The Case of John Elk: Citizen or Indian?



For my Arkansas State University students now working on their Elk papers, you will find below a number of links to scanned articles from Omaha, NE newspapers (April 5, 6, and 7, 1880 and November 3 and 4, 1884).  I have just begun to create this database so check it from time to time for newly added articles.  Because these articles have been scanned from photocopies of microfilm (complete with scratches and debris), I have scanned them so they can be greatly enlarged without losing clarity.  If you have problems reading the files, you should be able to solve the problems by zooming in on the troublesome sections.  Happy hunting!


Dr. Wilkerson-Freeman



The following articles give some indication of the political issues that made the April 1880 Omaha municipal election such a tumultuous event.


                    April 1880


“Just Before the Battle” (pt. 1)


“Just Before the Battle” (pt. 2)


“Just Before the Battle” (pt. 3)


“Just Before the Battle” (pt. 4)


“Just Before the Battle” (pt. 5)


“Cushing’s Campaign” (pt. 1)


“Cushing’s Campaign” (pt. 1)


“State Jottings” (note the announcements about railroads)


“The Election” (pt.1)


“The Election” (pt.2)


“The Election” (pt.3)


“The Mayor’s Proclamation”


“Omaha and St. Louis” (pt. 1—more about the railroads)


“Omaha and St. Louis” (pt. 2)


“Omaha and St. Louis” (pt. 3)


Jottings—note how long the status of Marshal Daily


“Cocka-Doodle-Do” (pt.1)


“Cocka-Doodle-Do” (pt.2)


“Cocka-Doodle-Do” (pt.3)


“Cocka-Doodle-Do” (pt.4)


“Cocka-Doodle-Do” (pt.5)


Hascall (1)


Hascall (2)


The Holly Company and the Waterworks Issue (1)


The Holly Company and the Waterworks Issue (2)


The “Extra Eighty Land Steal”


Crow Indians Passing Through


Indians and Liquor


“Political Notes” (note the comments about woman suffrage)


“Omaha Redeemed”


“The Crossing Matter” (pt.1)


“The Crossing Matter” (pt.2)


“The Crossing Matter” (pt.3)


“The Crossing Matter” (pt.4)


Tilden and Payne—thoughts on the 1880 presidential election


                                                                       November 1884


The 1884 presidential election occurred just as the US Supreme Court Justices were reaching a decision in Elk’s case.

 Note the violence and fraud on election day.




“Blaine in Massachusetts Fires the Last Campaign Broadside”










Elk Decision


Canadian US Voters?


Election Day (pt. 1)


Election Day (pt. 2)


Election Day (pt. 3)


Election Day (pt. 4)



Articles from Newspapers Around the Country:


September 1880, Status and Treatment of Indians 1sept22 1880.jpg



Misc. Articles, 1886 (from New York, Kansas City, New Orleans, St. Louis) surplus land.jpg surplus 2.jpg trials.jpg uprising.jpg to be moved.jpg sept2486.jpg



The Elk Decision Reported in New York 1.jpg