberg in 1983 (ISBN 91-34-50314-5). Out of print. Some summaries in English at: along with presentations of Swedish photographers H B Goodwin and C G Rosenberg (more to follow).  4/17/1999 


Roach, Harry.  RR 1 Box 99-A, Henryville, PA 18332. voice: 717-629- 9152, e-mail:  Editor of Military Images, a bimonthly semi-academic journal covering the photographic history of the US military in they in the 19th Century. Six issues a year since 1979. Am also a collector of 19th C fiddler & violinist images, all formats.  3/26/1997 


Roberts, Mark D.  277 Royal Poinciana Way, Palm Beach, FL. 33480. voice: 1-800-610-3576, e-mail:  Primarily at this point, alternative techniques and pictorial.  3/26/1997 


Roberts, Pam.  Curator,The Royal Photographic Society, The Octagon, Milsom St., Bath, BA1 1DN, United Kingdom. phone: 44 1225 462841 ext. 217, fax: 44 1225 469880, Collection fax/answerphone: 44 1225 469880, e-mail: (home) e-mail: (work).  Current work in progress:- Roger Fenton, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Oscar Gustav Rejlander. Photographic albums, early colour photography. Project editor of an encyclopaedia of nineteenth century photography with Fitzroy-Dearborn publishers London so am looking for contributors to write on all aspects of nineteenth century photography.  1/9/2001 


Robinson, Gerald.  740 NW Westover Square, Portland, OR 97210. voice: 503-228-2963, fax: 503-228-0501, e-mail:  20th Century, especially Documentary, Abstraction, Minor White, and the Westons. Author of "Elusive Truth: Four Photographers at Manzanar," Carl Mautz Publishing, 2002.  10/22/2006 


Robinson, Mike.  Toronto, Canada. voice: (416) 926-8181, fax: (416) 975-0837, e-mail:  photographer and instructor working with historic processes; calotype and salt prints, wet-plate and albumen prints  9/6/1996 


Robinson, Thomas.  441 NE Jarrett St., Portland, Oregon, 97211-3126. voice: 503-288-1830, e-mail:  Oregon Photographers. (author: "Oregon Photographers 1852-1917", Benjamin Gifford biography titled "Oregon Then and Now", Benjamin Markham and R. Heck biographies at press now) Also I do historic negative printing, in both fiber archival and alternative process (printing out paper). Also I operate an archive with 320 deceased photographer's negative files. Also compiling biography of Mrs. B. B. Chase, of Denver CO 1901. Also moderator of e-group Negativephoto.  1/1/2001 


Robinson, William F.  203 Whitfield St., Guilford CT 06095. Phone: 203-453-6056, e-mail: Web Page:  Rare-book dealer also specializing in early photographs for use as primary- source material by historical researchers (images depicting interesting proper nouns). Partner: Celdric L. Robinson - Booksellers, 597 Palisado Ave., Windsor CT 06095. Photohistorian: "A Certain Slant of Light. The First Hundred Years of New England Photography." Author, landscape & architectural photographer; producing books relating to the New England region. Especially interested in the integration of modern and historical images for educational use.  1/9/1996 


Rock, Joe.  19 George Square, Edinburgh, voice: 0131 650 4145, fax: 0131 650 6638 e-mail:  Professional Photographer and Art Historian with an interest in all aspects of photography. Particular interest in Scottish art (including photography) and architecture 1650-1850. Have published articles and books on Scottish architecture and photography. Presently completing a Ph.D. on the watercolour painter, Hugh William Williams [1773-1829] at the University of Edinburgh, where I am also employed.  9/18/1996 


Rodger, Andrew.  344 Wellington, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0N3, voice: 613-996-7781, fax: 613-995-6575, e-mail:  All areas of Canadian photography; digital imagery; photography as a means of communication; archives and photography; archival problems (e.g. selection, reference, etc.) and photography  9/9/1996 


Rodliffe, Stan.  Thornbury, Bristol BS35 2HX. e-mail:  Compiling lists of UK professional photographers up to 1950. Researching migration of photographers in the UK in the latter half of the 19th century, particularly the differences between itinerant and settled photographers. Also making the data available to local and family historians to help with dating photographs by posting the information at  6/2/2002 


Rodriguez, Gina.  Galicia 16, Col. Alamos, Mexico City, Mexico. voice: (5)538-4159, fax: Of. (5)608-0414, e-mail:  In charge of the Fototeca Culhuacan, photographic archive of the CNMH del INAH of Mexico (National Institute of Anthropology and History of the National Coordination of Historical Monuments). The collection has over 500,000 images which range from the nineteenth century up to now. The major subject is Mexican Colonial Architecture, but includes Ethnography & Archeology. My areas of interest are: Author of the book "Ninos Trabajadores Mexicanos" (INAH-UNICEF, 1996), and numerous articles related to nineteenth century and early twentieth century photography in Mexico. Member of the Advisory Council of "Luna Cornea" magazine and Editorial Council of "Alquimia" magazine. Areas of interest: nineteenth century photography, particulary traveling photographers in Mexico, all kinds of Indigenous portraits & popular types, stereocards and Mexican revolution near the US border.  3/4/2000 


Rodríguez, Gina.  Calle Casasola s/n, Exconvento de San Francisco 1er piso San Pachuca, Hidalgo, 42050, Mexico. voice: (771) 436-53, fax: (771) 319-77, e-mail:  Academic Adviser of the Sistema Nacional de Fototecas/Fototeca del Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (National Photoarchives in MÉxico). My areas of interest are nineteenth century photography, particulary Traveling Photographers in MÉxico, all kinds of Indigenous Portraits & Popular Types, Stereocards and Mexican Revolution near the US border.  7/21/1997 


Rogers, Geoffrey.  PO box 575, Pine Hill, N.Y. 12465. fax: 914-254- 5802, e-mail:  I am interested in history of photography in general. I am currently developing prints from local(Catskill mountains) glass plate negatives. I am honing my research skills in solving the mysteries of these turn of the century images. I operate a frame shop and gallery and look forward to exhibiting these photos.  2/28/1997 


Rogers, Susan.  1151 Oxford Rd., San Marino, Ca 91108, voice: 818- 405-2196, fax: 818-449-5720, e-mail:  I am the photo conservator at the Huntington Library, art collections, and botanical gardens in San Marino, California. I am particularly interested in 19th ct. photo processes, cased photos and non-silver being my favorites  9/9/1996 


Rohde-Enslin, Stefan.  Wilhelmstraße 74, 50733 Köln, Germany. voice: Germany - 2217202101, e-mail:  Historic anthropological photography, turn of the century Philippine photography, Hans Helfritz  11/8/2000 


Rose, Jim.  8281 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles,CA 90046. voice: 310-276- 5414, fax: 310-276-4540, e-mail: LAJIMBOY@AOL  Interest in Philippe Halsman. Worked for him in 1947-48.  10/30/1996 


Rosen, Jeff.  Department of Art and Photography, Columbia College, 600 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605-1996. Telephone: 312.663.1600, ext. 5329; Fax: 312.663.1707; e-mail:  All areas and interests in photographic history; special knowledge of/interest in: 19th century photomechanical reproduction; Julia Margaret Cameron; Stieglitz and Photo-Secession; contemporary advertising; intersections between photography and museum collections; anthropology and photography.  3/25/1996 


Rosenblum, Naomi.  21-36 33rd Road, Long Island City, NY 11106. voice: 718-726-8928, fax: 718-726-8928, e-mail:  Author, A WORLD HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY; A HISTORY OF WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS (both Abbeville Press); articles on documentary photography, Paul Strand, Adolphe Braun.  2/6/1999 


Rosenthal, Donald  P.O.Box 400455, Cambridge, MA 02140. voice: 617-666-0331, e-mail:  19th century photography; Orientalism; Arcadian subjects; relation of photography to painting.  6/2/2002 


Rosenthal, Richard T.  Rare Photographs & Photography Books 4718 Springfield Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19143 Phone: (215) 726-5493 Fax: (215) 726-5926, Email: Web Site:  rare photographs and photography books  9/1/2006 


Rossano, Corradetti  via del centenario, montecosaro italy. voice: 3479646924, e-mail:  historican photography, tradition cultural  9/3/2001 


Rossell, Daves.  UC Berkeley. Phone:(510) 653-9829, Fax:(510) 643- 5607, e-mail:  Past lighting techniques, night photography, color photography  1/31/1996 


Rossell, Deac.  74 Manor Avenue, London SE4 1TE UK. phone: (44)020-8691-0087, email:  Chronophotography (both series and single plate, schlieren method, all figures, all countries); 19th C. instant photography; pre-cinema reproduction of photographed motion (Zoetrope, Purjinke, Czermak, Uchatius, etc.); 19 C. specialist military photography; etc.  4/16/2000 


Rossi, Dale.  10 Victory Way, Limerick, PA 19468. voice: (610) 948-8426, fax: (215) 672-9560, e-mail:  Dealer/collector of 19th century mass marketed formats (cdv, cabinet, stereo). I am researching the history of Buffalo NY photography/photographers. I am trying to document every photographer that worked in the city between 1839 and 1939. I need any biographical or anecdotal information about these people, their businesses or their craft, including examples of their work. I will gladly share my research with any interested party. Special interests include stereo publishers C. L. Pond and A. W. Simon.  4/17/1999 


Rouse, Sarah.  625 South Carolina Ave., S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003. voice: 202-707-3635, fax: 202-707-6647, e-mail:  Photography in Ireland, 1839-1990; Irish photographers;, 1839-1990; photographic history of Ireland; photographic collections in Irish repositories; Irish-American photographs  10/22/1997 


Rowe, Jeremy.  2120 S. Las Palmas Circle, Mesa, Arizona 85202-6390, Phone:h - (602) 820-5493 w - (602) 965-8622, Fax: (602) 965-8698, e-mail:  Researching the history of photography in the Southwest with particular interest in Arizona and New Mexico up to 1920. A text on Arizona Photography from the 1850's to 1920 including historic overview, listing of 450+ photographers with studio lo  7/15/1996 


Rowley, Mark.  email: Mark Rowley []  Currently I am working on a bibliography of photo-illustrated medical works which can be perused at (click on the bibliography list). My site is endorsed by the eminent photo-historian John Wood of McNeese University and I published the first book on my subject last year.  9/1/2006 


Rowson, Stephen.  56 Colchester Avenue, Cardiff, S Wales, UK. voice: +44 29 20633184. e-mail:  Photography in Wales - commercial and amateur photographers both resident and visiting. From the beginning to the present day.  10/1/2006 


Royce, Tony.  6/557 Pittwater Rd., Brookvale, NSW, 2100. voice: 61 2 9938 2262, fax: 61 2 9938 2264, e-mail:  I am a PhD student at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia where I am researching photomontage in a number of different areas of communication which includes undertaking a visual semiotic analysis of specific examples. I would be pleased to hear from anybody else engaged with photomontage, either researching or practising, whereby we could possibly exchange notes for our mutual benefit.  1/19/2004 


Rozas, Rogelio Norberto.  Gral. Piran 522, Martinez (1640) - Argentina. voice: 54-1-793-3787, fax: 54-1-733-0117, e-mail:  Antique cameras collector. Coleccionista de camaras antiguas, Agfa, Voigtländer, Zeiss Ikon, etc. Especialmente modelos pre-WWII. Fundamentalmente camaras de marca Zeiss Ikon, rollfilm y 35 mm (Contax). Interesado en la historia de las empresas constructoras alemanas. Hon.Excellence of FIAP, Honor Member of FAF (Argentine), Member of the Board of Congress of History of Argentine Photography.  3/7/1998 


Rubin, Gregory.  Tyler School of Art. e-mail:  MFA student, photography dept.  12/11/1995 


