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Scott W. Reeve
Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry
Arkansas State University
118 S. Caraway Rd.
PO Box 419
State University, AR 72467
(870) 972-3086
(870) 972-3089 Fax

  Our research interests focus primarily on the application of laser spectroscopic methods to problems in atmospheric chemistry, chemical vapor deposition, catalysis, and combustion chemistry.   One of our ongoing fundamental projects utilizes an in-house tunable infrared diode laser spectrometer to study gas molecules cooled to very low temperatures in a molecular beam.  Emphasis areas for these fundamental studies include organometallic compounds that are important either because of their known catalytic potential or are utilized as precursors for the generation of thin metallic films.  Other projects currently being pursued in the group include several trace gas analysis projects.  Here, a high resolution infrared diode laser spectrometer is interfaced with a 200 m Herriott cell to identify and quantify gas phase molecules present at sub-ppb levels.  In one case we are attempting to identify and quantify certain biomarkers in environmental tobacco smoke.  In another set of experiments, we are examining the infrared signatures in soil gas emission samples in an effort to identify the dominate biogeochemical processes in agricultural soils during crop production.  Some recent publications include:

Tabetha Osborn, Sindhu Kaimal, Jason Causey, William Burns and S.W. Reeve, Optical Detection of Explosives: Spectral Signatures for the Explosive Bouquet, Proceedings SPIE, 7304, 730419-1-8 (2009).

Tabetha Osborn, Sindhu Kaimal, Williams Burns, Alan Ford and S.W. Reeve, Spectral Signatures for Volatile Impurities in TNT and RDX based explosives, Proceedings SPIE, 6945, 69451B1-11 (2008).

Mark Bryant, Scott Reeve, and William Burns, Observation and Analysis of N2O Vibration-Rotation Spectra, J. Chem. Ed., 85(1), 121-124 (2008).

Alan Ford and S.W. Reeve, Sensing and Characterization of Explosive Vapors near 700 cm-1, Proceedings SPIE, 6540, 65400Y1-10 (2007).

 Kyle S. Trauth, Ginger M. Berry, William A. Burns, and S.W. Reeve. Infrared Diode Laser Spectroscopy of Jet Cooled Cobalt Tricarbonyl Nitrosyl. J. Chem. Phys., 120(9), 4297-4305 (2004).
 A.R. Ford, W.A. Burns, and S.W. Reeve. Rotational Analysis of FTIR Spectra from Cigarette Smoke: An Application of Chem Spec II in the Undergraduate Research Laboratory. J. Chem. Ed., 81, 865-867 (2004).