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bulletU.S. District court gives green light to Oracle's hostile takeover bid for PeopleSoft. The Antitrust Division of the Justice department alleged the proposed merger would substantially lessen competition in the market for "enterprise planning software," in violation of section 7 of the Clayton Act. Judge Vaughn Walker stated in his findings of fact that the government had defined the relevant market too narrowly. Read the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board's take.
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bulletWall Street journal reports in June 23, 2004 edition that the Justice Department is pursuing a major price-fixing conspiracy case against the chemical industry.
bulletShould giant meatpacking companies such as ConAgra and Tyson be prevented from integrating backward into livestock production? Go the the Blackboard discussion board and scroll down to topic #3 to make a comment. To read about the controversy, see David Rogers, "Ranchers Fight Meatpackers' Tightening Grip on Livestock," Wall Street Journal, March 13, 2002, p. A20 (Word format).
bullet  Department of Justice settles long running case against Microsoft. 
bullet Judge Jackson rules Microsoft violated both section 1 and 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Click here to read the opinion of Judge Jackson (pdf format)
bulletSee Brown's article on  Microsoft's Antitrust Woes,"  which appeared in The Jonesboro Sun, March 22, 1998.
bulletOther documents on the Microsoft case available at the Department of Justice Web site
bulletEconomist calls for tighter government regulation of big accountancy firms in aftermath of Enron failure.
bulletTexas executives indicted for fixing prices on automotive replacement glass in Lubbock area.
bulletDeregulation wreaks havoc on California electricity market as Pacific Gas & Electric and California Edison teeter on bankruptcy. See Harvey Wasserman, "California's Deregulation Disaster," in the Nation.