Ruby, Jay.  PO Box 128, Mifflintown, PA 17059. voice: 717-436-9502, fax: 717-436-9559, e-mail: RUBY@ACSWORLD.NET  Professor of Anthropology and director of graduate studies in the anthropology of visual communication, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122. Home page - Some photographic publications are available at that site for downloading. My graduate program's url is PA. Photography, documentary, ethnographic, journalistic, itinerants, autobiographical and self-portraits.  7/20/1998 


Rudd, David.  POB 16311, Seattle, WA 98116, e-mail:  Affiliation: President, Cycleback Press. Website: Author of 'The Guide to Identifying Early Photographs: A Pocket Manual,' 'The Collector's Guide to Early Baseball Photographs,' and the 2 Volume: 'The Illustrated History of Baseball Cards: 1840-1915' Areas of Study: Pre-World War II baseball photographs, prints and related. Pre- World War II in general photography and early commercial printing processes (lithography, etc).  5/22/2000 


Rudisill, Richard.  P.O. Box 2087, Santa Fe, NM. voice: 505-476-5092, fax: 505-476-5104  Revising and expanding _Photographers: A Sourcebook for Historical Research, especially its _Directories of Photographers: An Annotated World Bibliography. Need published and working projects in that form.  3/4/2000 


Rudnick, Leslie R.  205 Hanover Way, New Castle, Delaware. 814-769-6969,  Areas of interest include photographers, photograms, photogenic drawings, chemigrams, early photographic processes especially the use of these “alternative” processes where used to make photogenic drawings and photograms, I am also interested in biographical and anecdotal information about photogram artists, their images and anything related to the above subject areas. I will be pleased to share my research with any interested photographer or historian. I am currently building a website that contains some of the information I have obtained. I may be reached at or via the website. Please use a subject containing the word photogram so that my spam filter doesn’t snare your email.  11/6/2006 


Ruffles, Tom.  16 The Coppice Impington Cambridge CB4 9PP. My home email is My affiliation is Anglia Polytechnic University.  Spirit photography and other images of an allegedly paranormal nature  9/1/2006 


Ruiter, Martina A. de.  Rapenburg 65, 2311GJ Leiden, The Netherlands. voice: 31715272700, fax: 31715272615, e-mail: Maruiter@Rullet.Leiden.Univ.NL  historiography; 19th century photography of fine art and decorative art and architecture. Interiors of Dutch 19th century artists studios, photography as a visual resource. Current research: a computer database on the photographic work of the Dutch painter G.H. Breitner.  3/7/1998 


Ruys, Hugo D.,  Tesselschadelaan 20, 1217 LH Hilversum, The Netherlands. Voice +31 35 6244597, fax +31 35 6245810, e-mail  Collecting Ihagee/Exakta products and publishing on Internet of information about the history and products of the former Ihagee company in Dresden, Germany, that was founded by Dutchman Johan Steenbergen and has produced the world's first 35mm single lens reflex (the Exakta). See  3/4/2000 


Ryoki, Andre.  Gloria Nogueira Piquini, 272, São Paulo, SP, 06315-170. voice: 055-011-72870550, fax: 055-011-72870550, e-mail:  photographer, photojournalism, photodocumentary, photography language.  4/17/1999 


S. Rahardjo, Ruwie.  Jl. Cilandak 2/34, Jakarta, Indonesia, voice: (62-21) 7691973, e-mail:  I am interest in the art of capturing objects, which is an interesting subject, and also the history of photography is a much attemting to be learn  6/30/2000 


Saalik, Qaaim.  16 Lord Stirling Rd, Basking Ridge 07920. voice: 908-766-9177, e-mail:  Military Aviations World II (Tuskegee Airmen)  5/18/1997 


Sachant, Pamela Jane.  204 Winslow Road, Newark, DE 19711. voice: 302-368-3992, e-mail:  Photo-Secession, Symbolist Photography  1/22/1997 


Sachsse, Rolf, PhD.  Hammstrasse 1, D-53225 Bonn, Tel: xx49-228- 465509, Fax: xx49 228 4798861 Professor of Photography and Media Design at the Department of Design at FH Niederrhein in Krefeld/Germany; Associate Professor of Art History and Media Theory at Hochschule fur Gestaltung Karlsruhe. e-mail:  Main interest in German photography throughout 20th century, general interest in the relation of architecture and imaging, all information available under ..  2/5/1999 


Safier, Marcel Glen.  P.O. Box 539, Annerley. voice: 61-7-3847 1593, fax: 61-7-3217 1707, e-mail:  Research into nineteenth century Australian photographers especially those active in my home state of Queensland and also American daguerreotypists who came to Australia. I collect nineteenth century images, mainly from Australia and New Zealand especially daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes and cartes de visite as well as fine family photo albums and wood and brass tailboard style cameras. I welcome enquiries about Australian photographers and am also happy to discuss my fields of collecting.  3/26/1997 


Saldaña Alfonso, Diana  c/ Antonio Arias 10, 7ºA, Madrid 28009, Spain. phone: +34 91 5739225, affiliation: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, email:  Self-Portrait Photography - current  6/2/2002 


Salomon, Max.  1855 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, Il 60201, voice: 847 332 8451, e-mail:  early cameras, photo journalism  10/23/1996 


Salvador, Tio  PARIS 204 3º 2ª, 08008 BARCELONA. voice: 34 93 237 03 30, e-mail:  Early Spanish Photography. Daguerreotype  6/2/2002 


Sampsell, Kate.  618 Ploy Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. phone: 410-752-5358, affiliation: Georgetown University, History Dept. Washington, DC 20057, business phone: 202-687-7539, fax: 202-687-1923, email:  20th c. American social documentary photography, esp. urban, work/workers, FSA and Spanish Civil War.  3/4/2000 


Samuels, Ainlay.  810 Broadway, apt. 6, New York, NY 10003. voice: (212) 254-7792, fax: (212) 475-0400, e-mail: ALeeNYC@aol  PhD candidate, Yale University, New Haven, CT. Areas: 19th century, esp. women photographers. Dissertation is on women photographers and women in the photo-industry working in America between 1839-1880. Am looking for images known to be made by women during these dates (esp. cased images). Any information would be appreciated.  12/5/1996 


Sandford, Paul.  16 Downlands Road, Purley, Surrey CR8 4JE, UK, voice: (044)0181 668 179, e-mail:  Local history photography,including picture postcards, private collections, Frith, Bunce material etc. for the East Surrey area, England. As photographic leader of the Bourne (local history) Society, I am researching low budget solutions to increase public access to historic photographs with comparative modern views, for use in education, genealogy,demography, etc.  2/5/1997 


Sandweiss, Marni.  Director, Mead Art Museum and Associate Professor of American Studies, Amherst College, Amherst, MA 01002. Phone: 413- 542-2295, Fax: 413-542-2117, e-mail:  Photography in the nineteenth-century American West; history of photographic illustration.  12/11/1995 


Santos, Luis.  Rua Ctnego Tobias, 80/103. home phone: 55-21-2816178, email:  Leica, Zeiss and others German cameras  7/20/1998 


Santos, Manuel.  Parque Real, 3. #413, El Escorial, Madrid, Spain. voice: 34-91-8900432, fax: 34-91-8900432, e-mail:  Specialist in Spanish Contemporary and 20th Century Photography. We offer the most extensive information on Spanish Photographers, a news section and a virtual gallery in our Web-Site:  7/20/1998 


Santos, Terry.  1324 FRANCIS ST., CROCKETT, CA. 94525 voice: 510- 787-1843  women in sports  12/5/1996 


Sapir, J. David.  University of Virginia, Department of Anthropology, Brooks Hall, Charlottesville, VA. 22903. Phone: (804) 924-6821, Fax: (804) 924-1350, e-mail:  ethnophotography, documentary photography, photo-journalism, 19th century photography, photography criticism, photography on the WWW.  12/5/1995 


Saretzky, Gary D.  P.O. Box 126, Tennent, NJ 07763. voice: 732-308-3772, e-mail:  Taught survey course in history of photo at Mercer County Community College, 1978-2005. Compiling database on 19th century New Jersey photographers. Published articles on New Jersey photographers, Margaret Bourke-White, Elias Goldensky, Edwin Rosskam, Louise Rosskam, and photographic conservation. Curated "Margaret Bourke- White: In Print" exhibit at Rutgers University, 2006. Photographs, history of photography links and out of print photography books at Saretzky Online web site:  3/31/2004 


Sayers, Robert H.  Arlington, VA. (703) 522-0447,  I am a cultural anthropologist conducting research on Japanese (and, secondarily, Korean) sojourners in America and Europe between 1860 and 1900. I am particularly interested in compiling an inventory of photographic images (cartes-de-visite, cabinet cards, stereoviews, etc.) of members of diplomatic missions, students, exposition participants, traveling entertainers, and other Japanese and Korean visitors to the West during this period.  3/5/2005 


Scardina, Steven.  1714 NE 49th Avenue, Portland, OR 97213. e-mail:  I am searching for images by photographer J. Dudley Johnston. He was a member of the Liverpool Photographic Association from1909-1911 and then became President from 1909-1911. Was elected a member of 'The Linked Ring' Brotherhood in 1907, a member of The Royal Photographic Society's Council 1916, President of that body 1923-1925 and again 1929-1931. Was Chaiman of the Pictoral Group and was awarded the O.B.E. in1947 and the Progress Medal of the Photographic Society of America in 1950. Any information about this photographer or the whereabouts of his images is greatly appreciated.  12/31/2000 


Scarfone, Roberto.  kutuzovskij pr. 18 apt 37, moscow, russia. voice: 2430837, e-mail:  Russian and Soviet photography  3/2/2004 


Scarpellini, Claudio.  via quarantola 45, pisa, italy. e-mail:  photography city of pisa in the period 1839-1869  6/2/2002 


Schaaf, Larry J.  Rock House, 616 Reservoir Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21217-4823. voice: (410) 523-8889, fax: (410) 383-9866, e- mail: Slade Professor of Fine Arts for 2004- 2005, University of Oxford; Director of The Correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot Project, Glasgow University  Interests include the pre-history and early history of photography, particularly on paper in Britain; the circles of Sir John Herschel and of William Henry Fox Talbot; the relationship of science and art in photography; and historiography. Continuing projects include The Correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot (completed and online) and The Catalogue Raisonne of Photographs from the Circle of William Henry Fox Talbot.  3/5/2005 


Schisler, Millard.  264 Greystone Ln., Rochester, NY 14618, voice: 716-461-2245, fax: 716-461-2245, e-mail:  Teacher in the Applied Photo dept. at Rochester Institute Technology and in the Certificate Program in Museum Conservation of the George Eastman House. Photographer with a strong interest in the research and practice of historical processes.  11/22/1996 


Schlegel, Franz-Xaver, Ph.D.  Brahmsstr. 6, 71254 Ditzingen-Stuttgart, GERMANY. voice: 0049 (7156) 958687, fax: 0049 (7156) 958688, e-mail:  American, Japanese and European Photopgraphy of the 1910s - 1930s. Vanguard photography, Pictorialism, Neue Sachlichkeit, Advertising. Author of: "Das Leben der toten Dinge" - Studien zur modernen Sachfotografie in den USA 1914-1935 (= "The Life of Inanimate Objects" - Study of Modernist Movements in American Photography Depicting the Thing Itself, 1914-1935) - 2 volumes, 984 pp, extensive bibliography and 574 digitized black-and-white illustrations, size 21 x 1 cm, paperbound, published in Stuttgart/ Germany 1999, written in German, quotations given in original language (ISBN: 3-00-004407-8).  6/30/2000 


Schloetel, Jeff.  9047 Barnes Ave E, Inver Grove Hts Mn 55077 e-mail:  I am interested in the early types of photographic emulsions. Also, hand tinting of prints  12/15/1996 


