Arkansas State University: Creating STEM Teachers for Arkansas' Future

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ASU/NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

ASU-J has a long history of involvement with projects that aim to improve teacher quality. ASU-J has two math and science centers that, in conjunction with STEM (Science, Technology, Education, Mathematics) departments on campus, have served as catalysts for grant projects focusing on the quality of STEM teachers in Northeast Arkansas. Many of these grants have been part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 to improve content knowledge skills for in-service teachers. The C-STAF project (Creating STEM Teachers for Arkansas' Future) has recently been funded by the National Science Foundation under the Noyce Scholarship directive. The purpose of the Noyce program is to provide scholarship funding to students in STEM disciplines as an encouragement to recruit highly qualified students with strong content knowledge skills into the teaching profession. Since one of the primary missions of ASU-J is to educate high-quality teacher educators, Arkansas State University is perfectly suited to host this Noyce Scholarship program to assist in the recruitment and retention of high quality STEM majors into teaching.

Applications for Noyce Scholarships to begin Spring 2010 will be accepted.  Deadline for receipt of all application materials is November 1, 2009!


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