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Graduate or Undergraduate

International  Agricultural 
tal  Study Tour to 
Costa Rica
May 10-16, 2009

For More Information Contact:
David Agnew


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Departure Date:     May 10, 2009    (Tentative)
Return Date:   
May 16, 2009  (Tentative)

Cost:           $1500-1750 ( cost not established yet and does not include the tuition)
Deadline:   April 1, 2009  However, registration may close before then if we reach the upper limit of the trip. It would be best to pay both the tuition and travel expenses before April 1.

Acknowledgement of Conditions and Responsibilities

Registration Process:    Regular web registration   (click here)
    Undergraduate --  AGED 4473  or Graduate--
AGED  5473    
However, registration is not complete until travel expenses have been paid.  
Link to Graduate School webpage.  for application. 
Tentative Travel plans:  
1.   Several farms/plantations including livestock & swine farms, banana, coffee, & sugar plantation /cooperative, butterfly farm, etc,..
    2.   Butterfly farm
    3.   Lankanster Botanical Gardens
    4.   Agricultural Research Facilities CATIE
    5.   Livestock school of Central America
   6.   Two high School Agricultural programs
    7.   University of Costa Rica, College of Agriculture Experiment Station 
    8.   Rainforest Tour and we will also stop along the way to see sites, i.e. volcano, water falls, etc. 

Travel Requirements:
    1.    Pay tuition (undergraduate or graduate) on or before  April 1, 2009  (limited space) 
           Link to forms for admission to the ASU Graduate School
    2.    Pay travel expenses on or before April 1, 2009  (limited space) 
    3.    Passport in your hand by departure date. (Takes about 4-6 weeks to get one) 
    4.    Institutional paperwork completed on or before April 1, 2009 (on the web) 
            Medical Release Form    
            Video/Photo Release Form
            Responsibilities and Conductions  Institutional Travel Agreement/Disclosure

Payment Procedure:   Tuition is paid just as another course would be paid. 
                                     Payment sent  directly to the:
                                          College of Agriculture (COA, Costa Rica Study Tour)
                                          P.O. Box 1080
                                         Arkansas State University
                                         State University, AR 72467 

                                  or, you can come by the College of Agriculture and Technology 

Suggestions for finding funding:  
  1.     Seek support from local civic organizations in your home town
    2.     Seek support from agribusinesses in your home town  (letter to use with potential sponsors)
       Letter for potential sponsors -- Use in making contact with potential sponsors/donors
       Note: Sponsors/donors may give directly in support of an individual or for equal distribution to the group. 
                 We suggest the checks be made to ASU College of Agriculture and Technology 

Forms, links and other items: 
    Admission to Graduate School  (link to ASU Graduate School website)
    (Acknowledgement of Conditions and Responsibilities Word Doc) 
    Letter for potential sponsors  
    Flyer --  Word Perfect  Costarica02/costa_flyer_05.wpd 
    Flyer --  pdf form costa_rica_flyer_05.PDF
    Costa Rica Pictures 2005
    Costa Rica 2002 Pictures
    Tentative Travel Itinerary for 08

Overview of trip Costa Rica

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