Schmid, Peter F.  Special Collections & Archives, Merrill Library, Utah State University, Logan, UT 84322-3000, 801-797-0890, 801-797- 2880 e-mail:  I am the Photograph Archivist for Utah State University, and therefore am interested in many aspects of the history of photographic processes and formats, as well as conservation and preservation issues. Due to my location, I am particularly interested in the content of photography in the American West.  7/7/1996 


Schmidt, Aaron  700 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02117. voice: 617-536-5400, fax: 617-232-0461, e-mail:  Documentary photography, paper processes, both 19th and 20th century with a concentration on Boston area subjects. Specific interest in press photography.  6/30/2000 


Schmitt, Beryl.  e-mail:  I am interested in a photographer named J.J. Hunt. He had a business in Calne, Malmesbury, Wiltshire circa. 1907. Any one who knows of this gentleman?  10/30/1996 


Schneider, Stuart.  Email:  I have been collecting Lincoln photographs for over 20 years and am the author of Collecting Lincoln, a recent hard cover, 950 color illustration book that is incredible in scope. It covers collecting photographs, political items, prints, relics from the President's life as well as those from his wife, John Wilkes Booth items and miscellaneous items. It covers the history of photography on mediums where Lincoln can possibly appear and also gives information telling the "real" from fakes and forgeries. Christies, members of the Lincoln Group and many of the top collectors in the country have contributed. It was nominated for 2 Lincoln book awards. I have written and lectured on the photographs of Lincoln. My publisher is Schiffer Publishing of Atglen, PA. Stuart Schneider, P.O. ox 64, Teaneck, NJ 07666  3/4/2000 


Schoon Harry.  609 Devon Ave, Oshawa Ontario Canada L1H1R9. voice: 1-905-723-7813, e-mail:  Photography showing carriage and automotive history worldwide up to 1940.Also photographs and postcards of places in Canada and all social history connected with it. Stereo cards of Ontario.  4/17/1999 


Schroeder, Kim.  Head Archivist, General Motors Media Archives, F(313)974-5423, e-mail:  Photo Processes, Photo Preservation  11/22/1996 


Schultz, William, MD.  P.O. Box 796, Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681. voice: 330-852-0704, fax: 330-852-4830, e-mail:  Antebellum images,occupational and military daguerreotypes esp. Mexican War and any images of the early West. Images of surveyors in all media from dauerreotype to CDV prior to 1900. Early Canadian images. The collection presently contains close to 200 military daguerreotype, many which have been published in reference and research articles.  6/2/2002 


Schwartz, Dona.  University of Minnesota, 111 Murphy Hall, 206 Church St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, voice: (612) 625-5088, fax: (612) 626-8251, e-mail:  Documentary, ethnographic, sociological, anthropological, photojournalism, and amateur photography. I am most interested in factual and evidentiary uses of photography. In addition to my historical and critical writing on photography, I am actively engaged with the production of ethnographic photography.  11/22/1996 


Schwartz, Joan M.  Associate Professor / Queen's National Scholar, Department of Art (History of Photography), Ontario Hall 318C, Queen's University, KINGSTON, Ontario K7L 3N6 (613) 533-6000 ext.75453, (613) 533-6891 fax,  Canada; Alexander von Humboldt; Richard Carr (daguerreotypist); circum-Pacific gold rush photographers, especially Frederick Dally, BC, 1866-1870; photographically illustrated books, c.1850-1870; photography and travel writing.  8/31/2006 


Scott, Allan.  51 Saldana Way, Hot Springs Village, AR 71909 e-mail:  collect stereoviews and books dealing with Milwaukee, American expeditions  9/9/1996 


Scott, Jean & Ken.  42 Frankland Crescent, Poole, Dorset, BH14 9PX, UK. voice: +44 1202 747674, fax: +44 1202 747674, e-mail:  Interested in microphotography, in particular Stanhopes as used in souvenirs and other articles, especially by Rene Dagron. Searching for a publisher for a book written on this subject. Jean is secretary of the Stanhope Collectors Club.  9/3/2001 


Scruggs, Jim.  32 West 31 #3 NYC, NY 10001. e-mail:  Autochrome process, screen processes, film construction. Go to my Color Theory site and see for  3/2/2004 


Scully and Osterman,  see Osterman     11/22/1996 


Seferovic, Abdulah  Tomislava Ivcica, 3B, Zadar, Croatia. voice: 212-319, > e-mail:  I am interested in photography of 19th century in Austria-Hungary, Italy and Croatia.  10/21/2002 


Semmari, Fahad, A.  King Abdulaziz Research Center, Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, P.O. Box 90179 Riyadh 11613, Saudi Arabia. Fax: 9661-4417020, e-mail:  I am doing a research on Saudi Arabia in photographs and need to collect old photographs related to Saudi Arabia in the 19th and 20th century and related to King Abdulaziz (Ibn Saud) 1890-1953. I need information on private and institutional collections, etc.  2/5/1997 


Sena, Antonio.  Cancela da Areia, 9930-309 Lajes do Pico, Azores. voice: 351.292.678.169, fax: 351.292.678.172, e-mail:  Photographs, photo-mechanical prints, photo-books and photo-texts with reference to PORTUGAL  12/11/2003 


Serander, Arnaud.  Route de Duclair, 76840 Henouville FRANCE. e-mail: Photo-Club Rouennais and Société Francaise de Photographie.  Photography in Normandy and particularly Rouen (France). Images for exhibition and publication provided from collection of approximately 1000 original photographs from 1855 to 1920. Exhibitions: Maurice Lucas "Guerre de Macédoine 1916" and "Autochromes (1909-1914)..  3/2/2004 


Serena, Tiziana.  email: home phone: 0039.(0)50.509405, affiliation: Scuola Normale Superiore, Centro di Ricerche informatiche per i beni culturali.  XIX century; relation with art, problems of cataloging of historical archives  7/20/1998 


Seymour, Claude.  6355 8th Street, Alexandria, VA 22312-1909, Phone: (703) 941-8442, Fax: (703) 941-8442- Call Voice First, e-mail:  Erotica, nudes, early history od photography, landscape, photographic processes and equipment, real photo postcards and almost everything else.  3/25/1996 


Shaw, Brian.  20736 Gault Street, Winnetka, CA 91306. voice: (310) 336-5134, e-mail:  Mid-19th Century Steroviews: Edward L. Wilson's Centennial Photographic Company and views of the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park.  4/17/1999 


Shawcross, Nancy M.  Special Collections, Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6206. Phone:215- 898-2065, Fax:215-573-9079, e-mail:  the cultural impact of the invention of photography; critical theory regarding the medium of photography. I teach courses in photography and literature at Penn and have completed a monograph entitled "Roland Barthes on Photography: The Critical Tradition in Perspective," which will be published by the University Press of Florida in the spring of 1997.  10/25/1995 


Sheehan, Tanya  Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow Dept. of Art History and Archaeology 826 Schermerhorn Hall Columbia University New York, NY 10027  19th-century American portrait photography; commercial studio practices in 19th-century Philadelphia; interactions between photography and medicine; race and photography.  3/31/2004 


Sheridan, Ginger.  516 Seigfred Hall, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701. Phone: 614-593-4280, e-mail:  General photo history, William Christenberry, Contemporary Czech photography  3/25/1996 


Shields, David S.  Editor, Early American Literature, McClintock Professor of Southern Letters, Department of English, University of South Carolina. Columbia, SC 29208. 803.777.7630,  Theatrical photography 1900-1930, the first Hollywood photographers.  3/5/2005 


Shields, Kathryn  University of Texas at Arlington institutional address: Box 19089, Department of Art and Art History, Fine Arts Building, Room 299. business phone: 817-272-2810, fax: 817-272-2805, email:  All aspects of both 19th and 20th century history of photography, including theory and criticism. Notions of masking, costuming, ambiguity, etc.  10/21/2002 


Shilliday, Charles.  e-mail:  I am currently investigating the role and effect of humour in photography. Above & beyond individual names of artists employing hmourous strategies (Wegman, Erwitt, Arbus, et al) I'm thirsty for examples of critical analysis and academic study.  6/30/2000 


Shinde, Niyatee.  104 Indraprastha IV, Raheja Township, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400097. voice: 022 - 8772620 / 022 - 8770076, fax: 022 - 4227586, e-mail:  I have been working on the development of photography in India and am now looking into this history vis-a-vis the history of photography in Asia. I am also interested in individual photographers from the West practicing during 1850s - 1910.  11/8/2000 


Shubert, Adrian.  80 Carnival Ct., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. home phone: 416-663-1536. affiliation: Dept. of History, York University, institutional address: 4700 Keele St., Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3, Canada, business phone: 416-736-5123, fax: 416-7136-5836, email:  Social history of photography; spread of photography as social practice, Photography as a source for historians  7/20/1998 


Sigurjonsdottir Æsa.  24 Av. d'Alembert, 92160 Antony, France.  19th century French photography, Icelandic photography 1845-1950, August Sander, Sigridur Zoëga.  4/17/1999 


Simmons, Becky.  George Eastman House, 900 East Ave., Rochester, NY 14607, Phone:(716)-271-3361, Fax:(716)271-3970, e-mail:  Historiography, women photographers, amateur photography and photographers.  8/2/1996 


Simon, Chreyl.  2247 rue Delisle #308, Montreal, Quebec H3J 1K4, CANADA. (514) 931-1875 e-mail:  vernacular, archives, surrealism, montage, appropriation, installation  9/18/1996 


Simonet, Gabriel.  Belgrano, Montevideo, Montevideo, 111100. e-mail:  1-I'm interested in the effects made by the photography in the concept of "Arts," 2- I'm living in a world formed by images, so i'm interested in photography in general  3/4/2000 


Sixou, Christian.  16 albert bayet 75013 paris france. member of french society of photography and european society for the history of photography. phone : 1 42 16 82 65 e-mail:  pre-history and general photography, old technic books, old catalogues, collector of old cameras and daguerreotypes  2/5/1999 


Slade, George.  568 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55102. voice: 651-227-9549, fax: 651-227-8892, e-mail:  Broadly speaking, I'm interested in creative photography in the United States, from Stieglitz forward. My particular interests include: photography and photographers in Minnesota; expanding definitions of documentary; Dorothea Lange; Garry Winogrand; photography books; popular photography; Roger Mertin; Thomas Arndt; Magnum.  5/21/2003 


Slemmons, Rod.  4023 Eastern Ave. N. Seattle, WA. 98103 206 634 2646 e-mail:  Photography of and by Native Americans in heritage industry, Recent photo-based European art, Lee Friedlander  7/15/1996 


Slenczka, Anne  Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg, Rothenbaumchausse 64, 20148 Hamburg. e-mail:  I work in the Museum of Anthropology in Hamburg and am doing research about some historical photographs (ca. 1860-1920) from USA (specially New York, Chicago, Washington, California, Yosemite), Mexico (Mexico City, Revolution, Indians), Guatemala (Indians, Antigua Guatemala), El Salvador, Panama and Brazil (Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro), Cuba. I need biographical information about the following photographers or studios: Hugo Brehme (Mexico), Abel Briquet (Mexico), Peter Fassold (Germany?), Incersoll (?)Photo, St. Paul, Minnesota (USA), A. Loeffler, Tomkinsville, N.Y. (USA), George Leuzinger (Brazil), Georg Heinrich [Jorge Henrique] Papf (from Dresden,Germany, had his studio in Petropolis, Brazil), Taber Photo, Sn. Franciso (USA). Any kind of bibliographical or/and biographical information is very welcome! And I am interested very much in help to identify photos by these photographers as well as a number of anonimous works. Some photos are already scanned, so that I could send them for identification.  6/2/2002 


