Arkansas Land and Farm Development Corporation (ALFDC)


Mission Statement : ALFDC will enhance the quality of life of rural communities through retention, family farm development and land-based community development for limited resource and socially disadvantaged people.

Arkansas Land and Farm Development Corporation (ALFDC) was established in 1980 with a mission to improve the quality of life or rural communities through land retention, family farm development, and land-based economic development for limited resource and socially disadvantaged people. Since it's inception, ALFDC has grown to a staff size of 32 salaried and contracted employees with an annual budget of approximately $5.6 million. ALFDC works with individual farmers and landowners, particularly minorities, women and youth. It's programs focus on rural low-income families and limited resource farmers who have not traditionally been involved in community development programs.

Programs and Services

The Agriculture and Rural Community Development Division

Small Farm Outreach, Training and Technical Assistance

Limited resource and small family farms are approved with financial and management expertise to help them acheive greater yields and more profitable operations. Farm advisors help individual operators utilize government resources and agricultural programs with services such as debt restructuring, loan packaging, advocacy, marketing, and irrigation systems.

Rural Development Finance Initiative

With funding provided by the Rural Development's Intermediary Relending Program, ALFDC provides flexible-term loans to new and existing small rural businesses that cannot obtain traditional bank financing.

Rural Information Network Group

Computers have been placed in outlying areas and strategically linked via modem to establish a dedicated network for rural economic and community development. The network helps Arkansas' rural leader coordinate regional plans and shared resources.

Agri-Business Training Center

The Center offers an education and training curriculum to help establish rural business or community development initiatives. One-site or strategically located workshops focus on individual development needs or basic business skills such as marketing, computerized accounting, budgeting and forecasting, strategic planning and funding.

Integrated Food and Farming Systems


Youth Services Division

Youth Enterprise in Agriculture Program (YEA)

YEA introduces youth, ages 16-19, to farming and agriculture related careers through hands-on training, education and leadership development. In the two-year program, students are offered paid internships and apprenticeships for six-week periods. The apprenticeships are with Arkansas' family farmers and provide the youth with training, work experiences and exposure to agriculture as a lifestyle and a business. The internship placements provide exposure to various areas of agriculture administration at the public and private level.

Housing Division

Rural Housing Initiative

ALFDC has extensive experience in developing both single and multi-family housing. An example is ALFDC's Lease-Purchase Program where HOME funds are used to acquire and rehabilitize substandard housing with is then leased with an option to purchase. Eligible applicants may apply a portion of their monthly rent as a down payment toward the purchase of a home and are required to complete credit counseling and attent pre- and post-purchase counseling.

As a supplement to the single-family program, ALFDC's partnership with Forrest City Bank, Forrest City, AR yielded a $240,000 AHP grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas. The grant provides 80 very low-and low-income first time buyers with principal reduction, down payment and closing costs assistance.

ALFDC's experience with multi-family housing development includes new construction, rehab, management and ownership.

Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation/Neighborhood Housing Services

As an enhancement to it's housing program, ALFDC was approved as an affiliate of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation in 1997. An affiliation with this national, nonprofit housing organization will bring technical assistance and support, as well as access to financing for housing programs.

Service Area : Eastern and Southern Arkansas

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