Sliker, Maggie Johnson.  5810 Green Landing Rd., Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. voice: 301-627-1533, fax: 301-952-6431, e-mail:  Experienced photo researcher/photographer familiar with the numerous and important photo collections in the Washington, D.C. area. If you do not have the time, budget, or trained personnel to travel to Washington, D.C. to research photos at the Library of Congress, National Archives, National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian Institutes various resources, just to name a few- then consider hiring a freelance photo researcher to do the looking for you. Let me be your Washington,D.C. stringer/gopher. Resume and references available upon request  11/9/1997 


Sliwinski, Andy.  469 Linden Ave., Doylestown PA 18901. voice: (215) 348-7801 e-mail:  Pictures and info on the Californian Indians  9/6/1996 


Small, Marc James.  713 First Street, Roanoke Virginia 24016-4101. voice: 540/981-1036, fax: 540/343-7315, e-mail:  Zeiss, Zeiss Ikon, Leica, Rolleiflex, Retina, Praktica, Praktina, Pentacon, Exakta, and Soviet/Post-Soviet optical and photographic gear.  12/31/2000 


Smith, C. Zoe.  213 W. Williams Hall School of Journalism, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211--0001, voice: 573-882-3732, fax: 573-882-4823, e-mail:  History of photojournalism, specifically the German influence on American picture magazines; also women's contributions to the profession.  9/30/1996 


Smith, Darrin.  375 East 120 South, Smithfield Utah 84335. voice: 801-563-5894, e-mail:  I am interested in Utah history and particularly in Logan and Cache Valley history from the1920's on back when the Mormons came to Utah. I have a large collection of photos and have some of some Mormon Leaders of the 19th Century scanned and can send them over the net. I have a scanner and can also send some pictures that I have or can tell you where you can get copies. If you have anything that would interest me please contact me. Thank you in advance.  4/22/1997 


Smith, Dave.  25 Henry Lane Terrace # 427, Toronto, Ontario M5A 2B4. voice: 416-601-9964, e-mail:  The role that plays in portraying alternative communities to larger society. Concentrating on the photography of the 1900's-PRESENT.  2/6/1999 


Smith, Diane.  944 St Charles Ave #8, Atlanta, GA 30306. voice: (404)892-0967, fax: same, e-mail:  I am currently researching the civil war photographer Timothy O'Sullivan for my "300 Years in Journalism" class at Georgia State University.  1/22/1997 


Smith, Libi.  email:  Photographer William H. Israel, Port Huron, Michigan (grandfather) (died 03/70)  7/20/1998 


Smith, Martin.  5-176 Moray St, New Farm, voice: 61 7 3346 3454, e-mail:  interested in family photographs, found images and the history of amatuer photography.  4/16/2000 


Smith, Steve.  web url: email:  British commercial photographers and "ordinary" sitters. My interest lies in genealogy. My website has a few CdV's & Cabinet Card images, I hope to see it grow. The last 20 years I have art directed many images with contempary London Photographers.  9/3/2001 


Smith, Wintfred.  Dept. Biol. Sci., Univ. Tenn. at Martin, Martin, TN 38238. voice: 901-587-7174, fax: 901-587-7187, e-mail:  Photographers who have worked in Obion and Lake Counties of northwest Tennessee, the Reelfoot Lake area in particular, and photography in Union City, Tiptonville, Samburg, Hornbeak, Ridgely, and Troy. Any format or medium is of interest. This is part of a long term project to document cultural and ecological changes which have occurred in the Reelfoot Lake area since the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812.  2/6/1999 


Snoddy, Don.  1416 Dodge St., Omaha, NE 68179. voice: 402-271-3305, fax: 402-271-6460, e-mail:  Photography of western railroads. Jackson, Hart, Savage, Russell, Carbutt, Silvis, Kindig, Griffiths. All relating to Union Pacific railroad and its predecessor lines.  12/12/1997 


Snyder, Joel.  University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637. voice: 773-702-0278, fax: 773-702-5901, e-mail:  19th and 20th century photographic history and theory.  3/7/1998 


Soetermeer, Dr. Frank.  Elzas 28, 3524 RW Utrecht. voice: 00-31-30-2895874, e-mail:  Dutch photography in the 19th Century. At the moment I am doing research on Henri Mouhot and Charles Mouhot, who worked in the Netherlands, but also in Russia, France, Belgium and Italy, ca. 1848-1856.  6/4/2004 


Soles, Meredith.  804 W. Morgan St., Apt. G3A, Raleigh, NC 27603. voice: (919) 835-1546, e-mail:  As a doctoral student in art history at the University of Delaware, I am beginning a dissertation on the close-up in photography in the 1920s. The investigation will focus on photographers' theoretical strategies for using the close-up as well as provide a contextual framework for that use within the the 1929 "Film und Foto" exhibition organized by the German Werkbund in Stuttgart. My other interests include spirit photography, photography and gender, and African American photographers.  12/31/2000 


Sowin, Art.  8436 Samra Dr., West Hills,Ca. 91304, voice: (8I8) 348- 9795, fax: (818) 346-2171, e-mail:  Western Americana Book & Ephemera Dealer - Specializing In Out of Print & Rare Books on the American West. Also buy, sell, trade in 19th Century Photography ie: Cowboys, Indians, Town Views, Western Personalities.  9/30/1996 


Spaans, Simon A.  Insulindeweg 17, 2612 EL Delft, Netherlands. voice: 31-152146775, e-mail:  Interested in the history of the exposure meter (1880-1970). Active collector of meters and cameras equipped with a built-in extinction meter. Collection of over 900 different items.  11/9/1997 


Sparreboom  Rynsingel 339 2987 sn, ridderkerk. e-mail:  I'm interested in photos from Native American people, especially Nez Perce . I collect photos for many years .And i like to share them with people that have the same hobby  12/27/2003 


Spath, Patrice.  PO Box 721, Forest Grove, OR 97116. voice: 503-357-9185, fax: 503-357-9267, e-mail:  Photos taken before 1900 in all states west of the Rocky Mountains. Special interest in Oregon photos. Published book on 19th Century Photographers of Portland, Oregon. Collecting traveling photographers from throughout the U.S. with plans to publish book on this subject.  10/5/1997 


Spencer, Ruth.  Photographic Collection Curator, Milken Family Foundation, 1250 Fourth St., 4th Fl.; Santa Monica, CA 90401-1353; (310) 998-3058; e-mail:  presently not actively involved in history of photography. The MFF photo collection of 1.000.000 photos and growing is an in-house / closed collection. However, my own history includes the following: study of 20th Cent. H. of Ph.; a Ph.D. thesis (not defended) on experimental photography in Germany in the 1920's, partly based on personal interviews with individuals who were at the Bauhaus in Germany; interviews and photographs of well known photographers with substantial articles about them mostly published in the British Journal of Photography (Bill Brandt, Lucien Clergue, Andre Kertesz, Arnold Newman, Angus McBean, Barbara Morgan, Halsman, Eisenstaedt, Feininger, Karsh, Cornell Capa, Ansel Adams, Cole Weston, Felix Man, Erich Auerbach, Josef Sudek (not interviewed) and a few others). Actually I can very well visualize a selection of these articles published in book form. Currently, based on extensive practical experience, including many years at the Photo Collection at Time Inc., I am specializing in the organisation and automation of photographic collections with indexing and keywording as additional strong elements.  8/2/1996 


St.Denny, Douglas.  Villerajouze, Blond, 87300, France. web url: email:  Opening a large (more than 22,000 line items) on-line Camera Price Guide. US$29.95/year subscription fee. Beta testing should begin 15 April, 1999. Completed commercial site should open May 15th, 1999. I'm interested in the history of photography, particularly the equipment. I am the author of "Cameras of China" published by Jessup in England in 1989, now out of print. I am also co-author (along with Michael Pritchard) of "Spy Cameras", 1993, London. I am currently looking for digital photographic images of camera equipment for use on will be up and running by April 15th.  4/17/1999 


Stack, Trudy Wilner.  Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona 85721. Phone: 520/621-7968, Fax: 520/621-9444, e-mail:  poetry about photography; photographically illustrated children's books; women photographing men; the influence of the museum on photography; photographs of art and exhibition spaces/museums; animal portraiture; the rephotographed photograph; images of JFK; seascapes; intersections between painting, sculpture and photography; Garry Winogrand; references to still photography in popular culture.  11/1/1995 


Stafford, Jerry L. -  Curator of Photographs and Graphics, Special Collections Division, University Libraries, University of Texas at Arlington, Box 19497, Arlington, TX 76019-0497, phone: (817)272-3393; FAX: (817)272-3360; e-mail:  Texas historical images - newspaper archives - commercial photographic collections - personal photographic collections  3/25/1996 


Stahr, Henrick.  Friedrich-Karl-Str. 27, 12103 Berlin. , Tel.: 0049-(0)30-752.8285  Dissertation Fotojournalismus zwischen Exotismus und Rassismus. Darstellungen von Schwarzen und Indianern in Foto-Text-Artikeln deutscher Wochenillustrierter 1919-1939”, published in 2004 by Verlag Dr. Kovac, Hamburg. Details on current work at  10/22/2006 


Stapp, William.  611 E Street SE, Washington, DC 20003. voice: 202-543-0964, fax: 202-543-0964, e-mail:  John Beasly Greene, Leavitt Hunt, and by extension, the early photography of Egypt (1839-1860); history of photography in Asia, particularly of South Asia and Japan; photography of the American Civil War; the daguerreotype, and by extension, the early history of photography in Europe and the United States.  2/6/1999 


Starenko, Michael.  Editor, Afterimage, 31 Prince St., Rochester, NY 14607. voice: 716-442-8676, fax: 716-442-1992, e-mail:  Historiography of photography; modernist and postmodernist theory; history of photography education in colleges and universities. As editor, I am interested in receiving manuscripts or proposals for articles that would be of interest to Afterimage readers.  9/17/1997 


Steckelings, KH. W., DGPh.  Geranienstr. 2, D-42369 Wuppertal, Germany. voice: 0202/46 15 90 Q fax: 0202/4660732  I am a photohistorian for early photographic and cinema items, and pre- photographic and pre-cinema  12/15/1996 


Sterlini, Albert.  2202 DERBY DR, BIRMINGHAM, MI 48009 voice: 248 649 5929, email:  Gran Sasso Rescue of Mussolini, Mussolini General, Mussolini with Hitler, Mussolini with Skorzeny, Skorzeny General, Skorzeny with Hitler, Skorzeny with Mussolini, Pratica Di Mare airport from where skorzeny departed to rescue Mussolini  3/4/2000 


Sterritt, Phillip.  Argus cameras and corporate history, Heiland flash equipment and Heiland Research Corp. history. Contributor to Argus Collectors Group website at, see especially 'Argus Camera Surveys' link  8/31/2006 


Stevens, Craig.  PO Box 8757, Savannah, GA 31412. voice: 912-236-0701, e-mail:  teach 19th century History of photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design  2/6/1999 


Stokes, Philip Grenfell.  Dept of Visual and Performing Arts, The Nottingham Trent University, Bonington Building, Dryden Street, Nottingham NG1 4FZ, UK. Home address: Archive House, 14 Gordon Rise, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5GB, UK. Phone:Work 0115 941 8418. Home: 0115 962 4926. Fax:Work 0115 948 6403, e-mail: (work) (home)  photographic history and criticism in general, but special concerns with late c19 and early c20 uk topics. I take in literature and general culture, and have even been known to write Gothic fiction [My Great-Uncle's Photographs, in "Goth" 6, qv.]. I'm also a photographer, I say in the documentary mode, though others don't agree. Whatever the truth there may be, [am I an atheistic Puseyite?] my political aspect is to be unequivocally and ferociously an anti-censorship campaigner.  11/1/1995 


Stonys, Audrius.  Kestucio 83-23, Lithuania. voice: 370-7-224101  Aesthetics of photography. Relations between art photography and beaux arts.  4/22/1997 


Strzalkowski. - home phone: 651-58- 49, affiliation: Akademie of Sciens.  History of 19th century photography ateliers in Germany and Central Europe.  6/30/2000 


Stubbs, Peter.  Wardie House, Wardie House Lane, Edinburgh EH5 3RL. phone: 0131 552 4554, web url:  Research into early history of photography in EDINBURGH. collecting photographs + details of photographers. Includes: - PHOTOGRAHIC SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND (from 1856)- EDINBURGH PHOTOGRPAHIC SOCIETY (from 1861)- LIST OF EDINBURGH'S PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS (1840-1940).  3/4/2000 


Stulik, Dusan C. (Dr.)  4339 Saltillo St., Woodland Hills. voice: 310-440-6224, fax: 310-440-7784, e-mail:  History of photographic science and technology, historical photographic processes, identification of photographic processes using scientific and analytical methodologies, problems of art photography fakes and forgeries, conservation of photographs  7/29/2001 


Sullivan, John Paul.  Photographic Archive, Alexander Turnbull Library, PO Box 12349, Wellington, New Zealand. Phone: (0064 04) 474- 3000 ex 8732. Fax: (0064 04) 474-3063. e-mail:  General photographic history, emphasis on New Zealand, Pacific and Antarctica. Particular interest in documentary photography  11/1/1995 


Suseno, Dianti.  1000 cliff drive #2, Santa Barbara, CA 93109. voice: 805-966 7147, e-mail:  women photographers  3/26/1997 


Sutherland, Laine.  Northern Arizona University, Cline Library, Special Collections and Archives Department, Box 6022, Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6022. Phone: (520) 523-9150, FAX: (520) 523-3770, e-mail:  19th & 20th Century Photography from the Colorado Plateau specifically and Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado in general.  11/21/1995 


Sweeney, Sean.  435 N Morrisson, Collinsville, IL 62234. voice: 618- 345-7674, e-mail:  60's pop culture/counter- culture  10/30/1996 


Swensen, James  2954 Benchmark Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84109. voice: 801-466-1068, e-mail:  My primary interests are in the photography of the Farm Security Administration. More specifically I enjoy looking at how the photographers of the FSA, namely Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee and Arthur Rothstein, investigated and documented the Western United States. I am also interested in socially conscience photographers such as Jacob Riis and Lewis Hine.  10/21/2002 


Swiatek, Piotr.  Photoingenieurwesen, FH Koeln 50679 Koeln, Germany. voice: +49-171-28 32 637, fax: +49-221-8275 2836, e-mail:  Early colour processes, digital reconstruction of colour in films and prints.  12/12/1997 


Swindell, David.  9 Laurence Court, Ludgershall, Andover, HANTS, SP11 9QN, UK. voice: 01264 791185, e-mail:  Francis Frith's work during the early years of his firm, Frith & Co, in the mid 1860s. Most notably his photographic illustrations for Longfellow's "Hyperion", and Frith's own "Gossiping Photographer on the Rhine". Also other illustrated editions of "Hyperion", such as Henry Vizittelli's of circa 1850 illustrated by Birkett Foster. Publications: "Der Rhein in fruehen Fotos", Rhein-Mosel Verlag, August 1997.  8/20/1997 


Swinnen, Johan M.,  Photographic Research. Rudolfstraat 43, B 2018 Antwerp (Belgium) Voice: +32 3 2379050, Fax: + 32 3 2384335, e-mail:  Independant researcher, Professor at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts - Flanders in Antwerp. Main interests are the photographic history of Belgian Photography from 1839 to the present day, (art) theory, criticism and the philosophy of Photography. I published a book (in Dutch language) entitled The Paradox of Photography. A critical history. (Ed. Hadewych, Antwerp, 1992) and have completed (with co-author Prof. Dr. Willem Elias) a book entitled The Belgian Pioniers of Modernism Photography, which will be published by Ed. Hadewych in the spring of 1997.  11/12/1996  


Swinnen, Johan.  Boudewijnsstraat 59, B 2018 Antwerp. voice: + 32 3 29 003 65, fax: + 32 3 29 003 67, e-mail:  Professor in the History and Theory of Photography at the Free University Brussels (VUB); director of the Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Antwerp; participates in project about the research on visual education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht (the Netherlands) and is guestprofessor in the department Fine Arts of the Karel-de-Grote Hogeschool, Antwerp. Co-founder and president of the ‘Institute for Photography and New Media Flanders’ (IFON) and projectmanager of the ‘Reind M. de Vries Foundation European Photography Prize’. Wrote a critical history on photography "De Paradox van de Fotografie" (The Paradox of Photography) (Dutch), which was published in 1992 (awarded with the Wendelen Prize in 1993) and co-author with Prof. Dr. Willem Elias of the book "Fotografie in Dialoog. Fotografie in België"(Photography in Dialogue. Photography in Belgium) (Dutch), 1999. He was curator of the international show and catalogue "Attack! Photography on the edge.", Holland Festival, Amsterdam (the Netherlands), 1999 (English). On the staff of the Editorial Network of ‘European Photography’ (Göttingen, Germany) and made contributions to various encyclopaedic publications, radio and television, international magazines and catalogues.  12/31/2000 


Tallroth, Greger.  Vasagatan 5, 703 54 Örebro, Sweden. voice: +46 019 270060, e-mail:  History in fashion photography and documentary photography  4/17/2001 


Tan, Stanley V.  50 don jose st. quezon city, home phone: 7426746  Philippines  6/30/2003 


Tannenbaum, Barbara.  70 E. Market Street, Akron OH 44308. voice: 330-376-9185 x 219, fax: 330-376-1180, e-mail:  Photography from the second half of the twentieth century and contemporary photography. I have done exhibitions on Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Adam Fuss, the history of women photographers (with Naomi Rosenblum), and others.  6/30/2000 


Taylor, Peter A.  Grand Valley State University, home: 541 Eastern Avenue NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503-1808. Phone: (616) 235-3273, work: (616) 895-3668, e-mail:  Panoramas, photo and 360 paintings, multiple imagery, pictorialism v modernism, digital imaging  11/6/2005 


Taylor, Roger.  3 Green Head Lane, Settle, N. Yorkshire BD24 9HG, UK, tel. 01729 825056, e-mail: . Professor of Photographis History, De Montfort University, Leicester.  19thC British photographic history with publications on George Washington Wilson, Lewis Carroll, and Roger Fenton. Two websites published through the university Photographs Exhibited in Britain 1839-1865 available at and Roger Fenton's Letters from the Crimea available at For the past several years researching the history of British paper-negative photography for the period 1839 -1865 which comes to fruition in the Fall of 2007 with an exhibition and catalogue for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Happy to help answer enquiries from the period and even happier to hear news of British calotypists.  11/6/2006 


Tell, Veronica.  Thames 2044, (1425) Buenos Aires. voice: (54-11) 4777-0514, e-mail:  19th and early 20th century photography in Argentina. Lanscapes and cities. Looking for information on Gaston Bourquin, swiss photographer in Argentina.  11/9/2000 


Tenney, Chris Allen.  P.O.Box 17, North Lewisburg, Ohio 43060. Phone:(513)747-2966, e-mail:  Collecting old cameras and some images. Am interested in all aspects of the history of photography.  11/21/1995 


Terre, Laura.  Professor, curator and researcher on Spanish Photography. Calle Nicaragua 69, 2=BA 1=AA. 08029 BARCELONA. Phone 93- 322-2226, e-mail:  Contemporary Photography, Fine Art Photography, History of Photography in Spain, especially 50/60's photography and AFAL group.  6/3/1996 


Thaysen, Hans Chr.  2635 Cph. Denmark, voice: (+45) 43 54 25 24, e-mail:  Found 10000 negatives of male nudes from 1950-55 and 1957-69. From Axgil/DFT, a photo service like the Swiss Bilderdienst. Interested in complementing collection with similar negatives.  7/21/1997 


Thijsen, Mirelle.  Ertskade 39, Amsterdam 1019 BB. voice: 0031 20 4194545, e-mail:  Postwar photography and commemoration photo books published by captains of industry.  9/3/2001 


Thiriez, Régine.  27, Boulevard de Sébastopol, 75001 Paris - France. ph: (33), email:  19th century photography of China; early postcard in China; early stereograms in East Asia. Currently completing a User's Guide of early photography in China (meant to assist researchers in using photograph as a source), with an inventory of photographers active in China in the 19th century. Ph.D. on photography in Beijing, 1860-1925, published as "Barbarian Lens: Western Photographers of the Qianlong Emperor's European Palaces", New York: Gordon and Breach, 1998.  6/10/1999 


Thomas, Lori.  4633 Smoke River Ct., San Jose CA 95136, 408-269- 1937, 408-269-1937 e-mail:  The areas of photography that I am interested in and am doing research on are early (19th century) aerial photography and the beginnings of, and female photography pioneers (again 19th century).  6/3/1996 


Thornhill, Ashton G.  Texas Tech University, School of Mass Communications. (806) 742-3399 office ph., (806) 742-1085 fax, e-mail:  Interest in the history of photography both as a documentary function and an art form.  12/5/1996 


Till, Jennifer  MA student--U.S.History, 501 Life Sciences West Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078. e-mail:  U.S. women photographers-- professional and amateur. Right now I am doing research on female photographers in Oklahoma and Indian Territories from 1889 to 1907. Generally, I am interested in female photographers West of the Mississippi River after 1850.  2/5/1997 


Titus, Richard O.  c/o EIRC - 606 Delsea Drive, Sewell NJ 08080-9199. voice: (609) 582-7000 x 104, e-mail:  Current focus is on the life life cycle of the ambrotype. More specifically defining the carriers and various materials used to back the image. Also interested in restoration and repair of leather cases used for images.  4/17/1999 


Todd-Raque, Susan.  39 Lullwater Place, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30307. tel: 404-377-6399 Independent scholar.  19th and 20th century women photographers, particularly personal work; also new and innovative work by contemporary women photographers  9/10/1996 


Tom, Patricia Vettel.  Doctoral Candidate, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, Mailing address:6724 Mitchell Ave. St. Louis, MO 63139, Phone:314-645-2874 e-mail:  20th century American photography. The title of my dissertation is "Naked Shots: The Masculinization of American Photography, 1945-1960," so I am particularly interested in gender issues in the postwar period, in such areas as fashion and centerfold photography, crime photography, sports photography, images of the male body, etc. I am also interested in Life magazine staff photographers, particularly women, including Nina Leen, Lisa Larsen, and Martha Holmes. Also Robert Frank, Weegee, and Bruce Davidson, about whom I am currently writing an Art Journal article that deals with his Brooklyn Gang series.  5/13/1996 


Tomic, George.  PO BOX 12, Bentley D.C., Bentley, Western Australia 6983. e-mail:  History of Western Australian Photography (General). History of Post-Secondary Photography Education in Western Australia. Website:  11/9/1997 


Tonelli Elvira.  via A. da Faenza 3, Bologna 40129. voice: +390516313018, fax: +39051363135, e-mail:  Management of photo archives. Photo conservation, digital reproduction, web catalogues of photographs. Re- discovering glass and film based negative archives.  7/20/2003 


Tonge, Andrew.  21 Wandle Road, Croydon CR0 1DB UK. home phone: 020 8406 9543, affiliation: NESCOT, email:  Architectural photography.  6/30/2000 


Tooley, David.  11375 Nawa Way, San Diego, Cal 92129, voice: 858 672 2593, e-mail:  Origins of Photography; Photographic Record of US Civil War; Verified Images of the Photographers of the US Civil War; Photographic Record of the United States-Wet Plate Era only.  6/1/2002 


Totten, Melissa.  Manager, Archivist, 20th Century Fox Photo Archive, Box 900 Bldg 99-150, Beverly Hills, CA. 90213-0900. voice: (310)369- 2550, fax: 310-369-0622, e-mail:  Interests include: History of motion picture studio photography; Hollywood portrait photographers; photography as texts of California regional history; photography documenting the American west.  4/17/1999 


Troncale, Anthony.  42nd Street at Fifth Avenue, Rm.65, New York, NY 10018. voice: (212) 930-0821, fax: (212) 302-5328, e-mail:  All aspects of the history of photography, photographic and photomechanical printing. Specializing in turn-of-the-century American photography. Other interests include digital imaging and digital photography. Home page:  10/23/1996 


Tsirgialou, Aliki.  Philikis Eterias 15, Athens 106-73. home phone: 003-01-7211033, affiliation: Photographic Archive of the Benaki Museum, institutional address: Philikis Eterias 15, Athens 106-73, business phone: 003-01-7211033, fax: 003-01-7228465, web url:, email:  History of photography in Greece  7/24/2001 


Tucker, Farrell L.  214 W. Nueva, San Antonio, TX 78207. voice: 210=674-8361, fax: 210-674-8361, e-mail:  Historical research and analysis of period(beginning-1939)photography of the City of San Antonio, Texas and the San Antonio Police Department. Currently maintain a private collection of over 300 period photographs.  1/10/1997 


Tucker, Geoffrey.  Incline Cottage, Tavistock voice: 01822 834639, e-mail:  Early British Amateurs.  3/6/2005 


Tuggle, Catherine.  19900 Burchap Place, Gaithersburg MD 20879, voice: 301-926-8105, fax: 202-393-3234, e-mail:  Eduard Steichen: career [1899-1945], photo secession [Europe], photography as art controversy, artist/photographer as entrepreneur  12/27/1996 


Turley, Raymond.  12 Bassett Crescent West, Southampton, Hants, SO16 7DZ. voice: +44 (0)23 8079 0501, e-mail:  Isle of Wight photographers, 1840-1940  11/6/2006 


Turner, Dan.  Box 826, Haines, AK 99827. voice: 907-767-5566, fax: 907-766-3242, e-mail:  I'm interested in all northern photography with a special interest in northern exploration and dog team travel.  6/30/2000 


Turner, Irene.  Apartado 68278, Caracas. voice: (582) 242 2103, fax: (582) 277 3334, e-mail:  Documentary Photography in Venezuelan Areas  11/8/2000 


Turner, Peter.  141 Glenmore Street, Wellington 6001, New Zealand. Phone:+64 (04) 475 9707, Fax:+64 (04) 475 9707, e-mail:  Aesthetics, philosophy, sociology, criticism in the 19th & 20th century but particularly post 1945. My concerns are for images and image-makers - what they made and why they made them. Although now living in New Zealand and working for the Museum of New Zealand I am English and have a particular interest in photography in the USA. My view is that history is what happened yesterday - literally - and I have strong links with contemporary practice which I place in an historical context. I also have a great love of the literature of photography and collect books.  3/26/1997 


Ulmer, Brigitte.  Seestr. 127, 8704 Herrliberg e-mail:  Photography 20th century, twenties/thirties/nineties  12/27/1996 


Unruh, Holly E.  University of California, Santa Barbara, 93106, (805) 893-4489 e-mail:  19th century photography in the Near East with special interest in Francis Frith; Abdul Hamid collection (LOC); feminist criticism; post-colonial studies; publications illustrated with stereographs.  3/15/1996 


Uytterhaegen, Carl.  Email: home phone: 092252846, affiliation: Hogeschool Gent, Belgium, institutional address: Kluyskenstraat 2 9000 Gent, Belgium, business phone: 092660800, fax: 092660801. web url: email:  documentary photography, photojournalism  3/4/2000 


Valdez-Marín, Juan Carlos.  Casasola s/n Exconvento de San Francisco, Pachuca, Hidalgo, México. e-mail:  Conservation and preservation of photographs XIX century phographic process (reproduction and facsimiles), History of photography  6/2/2002 


Valente, Pablo.  R. Gal. Glicerio 355/802 - Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22245-120 BRAZIL. voice: 55 (21) 557-5757, e-mail:  Everything is interesting, but I'm really interested in the early days of photo.  3/26/1997 


Valenti, Nick.  27055 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills, Michigan. voice: 248-615-3441, fax: 248-615-3422, e-mail:  Teaching the History of Photography at Oakland Community College, Farmington Hills, Michigan. I am interested in all aspects of the history of photography. In particular the work of Alfred Stieglitz as well as all practitioners of Surrealism and Futurism.  2/6/1999 


van der Steen, Johan G.  Gerstekamp 34, 3828 HR HOOGLAND. voice: +31(033) 433 0660, fax: +31(033) 433 0665, e-mail:  influence of 19th century photography on media and social and political developments.  4/17/1999 


Van Goethem, Herman.  Jan Moorkensstraat 34, Antwerp - Belgium. voice: OO3232189084, fax: OO3232204420, e-mail:  photographs of Belgium till 1900, European daguerreotypes or photographs till 1865, European stereophotographs from identified photographers  3/4/2000 


van Wyk Susan.  15 Cecil Street Willaimstown, Melbourne, Victoria, 3016. voice: 03 92080294, fax: 03 9208 0460, e-mail:  19th & 20th century Australian photography, 19th & 20th century international photography, Frank Hurley, Antarctic photography - early 20th century  9/3/2001 


Van Zante, Gary.  Tulane University, Southeastern Architectural Archive, Jos. M. Jones Hall, 6801 Freret Street, New Orleans, LA 70118, voice: 504 862 8000 ext 1806, fax: 504 865 5761, e-mail:  architectural photography, urban views  11/6/2006 


Vangelis, Ioakimidis.  Nikiforou Foka 1, 54622, Thessaloniki, voice: 0030 31 243489, fax: 0030 31 257590, e-mail:  -European Modern and Contemporary Photography, -Greek 19th century, Modern and Contemporary Photography, Greek photography and Greek influence world-wide  5/22/2000 


Vasta, Joseph.  New York NY 10013. voice: 212.243.3475, fax: 212.675.5975, e-mail:  The nude and the erotic in photography with a particular interest in the period between the two world wars; including classic 'French' postcards, academic nude studies, anonymous erotic images as well as the books and periodicals associated with the genre. While visiting Paris in 1984, passionate collecting turned into a business and I have been exploring the shops and markets there ever since. Those interested can view a sample of what I presently have available by going to my homepage at:  4/17/1999 


Vaughan, Roger Frank.  City Museum & Art Gallery, Queens Rd, Bristol. U.K. phone: +44 (0)1179223593; web url: e-mail:  Collector of carte-de-visite and cabinet cards interested in dating photographs by photographers and 19th century fashions. My collection is on line - over 1000 photos.  4/16/2000 


Veerman, D.  Insulindeweg 418, Amsterdam, NL 1094 MG. fax: (0)20 - 6939669, e-mail:  For my graduation thesis on Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam I'm looking for all kinds of information about Eve Arnold; espacially interviews with and articles about her, and the book 'Flasback! The Fifties'  7/1/1997 


Ventimiglia, Tony.  (Independent Historian) 22546 Van St., St. Clair Shores, MI 48081 USA. Phone: 810-779-9324, e-mail:  Events in the life of Daguerre from the death of Niepce to his own death; Early hand-coloring of "hard" images; Photographers of Japan in the 19th Century; Daguerreotypist Eliphalet Brown, who traveled with Perry to Japan.  6/16/1997 


Vertanessian, Carlos.  Avda. Del Libertador 4980, office 3A, Buenos AIres, 1426, Argentina. voice: 4448-3229, fax: 4523-0500, e-mail:  Latin American images, Gamblers, Card players, Daguerreian Period  9/3/2001 


Villalobos D., Fco. J.  c/Concepcion 3, Cartama (Malaga) Spain CP 29570. voice: (95) 242 21 24, e-mail:  Spain War Civil, Restoration photography  6/17/1997 


Villela, Samuel.  Aguayo 3 No. 14, Mexico, D. F. voice: (55)56-16-07-97, fax: (55)56-16-20-73, e-mail:  Ethnologist and photohistorian in the relation of photography and regional history. Coauthor of "Los Salmeron. Un siglo de fotografia en Guerrero", the history of one photographers family in Guerrero, Mexico, that had worked for four generations ago and more of one hundred years. Author of articles about mexican photographers in our regional and historical context: Jose Ma. Lupercio in Guadalajara (1900-1914), the Guerra family in Yucatan (1877-1950), the Salmeron family in Guerrero (1880-2002). Collector of photographies from Guerrero (Taxco, Acapulco). I am interested in to localize photograpies of Acapulco, surtout in the first middle of XX siecle and that was taken for Elridge Muybridge.  7/20/2003 


Vocale, Pietro.  Via Recca, 20, San Severo (FG). voice: 0882331189, fax: 0882331189, e-mail:  Artisti del '900, Fotografia in Capitanata tra '800 e '900, Arte e fotografia  3/4/2000 


Volpe, Andrea.  66 Inman Street, Cambridge, MA 02139. voice: (617) 576-2494, fax: (617) 576-2138 e-mail:  Cultural history of nineteenth-century photography in the United States, particularly cartes de visite and photograph albums; photographic and cultural theory.  7/20/1998 


Volpe, Cassandra M.  Univ.of Boulder, C.B. 184, Archives, Boulder, Colo. 80309, tel: (303)492-6379, fax: (303)492-3960, e-mail:  Colorado history, women's history, human rights, are subject matter for which we have prints and negatives. I am personally interested in stereo cards and tintypes.  8/25/1996 


Wajda, Shirley Teresa.  Department of History, Kent State University, P.O. Box 5190, Kent, OH 44242-0001. Telephone: 330-672- 2882. e-mail:  commercial photographic portraiture and class in nineteenth-century America.  3/25/1996 


Wallis, Frank.  2048 Polk St., #319, San Francisco, CA 94109. voice: 415-921-8083, e-mail:  Photography of the nude, all eras, including the present, and all categories, including artistic, nudist, glamor, and erotic. Publications include _Photography of the Nude: An Annotated Bibliography_ (1993). Also interested in collecting and valuation of photographs.  7/20/1998 


Ware, Michael J.  20, Bath Road, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6HH, England. Phone:+44 (0)1298 78604, Fax:+44 (0)1298 78604 (by arrangement), e-mail:  The chemistry of nineteenth century photographic processes, especially those based on photosensitive iron salts. The earliest photographs and problems relating to their conservation. The contemporary use of non-silver processes.  10/25/1995 


Ware, Robert.  1909 Las Lomas NE, Albuquerque, NM 87131-1416. voice: (505) 277-4967, fax: (505) 277-3188, e-mail:  Documentary photography; Walker Evans  9/3/2001 


Watson, April.  171 Baylor School Road, Chattanooga, TN 37405. voice: 423-267-0547, e-mail:  Independent researcher and writer. Interest in all areas, particularly British nineteenth century. Julia Margaret Cameron, Clementina Hawarden, Charles Dodgson.  4/17/1999 


Watson, Roger C.  The Barn, Rhotteridge Farm, Lower Woodrow, Melksham, SN12 7RB, United Kingdom. home phone: 01249 730 731 email:  I am interested in information and theories about the conception and birth of photography.  10/22/2006 


Watson, Wendy.  Curator, Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, South Hadley, MA 01075-1499. Phone: 413/538-2245, Fax: 413/538-2144, e-mail:  Areas of interest: 19th-century photography, especially photography in Italy. Currently working on mountain photography, panoramic photography by an Italian 19th-20th century photographer, Vittorio Sella  10/22/2006 


Watters, Francis X.  Curator, Photo Antiquities, 531 East Ohio St., Pittsburgh, P.A. 15212. voice: (412) 231-7881, fax: (412) 231-1217, e-mail:  Photo Antiquities is a 19th century photographic gallery, dedicated to the history of photography 1839-1939. With an archive of 750,000 images, displays include every major photographic process from the 19th century, including a large display of vintage photographic equipment. Photo Antiquities Open to the public Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm. Guided tours are provided to everyone, detailing the history of photography. Areas of specialization incl; Native American Images, Civil War Images, Famous People, Early Irish Images, & Images of Irish from the Civil War. The collection is used daily by authors, researchers, & enthusiasts.  7/21/1997 


Watts, Jennifer.  Curator of Historical Photographs, The Huntington Library, 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA 91108. Phone: 818-405-2180, Fax: 818-449-5720, e-mail:  Photography of the American West, particularly California; Civil War; Railroads; Native Americans; 19th c. Europe; We have approximately 500,000 images in the collections ranging from 1839 to ca. 1950 and covering a wide variety of topics.  3/25/1996 


Webb, Graeme, ARPS.  37, Cadwallon Road, New Eltham, London SE9 United Kingdom. Phone: 01818504771, e-mail: or  Post War Black and White silver prints, 60'and 70's US and UK urban landscape, the roots of postmodernist photography.  11/15/1995 


Weber, Scott.  9640 SW 103 ave. rd., Miami,Fl. 33176. e-mail:  Teacher of the history of photography as well as photography, both beginning and advanced at Barry University, Miami Shores, Fl.  3/26/1997 


Webster, Christopher.  School of Art, UWA, Buarth Mawr, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK, SY23 1NE. voice: (01970) 622460, fax: (01970) 622461, e-mail:  Colonial photography (power and paternalism). The use of the photograph as a means of ordering and control colonial areas through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries particularly with regards South Africa. South African photography as a tool of resistance, and creativity until the present time. Photography and belief - Spiritualism, ghosts, 'encounters' where using photography as a scientific and therefore 'truthful' instrument it has been attempted to 'prove' the existence of a spiritual and in a contemporary context alien reality.  8/20/1997 


Weeks, Alan R.  255 West 43rd Street, #1222, New York, NY 10036 USA. home phone: (212) 575-7725, email:  prehistory of photography, early photographic processes, early color photography, Polaroid and other instant photographic processes.  2/6/1999 


Weese, Carl.  438 Washington Road, Woodbury, CT, 06798. voice: 203-263-5853, fax: 203-263-5855, e-mail:  I am a photographer and photography writer. I'm a Contributing Editor to _PHOTO Techniques Magazine_ and co-author of the book "The New Platinum Print". My technical articles on photographic topics generally include historical background sections  3/4/2000 


Weijers, Jan W.S.  The Netherlands. E-mail: My website about photo-collecting:  19th century photography. Mainly collecting photographs from well-known photographers. Particular interest in early 20th century artistic/pictorial photography (i.e. Photo-Secession). Also collector of antique/classic cameras. (Contributor to McKeown's price-guide). My website re camera-collecting: Correspondence invited !  4/17/1999 


Welling, William.  145 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016.  Photohistorian and photojournalist, author of _Collectors Guide to Nineteenth Century Photographs_ and _Photography in America: The Formative Years, 1839-1900    


Wellman, Larry & Maureen.  P.O. Box 578, Damascus, Md. 20872, voice: 301-972-1506, e-mail:  Collector of early grade school class photographs, pre-1920's. Also promote the collecting of early photographs.  2/28/1997 


Wesemann, Nancy.  129 Overlook Drive, Mastic NY 11950-4906. voice: 516 281-6804, fax: 516 395-3008, e-mail:  Exceptionally interested in the photographic history of eastern Long Island...from the onset of photography thru the 1930's. I would love to get 'connected' with others who are interested in this particular area and field. Old New York city photos from the 1850-1920's also a tangential interest.  4/22/1997 


West, Larry.  245 E. 63 St., Suite 1723, New York, NY 10021. Voice: 212-755-9062.  Better-known 19th-century American photographers; fine photographic jewelry; daguerreotypes  2/24/1997 


Wettmann, Hartmut.  Hartmut Wettmann Avenue Charles de Gaulle 8B D-13469 Berlin. phone: +493041190044,  Vintage stereoviews of the Rhine and its vicinity.  9/1/2006 


Wexler, David.  742 Seward Street, Hollywood, CA 90038. voice: 323.461.6464, fax: 323.461.6479, e-mail:  Preservation of film, tape, photo, artwork and digital media.  4/17/1999 


Weynants, Thomas.  Web Site: E-mail :  History of Visual Media: Photography, Pre-Cinema, Physique Amusante. Interrelations between Photography, Pre-Cinema and Conjuring arts. Death in the animated projected image before the invention of Film.  12/10/2003 


Weynants, Thomas.  e-mail: Web Site:  History of Visual Media: Photography, Pre-Cinema, Physique Amusante. Interrelations between Photography, Pre-Cinema and Conjuring arts. Death in the animated projected image before the invention of Film.  3/5/2005 


White, Robert.  40A Barleycroft Road, Welwyn Garden City AL8 6JU, voice: 01707 321643, fax: 01707 321034, e-mail:  Collector of cameras and related books, catalogues, processing equipment and materials. Researcher in these topics with many articles in "Photographica World" (Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain). Led the Museum Working Party for the Royal Photographic Society when it was based in London. Author of two books by Shire Publications;"Discovering Old Cameras 1839-1939" and "Discovering Cameras 1945-1965.  5/22/2000 


Whittlesey, Matthew B.  MBW Design 2435 Sendero Ct. San Luis Obispo CA 93401; VOX: (805) 543-7247; FAX: (805) 543-4219; e-mail:  as of 2/20/01 regional photographic historian/contact for San Luis Obispo County (Central Coast) CA. Currently compiling database of known regional photographers 1860-1960.  2/23/2001 


Wickens-Feldman, Renate -  Ph.D., York University, Winters College, Fine Arts Cultural Studies, 4700 Keele Street, North York, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3. voice: 416-736-5822 Ext. 40793, fax: 416-650-8034, e-mail:  I'm currently working on a publication dealing with Family Photographic Albums. Additional interests include the following: Cultural Theory as applied to Photographic Images; Elizabeth Rigby Eastlake (WLU Press); and Computer Imaging. See my online site at The site includes online syllabei, cultural theory, photographic studies etc.  2/5/1997 


Wickwire, Wendy and Laura Sjolie.  2040 Chaucer St. Victoria, BC, V8R 3H1. voice: 250 595-5525, e-mail:  Late nineteenth and early twentieth century Northwest Coast ethnographic photography. Any information surrounding principal photographers such as Edward Curtis or V.V Vinson and the "postcard" business that grew during this time would be greatly appreciated.  3/4/2000 


Wier, Robert R., Ph.D.  Computer Science Department, East Texas State University, Commerce, Tx. 75428 Phone: 903-886-5406, Fax: 903- 886-5404, e-mail:  Three dimensional photography from Civil War to present; use of historic photographs in architectural restoration; restoration and preservation of historic photographs (director, HIPP - Historic Images Preservation Project).  3/25/1996 


Wigg, Michael.  84 Tufnell Park Road, London, N7 0DT,UK. voice: 0171-281 8834, e-mail:  Francis Frith and 19th & 20th century photography.  6/16/1997 


Wigh, Leif.  Moderna Museet, Box 16176, S-103 24 Stockholm, Sweden. voice: + 46 8 6664387, fax: + 46 8 6116275, e-mail:  Northern Europe Photography, Pictorialism, 1920-70 photography  7/1/1997 


Wikert, Steven Micheal and Mary McMurray Wikert  110 West 16th Street, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613. voice: 319-277-6390, e-mail:  We are both art educators and previously Steven was an art museum director. We have collected antique photographs since prior to 1990. We collect antique photographs of all kinds and specialize in antique photographs with subjects of children and their cherished items (dolls, teddy bears, toys, pets, ...)From our very large collection we have written a series of four books entitled "Cherish Me Always" -- "A Century of Dolls", "Teddy Bears and Warm Fuzzies", "Animal Friends", and "Images of Christmas Past". These 4 have been published by Hobby House Press of Grantsville, Maryland. We therefore continue to have ongoing research in the area of antique photographs, antique toys, antique clothing, or any subject relavant to these items.  7/20/2003 


Wilcox, Doug.  DYNO TEES, Business Rt. 220 North, Holiday Shopping Center A-16, Martinsville, VA 24112. Phone:540-632-2087, e-  I collect cameras, currently have over 600 pieces.  1/10/1997 


Wilder, Kelley.  Flat 6, 75 Iffley Road, Oxford OX4 1EF. e-mail:  I am interested in all aspects of the early history of photography, especially as they pertain to the history of science in the 19th century.  10/8/2003 


Wilding-White, Sherry Buckband.  New Hampshire Historical Society, Curator Special Collections, 30 Park Street, Concord, NH 03301, 603- 225-3381, e-mail:  Photography of New Hampshire or by someone from New Hampshire  1/17/1996 


Wilgus, Jack and Beverly.  6216 Tramore Road, Baltimore, MD 21214. voice: 410 254-7525, fax: 410 254-6725, e-mail:  Jack is affiliated with the Maryland Institute, College of Art. Beverly has no institutional affiliation at this time. We are interested in all aspects of the history of photography with special interest in stereo photography, the camera obscura, and the image of the photographer in popular culture. Our home page is from which links are available to our sites on photographic inventor and educator D.A. Woodward, camera obscuras, and our collections which include several photographic subjects.  10/5/1997 


Wilkes, Robin J.  4943 Hidden Hills Drive, Lakeland, FL 33813. home phone: 863-607-9259, fax: 863-647-2509, web url: email:  My grandfather was Adrian LeRoy, Founder of 'International Research Laboritories of Brookly, NY. Many of his formulas for photography were published, including in the "Henley's 20th century formulas processes and trade secrets' manual revised 1937 version. My grandfather also played a major role in developing the process of metal photo which, I was told, he sold the rights to Eastman Kodak for his process. I am interested in anything having to do with my grandfather and his work with photography.  2/8/2001 


Willems, Eddy.  I teach photography, Atelier Fotokunst Stedelijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten, Hasselt, Belgium. e-mail:  During the preparation of the lesson on the history photography I got interested in the process, how, when, who and why. I started working with the processes and with a personal study of who, when, why...I direct workshops on those processes. Organized a exhibition "Gum & Pigment" with a full color catalogue. I also work and teach with the pinhole.  6/10/1999 


Williams, Carla Janine.  4428 Price Street Los Angeles, CA 90027. e-mail:  AREA(S):images of and by blacks  2/6/1999 


Williams, Carol J.  Doctoral candidate in History, Rutgers University. Mailing address: 209-1791 Rockland Ave., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V8S 1X1, phone: 604 595-0237, fax: 604 595-0323, e-mail: (this is a borrowed address)  Photography and representations of race, gender, nation, and maternity on the Pacific Northwest Coast 19&early20thcentury; contemporary Canadian women in the visual arts.  3/13/1995 


Willis, Deborah.  Smithsonian Institution 900 Jeffersondrive SW- 1130, washington, dc 20560. voice: 202-357-4500, fax: 202-357-2636, e-mail:  African-American photography and photographers 19th and 20thcentury - family photographs  3/26/1997 


Willumson, Glenn G.  Curator, Palmer Museum of Art, Affiliate Professor Department of Art History, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA. 16802-2507. Phone: 814-865-7672. Fax: 814-863-8608. e-mail:  currently working on project involving photography of the first transcontinental railroad and the early geological surveys of the West; also interested in photojournalism, stereography, photographic postcards, photographic theory and criticism, the historical reception of photography, and photography as visual culture.  3/25/1996 


Wilson, Bonnie.  Curator of Sound and Visual Collections, Minnesota Historical Society, 345 Kellogg Blvd. West, St. Paul, MN 55102 Phone: 612-296-1275; Fax: 612-296-9961; e-mail:  19th Century commercial studios, especially landscape photographers from Minnesota; photos of Native Americans; Postcard history, particularly photographers and publishers of postcards (not greeting cards) and the messages and use of postcards.  3/25/1996 


Wilson, J. Vienna.  416 1/2 Monroe Ln., Virginia, 22903, (804) 296- 3325, e-mail:  I am currently working on digitally archiving a collection (over 9,000) of glass plate negatives taken by Rufus S. Holsinger, a portrait photographer (and so much more) based in Charlottesville, VA just before the turn of the century until the la  7/7/1996 


Wilson, Lara.  Graduate student, School of library Archival and Information Studies, University of British Columbia. voice: 604-228-2037, e-mail:  Canadian photography, photo theory, post-mortem photography, photo albums, and Kodak advertising (particularly "the Kodak Girl")  3/4/2000 


Wilson, Marcia.  259 Leonia Ave., Leonia, NJ 07605. Phone: 201-944- 2055. e-mail:  early American photographs of ancestors, genealogy. Contemporary photographs and slides.  3/15/1996 


Wilson, Michael G.  Wilson Centre for Photography - 5 Akenside Road, London, NW3-5BS. - 0207-813-2875. An archive of photographs embracing the history of photography from 1839 to the present. Curator  Collector. Author: Pictorialism In California: Photographs, 1900-1940, The J. Paul Getty Museum, 1994.  11/6/2006 


Witecki, Christopher.  phone +48 601 615 888, fax: +48 58 453822 (modem), e-mail:  general  12/12/1997 


Wolf, Erika.  Programme in Art History & Theory Department of History University of Otago P.O. Box 56 Dunedin, New Zealand E-mail:  Russian and Soviet photography, photo-journalism, photomontage, and photographic theory.  3/31/2004 


Women In Photography International.  569 N. Rossmore Ave., Los Angeles, CA. voice: 323-462-1444, e-mail:  Women In Photography International, established in 1988 as Women In Photography, Inc., is currently an online research center for Women Photographers worldwide. We provide galleries, articles, competitions, resources and Historical profiles. We currently have the Archive Card File of Women In Photography International Books and Collections by Curator/Founder/Historian, Peter Palmquist whose collection as of 9/1/2000 contains over 27,000 biographies. The Book and Periodicals an Exhibition atalog list is on view in our Online Reference Library at  11/10/2000 


Wonnacott, Justin.  Photography c/o Ottawa School of Art, 35 1/2 George Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. K1N 8W5 Fax 613 725 2680. e-mail:  photomontage, photographic propaganda, history of popular photography, teaching and texts  3/25/1996 


Wood, David.  PO Box 838, Milford, PA 18337. voice: 570-296-6176, e-mail:  Research & collect Pennsylvania stereographers, particularly L. Hensel who worked out of Hawley, PA and earlier Port Jervis, NY. Research & collect stereoviews by Fifield of NH, Masterson of NY.  5/1/2005 


Wood, Richard Alan.  P.O.Box 22165, Juneau, AK 99802. voice: (907)-789-8450, fax: (907)-789-8450, e-mail:  Research & collect early Alaska photographers and stereographers, particularly H. H. Brodeck; George Davison; Alphonse Pinart; Moise Lorenz (aka Moses or Mike Lorenz); Muybridge; Partridge; deGroff; Winter & Brown; A. L. Broadbent; T. W. Ingersoll, Continent Stereoscopic, Stephen Allen Spencer; Richard Maynard. Also research, collect, and give shows of Alaska and Yukon magic lantern slides, and coming attraction slides for early Alaska and Yukon films. Also avidly research and collect related ephemera  10/22/2006 


Woods, Marianne Berger.  587 Center St., Meadville, PA 16335.  Women photographers and images of women in photography  9/10/1996 


Woods, Mary N.  PO Box 863, Ithaca, New York 14851. voice: 607-255-6416, fax: 607-255-0291, e-mail:  urban and architectural photography; architects' use of photography; women photographers (Frances Benjamin Johnston, Mary Northend, Margaret Bourke-White, Berenice Abbott, Eudora Welty); photographs of architectural ruins  7/20/1998 


Woolf, Stephen.  Cobourg Ont. Canada. Phone:905-372-4435, Fax:905-372-4668 e-mail:  Gravures By Edward S Curtis <for Sale>  9/17/1997 


Worswick, Clark.  Millbrook, NY 12545. voice: 914 677 6376, fax: 914-677-6376, e-mail:  Exotic Photography. The 19th century: The Middle East, India/Burma/Ceylon, SE Asia, China, Japan. Pictorialism, the work of Walker Evans and other "modern" masters of the 20's and 30"s. Photographic historian and collector in all the above categories.  4/17/1999 


Wride, Tim B.  LACMA 5905 WILSHIRE BLVD., LOS ANGELES, CA 90036, tel: 213/857-6071, fax: 213/936-5755, e-mail:  Advertising photography, California/So. California pictorialism  8/25/1996 


Wright, Mark.  83 Hardenburgh Avenue, Demarest, N.J. 07627. e-mail:  I have been collecting photographs of nineteenth century American subjects for about 30 years. I am particularly interested in candid photographs; as candid as photographs could be in the last century. My collection contains between 2000-3000 photographs.  12/12/1997 


Wright, P.G.  Member of Professional Photographers of Canada (MPPA). e-mail:  Canadian professional photographers; special interest: those of the Atlantic provinces of Canada.  12/5/1995 


WU, Jia-bao.  FOTOSOFT INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY, TAIPEI. SOCIETY OF PHOTOGRAPHIC EDUCATION FOR CHINA, #130, TUNG-HWA S. RD, SEC. 1, TAIPEI, TAIWAN. Phone:+886-2-773-7434, Fax:+886-2-773-8183, e-mail:  History of Taiwanese photography. History of Photography for Asia-Pasific Area.  1/10/1997 


Xanthakis, Alkis.  P.O.Box 4198, 102.10 Athens -Greece. voice: 01- 5227.417, fax: 01-5247.464, e-mail:  German (pk photographers) and British photographers who were active in Greece during the ww war.  1/22/1997 


Yakimoski, Nancy.  Visual Arts Dept., Camosun College, 3100 Foul Bay Rd,Victoria, BC Canada. office number (250) 370-3456. home number: (250) 595-0656 e-mail:  I am writing my master's thesis on contemporary Canadian women photographers (1970-1999) who use the body and/or text in their work as a way to control their subjectivities. I am currently designing a new course to teach at Camosun (Spring 2000) on how photography has been used in history and in contemporary society to fulfill specific agendas. This course will have a Canadian slant, I hope. The class will look at various disciplines and institutions and how they have utilized photography. It's still at the planning stages. -as well, I am a practising and exhibiting photographer. I am currently working on a cyanotype series (thanks to a grant from the BC Arts Council) where I am examining the relationship and place of the family car in the lives of rural (Saskatchewan) families from the 1930s-1970s.  7/24/1999 


Yañez Polo, Miguel Angel.  Perú No. 21; 41012 Sevilla; Spain. voice: 95-4612636 fax: 95-4612636, e-mail:  History of Spanish photography. author of "Historia de la Fotografía España", "Historia de la fotografía de Sevilla". President of the "Society for the History of Spanish photography", owner of "fototeca hispalense"(sevilla, spain). Expert in restoration and conservation of photography.. Interested now for micromethods of analysis for identification of emulsions of S.XIX. and micromethods of analysis for identification of photography toned with metallics ferrocyanide,..  11/12/1996 


Yanul, Thomas G.  9359 Sproat Av., Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453. Voice: 708-424-1196, fax: (708)424-1196, e-mail:  early French - world exposition photography - panoramic history - George R. Lawrence & C.D. Arnold, interest in traditional banquet photography. Also photographers Frank Scott Clark - J.C. Strauss - C.D. Arnold - Henry Havelock Pierce - M.J. Steffens  3/6/2005 


Yenne, Peter.  301 Reinicke St., Houston, Texas 77007. voice: 713 880-5772, fax: 713 880-5772, e-mail:  Late 19th and early 20th century photography, particularly in Latin America, Cuba, Central America and Mexico. My colleagues and I have digitized more than a dozen important photo archives in Peru and Bolivia, and plan to extend our research to Guatemala, Cuba and Nepal. Also very interested in locating Central and East Asian collections in the FSU for future digitizing projects. Would be happy to correspond with other researchers on issues related to digitizing photo collections.  6/4/2004 


Yeo, Sally  Anacortes. e-mail:  Researching the life and work of Adelaide Hanscom Leeson, a photographer who lived from 1875 to 1931. Pictorialist and a member of the Photo-Secession. I would like to hear from anyone who has any of her work other than her illustrated volumes of the Rubaiyat, and from anyone who knows anything about her or her companions. They include: Emily Pitchford, Blanche Cumming, Laura Adams Armor, Gertrude Willison, Gertrude Boyle, Mary Heard, Cora Chaney, Eleanor Marquand.  6/2/2002 


Ziegler, David K.  UCLA Department of Art History, 3239 Dickson Art Center, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1417. (310) 825-0216 (310) 206-1903, e-mail:  I am interested in the travel lecturer/photographers who worked with lantern slides, both black & white and hand-painted. As curator of the Burton Holmes Collection, as well as other lantern slide collections, I am interested in finding out more about these photographers  3/13/1995 


Zimlich, Leon.  6750 El Colegio Rd #428, Goleta, CA 93117. voice: (805) 971-5317, e-mail:  Photography in the American West, particularly the Southwest; Social Documentary; Photographic Historiography  6/30/2000 


Zimmermann, Jan, M.A.  Baumkamp 69, 22299 Hamburg, Germany. voice: 0049 40 5119110, e-mail:  All aspects of photography in and photographers from Lubeck/Lübeck, Northern Germany, from the 19 century till 1950 (f.e. Wilhelm Pero, D. Riel Hermann and Carl Linde, Johannes Nöhring, Julius Krause, H. Schwegerle, Ernesto Tesdorpf, Wilhelm Castelli).  2/6/1999 


Zogg, Del.  P.O. Box 6826, Houston, TX, 77265, voice: 713-639-7352, fax: 713-639-7399, e-mail:  20th century photography, Atget to the present; Photographic cataloguing of public or private collections; history of photographic periodicals (20th Century); photographic erotica and curiosita; platinum/palladium prints and print makers; new digital printing technologies and techniques  2/14/2004 


Zohn, Mike.  520 Hudson Street #130, New York NY 10014. e-mail:  Wet-plate / collodion  10/25/1995 


Zonnevijlle, Hans.  Librarian Nederlands Foto Instiuut. Witte de Withstraat 63. NL-3012 BN Rotterdam. The Netherlands. e-mail: tel. +31-10-2132011. fax: +31.10.4143465.  Interested in bibliographic control of photography related literature, authority files etc. Special interest in Theory of Photography and a general interest in History of Photography. I am merely working as an inter-person between the professionals/patrons and the availability of related materials. Personal special interest in the Photograph as a Historic Document, and Visual Sociology/Anthropology.  3/25/1996 


Zuccoli, Paolo.  viale duca alessandro n 77, 43100 PARMA Italy. voice: 0039 0521 240580, e-mail:  Russian cameras, cameras repair (Hobby, not commercial!).  4/17/1999 


Zuckerman, Bert Merton.  Emeritus Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Home phone: 413-256-0517, e-mail:  19th century photography of the mideast, particularly Palestine. Concentrate on stereographers, but other photographers as well; publishing paper on 19th century mideast photographers  7/18/1998 


Zwahlen. Fred C., Jr.  240 SW Seventh St., Corvallis, OR 97333-4551, (541) 737-5676, (541) 757-1094 e-mail:  photojournalism, origins of photography (inventions and inventors), photographic pioneers, digital imaging, texts, teaching. Co-author of "Handbook of Photography" in its fourth edition and "Shadow Catchers", a short history of photography.  8/7/1996